Is Senator Craig Gay
Contest Directions: After growing pressure from the Republican clan, Senator Larry Craig of Idaho has resigned, after the recent arrest for trying to engage in a homosexual act in an airport bathroom. The arrest was done by an undercover police officer and Craig pleaded guilty in hopes that the case won't have to go to court and won't become public. However, as soon as the information was released to the public and caused a big scandal around the Republican senator, he changed his plead to "not guilty", stated that he is "not gay", was not involved in any indecent acts, and that his actions were misinterpreted.
Photoshop anything connected to the scandal around Senator Larry Craig. For example show magazine covers; or some evidence, documents, or photos that may shed more light to the story, or may prove whether he is gay or not. Remember to keep your entries safe for work.
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  • Queen Senator

    Queen Senator
  • Sideline job for Larry Craig

    Sideline job for Larry Craig
  • Gay Larry Craig

    Gay Larry Craig
  • Hairdresser Larry Craig

    Hairdresser Larry Craig
  • Gay Larry Craig

    Gay Larry Craig
  • Gay Friends

    Gay Friends
  • Larry Craig for Halloween

    Larry Craig for Halloween
  • Lady Craig

    Lady Craig
  • Village People

    Village People
  • Senator Larry Craig

    Senator Larry Craig
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This contest is fueled by the following news: After being in the center of a scandal, Idaho senator Larry Craig, under pressure from Republican bosses, decided to resign from the upper house of the US congress, where he occupied a seat for 27 years. 62-year old congressman, who firmly stood against homosexual marriages, was caught on June 11 in gentlemen's toilet at Minneapolis airport where he tempted a patrolman for a slight foot engagement, and the man happened to be the one who was looking after this traditional gay meeting place. In court on August 8 he pleaded guilty in “dirty conduct”, and was penalized to pay $500, sentenced to 10 days conditional prison term and a year of private watching. According to news reports, the story was aired on August 27 and evoked storms among the indignant pollers, fed up with screed venal practices and sexual rows among republican lawmakers. Senator Larry Craig quietly yielded to steamroller of the part leadership and chose to leave the Congress, in as much as a governor of his native Idaho Butch Otter in pursuance with the constitution will individually decide an elternative to Craig, and it is already known that Otter will appoint his lieutenant James Rish who is also a Republican by the time elections approach in 2008. Another parallel fracas is moving involving Republican senator David Witter from Louisiana, contrariwise, ran against countermeasure in republican helm, blanched over the colleague, availed paid sex great while. Company, providing assignators, was headed by a lady linked with under world, now is accused in racket by Washington’s attorney. Defense provided by the party to Mr.Witter, be accounted for if he likewise Craig will step down, and be of course replaced by a democrat as Louisiana’s governor is also a democrat, and which will happen most probably. Metropolita “Washing post” writes that rows in Republican Party benefits democrats in coming general election in 2008 and developed approach on Republicans on all forefronts. Investigations in Congressional committees and press which is looking about democrats already reached out several most influential republican senators and lawgivers, even among them happened to be Mitch McConnell, a minority leader in the Senate from Kentucky.

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