If Snakes Ruled
Contest Directions: This Sunday (February 10) will mark the first day of the year of the (black) snake by Chinese calendar, and Asian astrologists say that 2013 will be a stormy year with some major world shakeup events. They base their predictions of the events of the previous years of the snake, such as - world trade center attack (2001), the fall of the Berlin wall (1989), and others. The black snake(s) will be ruling till January 31 next year, when "the horse" takes over.
Photoshop what life would be like if snakes ruled the world.
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  • Lady in red

    Lady in red
  • Snake Skin Western Boots

    Snake Skin Western Boots
  • Red Velvet Snake Cake

    Red Velvet Snake Cake
  • Wrestling Space Champion

    Wrestling Space Champion
  • Family Dinner Parties

    Family Dinner Parties
  • Snake race

    Snake race
  • Snake City

    Snake City
  • Snake President

    Snake President
  • Batsnake

  • Greetings from Key West Florida

    Greetings from Key West Florida
21 high resolution images
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