Contest Directions: A giant LEGO toy was fished out of the sea in the Dutch city of Zandvoort. The "LEGO man" measures 8 feet tall and was first noticed as "something flowing from the direction of England" by a woman on the beach. The origins of this LEGO toy remain unknown but it's already attracting many children who play on the beach next to the life-sized smiling toy.
Photoshop "LEGO world" any way you like. Some examples are: LEGO toys of life-sizes living in the real world, LEGO toys in paintings and movies, LEGO parts in some celebrities, etc.
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  • LEGO Snow Plow

    LEGO Snow Plow
  • LEGO Toy Police

    LEGO Toy Police
  • LEGO Toy Demolition

    LEGO Toy Demolition
  • LEGO Star Wars

    LEGO Star Wars
  • Harry Potter Lego

    Harry Potter Lego
  • LEGO Pirate Bay

    LEGO Pirate Bay
  • Lego Robot

    Lego Robot
  • Lego Boeing

    Lego Boeing
  • Lego Army Book

    Lego Army Book
  • Cowboy LEGO

    Cowboy LEGO
12 high resolution images
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This contest is fueled by the following news: LEGO is a type of construction toys on the basis of color bricks, wheels, porcelain figures of persons and other parts, from which it is possible to make models of practically everything. Cars, aero planes, ships, buildings, castles, sculptures, space ships and also working robots is a never ending list of items, which can be assembled from designers LEGO. Sets Lego are manufactured from the Lego Group and head office of the Lego Group is located in Denmark. Formation years and history: LEGO Group was founded in 1932 by a Danish man Mr. Ole Kirk Christiansen. Initially, the Lego Group manufactured step-ladders, ironing boards and wooden toys. Brand “LeGO”, which later on emerged as name of the company in 1934 from the Danish word “LEG GODT”, meaning “Play Well”. From the appearance in 1949, elements Lego, in all their versions, are compatible with each other. For example, elements, created in 1963, can be interlocked with elements, manufactured in 2006 in spite of radical changes in the design and shape of elements for all these years. Sets Lego for kids are compatible with the sets, meant for teenagers. Production: All the parts of Lego system are produced with a given degree of accuracy. This ensures that the parts can be interlocked with each other by using a definite force, same for all the parts. Apart from this, after interlocking, the parts should ensure sufficiently stable connection. To ensure these conditions, the elements of construction toys are produced with an accuracy of 2. Name of the company Lego Group has become so synonymous due to their basic series of toys that even many by seeing the word Lego or Legos (Plural) imply it to the plastic bricks or even to any plastic toys, similar to construction toys Lego. However, even the company itself does not approve such generalization and catalogues of Lego, issued in 1970 -1980 years, even contained corresponding warning. One of the popular animations: Recreation of short scenes from popular films with the usage of bricks of Lego for decoration and figures of Lego as characters. Usually, such films use "Stop-motion" animation method.
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