Iron Man
Contest Directions: Marvel comics adaptation Iron Man turned out to be a huge blockbuster. It is one of the only 10 movies in history to collect over $100 million in its opening weekend. Robert Downey Jr plays the leading role as a billionaire who invents the armored suit to help him save the world. Amazed by the Iron Man box office success Marvel Studios decided to make a sequel, and has already set the date for it - April 30, 2010.
If you haven't watch the movie yet, I recommend this video review.
Photoshop anything related to Iron Man movie. Some examples are: photoshopping Iron Man movie posters, changing the movie cast, merging Iron Man with some other film, etc.
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  • Iron Man Rescuing Pepper

    Iron Man Rescuing Pepper
  • IronMan Bat

    IronMan Bat
  • Iron Man Terminator

    Iron Man Terminator
  • Old Rusty Iron Man

    Old Rusty Iron Man
  • Iron Man Vector Art

    Iron Man Vector Art
  • Iron Man in Ice Age

    Iron Man in Ice Age
  • Iron Man Coloring Book

    Iron Man Coloring Book
  • Iron Man Arm Wrestler

    Iron Man Arm Wrestler
  • Iron Man Emperor

    Iron Man Emperor
  • Iron Man Through the Years

    Iron Man Through the Years
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Iron Man – movie Genre – Action, fantasy Director – Jon Favreau Actors – Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Terrence Howard, Jeff Bridges, Hilary Swank The plot of the film “Iron Man” is extremely simple and is brilliant in places due to its simplicity and unpretentious turns. The owner of a big company, dealing in the manufacture of arms and also a talented inventor Tony Stark, who is on a trip abroad to test his new destructive weapon, is kidnapped by a certain criminal outfit with an aim to secretly develop the mass destruction weapon. The first fine feature is that Stark is a good manager and talented, hence, one to look out for. Secondly the theme of the weapons that is of mass destruction is an exaggeration. Being in captivity and given access to advanced technology materials, Tony Stark, of-course, refuses to develop the weapon. He decides to take a risk and give the slip to the malefactors because Tony is a positive hero and future nations are exclusively concerned about him and at the same time, the entire world. Using perfect raw materials (exactly so, because it is possible to make anything that pleases the soul, as becomes clear in few minutes) Stark makes a suit according to his measurements from the alloy of certain unique metals instead of the demanded weapon. And successfully escapes from captivity destroying the villains on his way and turning the villain’s kind into ashes. How did he manage to stitch an inexhaustible source of energy into his suit? Really, Stark is a genius. His outfit is in the best traditions of robot-policeman and superman. While Tony successfully leaves the observation zone and destroys the enemies, he still moves badly. Well, even the fifth ocean, i.e. air is not going to stop him, since, he is capable of flying. Interestingly he manages to gracefully move in the metal heap. Nevertheless, he is an iron man. But, progress is not stationary and now, even iron can become his second skin. To put it briefly, Tony does not stop by just escaping from the intruders and decides to rescue the entire world. He understands that a terrible catastrophe is in waiting for mankind and turns into Iron Man during activities and simply for the pleasure of wearing his remarkable equipment. Thus, having made something universal and invulnerable out of it, it was more and more like a God’s armor by working on technologies and fantastic gadgets like working up chicken with garlic. And then, activating the image of Robin Hood from the dust and darkness, Tony begins to accomplish amazing feats. His mission is huge and hence, the problems on his way would be more. The villains are more malicious and more artful. Be afraid of those whom you start trusting most. People change in life and it is extremely doubtful, that they will always be unconditionally committed towards you. So, Obadiah Stane is the sneakiest of the villains in the movie. The kind and magnanimous looking uncle, original and clever and the peer of Tony’s father. He is the right hand of the younger Stark, talented and prudent. And, of course, very reliable, until a certain time where personal interests cause conflict. The film “Iron Man” has assembled a star cast. In the leading role - Robert Downey Jr. actively growing to popularity, flexing his muscles and in patches, not badly portraying the role. One more megastar is Gwyneth Paltrow. She is the girlfriend and assistant of Tony called Pepper in the movie, who is ready to sacrifice herself – somehow, these roles suit Gwyneth - and extinguish the flame, burning within Stark. And, fighting evil is not a simple joke. But the girl is good, committed and trusts Tony, as in God. How is it not possible to take strength for enslavement of evil by good? They are also in the company of Jeff Bridges and Hilary Swank. For creating the atmosphere, director Jon Favreau used great imagination to vary the sound in the film. Every possible clank, iron and metal squeals, cracks and rumbles create inexpressible cacophony and force and the audience is plunged into the world in great realistic fashion.

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