If Pirates Ruled

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  • Started: 9/19/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 9/21/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 19
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
If Pirates Ruled
Contest Directions: This Wednesday, September 19, is the "International Talk Like a Pirate Day." 'Celebrations' of this Day started 1995 by John Baur ("Ol' Chumbucket") and Mark Summers ("Cap'n Slappy"), of the United States, who declared that on this day everyone should talk like a true pirate. The parodic tradition caught on and turned into a yearly holiday, to the great joy of the pirate fans all over the world. So remember when you see your co-worker or a boss today, instead of usual "Hello" greet them with "Ahoy, me hearty!"
Photoshop how people and life would be different if pirates ruled the world. Think of pirate cars, animals, money, and of course pirate politicians and celebrities. Arrrrr, photoshop, mateys!

Contest Info

    • Started: 9/19/2007 06:00
    • Ended: 9/21/2007 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 19
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
19 pictures
  • Pirate Barack Obama

    Pirate Barack Obama
        • Please Viewfull.

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 12:42:56 PM]
        • The skin tone on the hands dosen't match the face.
        • Twinkle twinkle I'm a starrrr,
          I be wonderin’ what ye arrr.
          Up above th’ mast so high,
          hangs a Bush fer all his lies.

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 8:25:27 PM]
        • Excellent job, congrats, you are a winner and I like your work
  • American Gothic Pirates

    American Gothic Pirates
        • These two sure do get around! Good work.
        • The blending on the beard and the neckline on the left side of the woman need just a bit more work.
        • Beard and neck edited. Thanks for the tip cooper.
        • Shiver me timbers mates, this wench's stare is cold enough to put icicles on me wooden leg.
        • good entry....good one Rain..you really sound like pirate...didn't know you had a wooden leg tho..and shiver your timbers..and blow the man down and whatever is next...lol
        • Congratulations and welcome back, Sassydeb - we missed you!
  • Pirate Cat with her Treature of Fish

    Pirate Cat with her Treature of Fish
        • Fish booty is the best for cat pirates!

          Quality work here.
        • The ... and the mouse are a nice touch.
        • Yo ho me kitties! Bring me a tankard of catnip too!
  • Pirate Magazine Cover

    Pirate Magazine Cover
        • "Secrets on keeping your booty ship shape" cracks me up! Solid entry overall!
        • Ha! I like 'dead men tell no tales'. :O
        • Very good balance to the overall layout. Just smooth-out the edge of the left forearm and remove a bit of masking debris from the right.
        • Good eye Cooper! I fixed the forearm on the left. The odd thing is I did no masking on the right side of her...she was on a white background and I saw no need to fool with that side, so I didn't even notice the debris. That was somehow done in the original photo, but I cleaned it up anyway.
        • Avast ye ogling scallywags, this magazine is rated ARRRRRRRR!
        • Killerbee, if you look at the barcode you will see that there is no price...this piratezine has been plundered. Free subscriptions for everyone!
  • Nerd Pirate Captain

    Nerd Pirate Captain
        • I think I'll have nighmares today, mateys.
        • A few white pixels around the dog...overall good stuff.
        • Aaar! Yer brat should not play so near me pit bull, lest ye be dinner!
        • Aaar Rainman you playing with Cujo there...
  • Pirate's Playing Soccer

    Pirate's Playing Soccer
        • This is bloody brilliant. I am still cracking up over this picture - love it!
        • Some shadows for the players in the back would help though.
        • Good work on masking the original legs. The shadows cast by the players in the foreground are good but the shadow cast by the referee appears a bit too sharp-edged and short.
        • You'll know if someone uses their hands...the ball will be flat!
  • Pirate Pope Benedict

    Pirate Pope Benedict
        • Pope Benedict looks like a scary pirate here!
        • Very nice work.
          I'd give you an extra point if you could make the monkey into 'Mother Theresa'.
        • Avast ye sinners, convert or taste the lead of me cannonballs!
        • the skull with hollow is an added point here.
        • Eek! I didn't reconize him. Good work on this.
  • Bush and Cheney Pirates on their Ship

    Bush and Cheney Pirates on their Ship
        • Fair work, but the sources for Cheney and Bush look pixelated.
        • this is a good work. but try to enhanced more on bush and cheney to get you more score. just a suggestion.
        • Yarrr, my fellow scurvy Americans, we come to plunder it all!
        • it's fixed I think...my glasses are not helping me much..that or I have to clean my monitor....

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 8:57:03 PM]
  • Fluffy Dog Pirate

    Fluffy Dog Pirate
        • Fair work. Full view shows all the details.
        • Argghh ye scurvy dogs! Cut the leashes, we sail at dawn.

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 7:52:45 PM]
  • Orangutan Pirate with a Parrot

    Orangutan Pirate with a Parrot
        • Fair work. I would increase levels a bit.
        • Thanks for the comment. I bumped up the contrast a bit.
        • arggh and to think I traded this cracker eating wisearse for a bilge rat.
        • and whatcha looking at..? haven't seen a one eyed ape before?
  • Pirate President George Bush

    Pirate President George Bush
        • I like the composition, but
          moustache and beard look a bit painted. Masking of George Bush needs to be more accurate too.
        • I'm not a good crique person..but my advice is that the eye patch looks floating...but then that's just my opinion...
        • Much better after the edit. I agree with Mundo and suggest adding a slight shadow from the eye-patch for more realism.
        • Ooops!

          [Edited by User on 9/19/2007 11:22:41 PM]
        • I see big improvement after the second edit!

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 8:31:04 AM]

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 9:08:34 AM]

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 9:08:53 AM]
        • One million Iraqis on a dead mans chest, yo ho ho and a bottle of rummie.

          [Edited by User on 9/20/2007 8:53:35 PM]
  • Software Piracy Magazine with Johnny Depp

    Software Piracy Magazine with Johnny Depp
        • Software pirates are still ruling the net!
        • In the next issue: Overpaid for yer hacked iPhone ye have. How do you like them Apples! AARRRR!!
  • Johnny Depp the Pirate of Washington

    Johnny Depp the Pirate of Washington
        • Quality concept. I would probably increase levels of the foreground part.
        • Well, me hearties, let’s see what crawled out of this bung hole!
  • Condoleezza Rice the Pirate

    Condoleezza Rice the Pirate
        • Fair blending but I would not stretch her face vertically.
        • Was not easy......guess condo eat lot more hamburgers than keira
        • Arrrrrr! Ye old whiskey spectacles did me no favors again, she was really an old sea cow that burden me bed.
        • Under rated, this was one of my favorites and a great job
  • Pirate Parrot with a Woman on his Shoulder

    Pirate Parrot with a Woman on his Shoulder
        • Shiver me feathers, the poop deck needs more swabbing.
  • Pirate Koffi Annan

    Pirate Koffi Annan
  • Mel Gibson the Pirate with Paris Hilton and Nicole Kidman

    Mel Gibson the Pirate with Paris Hilton and Nicole Kidman
        • These days, pirates still get the best booties.
        • Arrr, Captain Mad Max at ye service lasses! Want to see me wooden leg?
  • Osama bin Ladden the Al Qaeda Pirate

    Osama bin Ladden the Al Qaeda Pirate
        • We will give high reward for catching this pirate.
        • Cabin boy Osama at your service me laddies.
  • Jack Sparrow on Pirate Currency

    Jack Sparrow on Pirate Currency
        • Fair work. I would still make the face a bit more green (look at the white spots) to match the rest of the bill.
        • Yar, this dollar now worth more than a hearty spitwad.
        • How many pieces of eight in a pirate? Got any change?
19 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Pirates are sea brigands. The word "Pirate" (L. pirata) originates from Greek root word of: peira, which means to attempt, to try. Ultimately, meaning of the word is "to find luck on the sea". Etymology shows that the difference between a sailor and a pirate is very vague from the very beginning. Captain of the pirates was called "archipirata". This word had become traditional approximately in IV-III B.C., and before that "Leistes" was used, this is even known to Homer and the word is closely pertinent to robbery, murder and booty. Ancient piracy: Piracy in its primitive form - sea-raids started happening simultaneously with navigation and before maritime trade too; this had been the occupation of coastal tribes, who knew fundamentals of navigation. With the advent of civilization, the edge between a pirate and a trader for a long time continues to be provisional: seamen traded wherever they felt not strong enough to rob and taken for prisoners. Especially, most ill-famed in this connection were also the most subtle traders of the ancient world, i.e. the Phoenicians. In "Odyssey" mentioned were the Phoenician pirates, who abducted people from Sir Island and sold them as slaves. Ancient pirates, unlike pirates of the New times, attacked just not only ships but also coastal villages and stray wayfarers, in order to capture them and sell as slaves (later pirates started demanding ransom for rich hostages). Piracy was reflected in ancient poetry and mythology (myth about Dionysus's abduction by Tyrrhenian (Etruscan) pirates, described in Homer's hymn and Ovid's "Metamorphosis", and also in several episodes of Homer's poems). With the development of trade and legal affairs among countries and people, piracy had become admitted as most grave crime, and considerable joint efforts are being taken to combat this menace. Prosperity of ancient piracy comes in the times of anarchy triggered by civil wars in Rome, moreover hilly area of Cilicia with its fortresses and islands like Crete served as home for pirates. Roman piracy particularly bloomed after Mithridates the Great (Megas) or Mithridates VI associated with Cilician pirates against Rome. In those times among victims of pirates, for instance, was young Julius Caesar. Pirates were so impudent that they attacked even Roman port-Ostia Antica, and once pirates even captured two praetors together with retinue and in full regalia. In 67 B.C., Pompey, invested with powers to fight with pirates, and provided with a fleet of 500 ships, divided Mediterranean Sea into 30 regions. Pompey sent a squadron to each area, and drove pirates into mountain fortresses of Cilicia, which later he got hold of. Within three months, piracy in Mediterranean was fully wiped out. Piracy again resumed with next wave of civil wars, but this time pirates were led by son of Pompey, Sext Pompey, who after killing of Caesar, stood firm in Sicily and attempted to blockade Italy. With the end of civil wars sea had become safe. In Rome, pirates were put to death, as it was with brigands, by crucifixion.