Hurricanes in USA

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  • Started: 8/27/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 8/29/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 11
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $20
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $12
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $8
Hurricanes in USA
Contest Directions: Unless you live (like I do) in a dimly lit apartment totally isolated from the outside world, you have seen the TV weather reports with warnings of Hurricane Ernesto approaching the US, reaching Category 3, and thinking about making a stop in hurricanes' all time favorite place New Orleans. Before you start panicking and packing your suitcases however, I wish to remind you that weathermen are the only creatures on earth that are wrong 80% of the time and still keep their jobs. So if weathermen tell you Hurricane Ernesto will visit the US with a predicted destruction of twice the Hiroshima blast, you can go straight to the "predicted" eye of the hurricane which will be the safest place on earth. Hurricanes like to watch weather forecasts the same way we watch late-night shows, and they see weathermen as the best comics this planet ever produced. Every day the weather forecast is like David Letterman's Top 10 List. Hurricanes don't want their comic idols to get fired however, so every once in a while (yes, those are the 20% we talked about) they give them a break and go to the places predicted by weathermen. This time Hurricane Ernesto is "supposed" to visit several states/places in the US - sort of a vacation trip for a foreign hurricane. In this contest you are asked to show what places in the US Esnesto may visit by showing "vacation photos" of Esnesto at the US places/states it visits - similar to the usual vacation pictures people are taking (Hey, I've been HERE, and here, and HERE, look!) Either the hurricane itself, or the destruction from the hurricane has to be included in your entry picture to qualify. Make the pictures postcards-like and write Ernesto's impression of these places on the postcards. If you want to go even further you may address the Ernesto' postcard messages to any famous person... or another hurricane. E.g.
"Hey, Katrina, Greetings from Florida! Just a short stop here, as I hate their giant insects. If you ever stop here again, don't make eye contact on people - this is asking to be mugged.
~ Ernesto"

P.S. If you run short of ideas, think of trailer parks. Hurricanes and trailer parks are naturally attracted to each other, sort of like Paris Hilton and STDs.

Contest Info

    • Started: 8/27/2006 06:00
    • Ended: 8/29/2006 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 11
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $20
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $12
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $8
11 pictures
  • Miami Dolphins Playing in a Hurricane

    Miami Dolphins Playing in a Hurricane
        • This is very nice. Great idea. I like how you chose a hurricane other than Katrina.
        • Love it. Postscriptum is a cherry on top!
          I'd make a photograph brighter (unless you intended it so dark?)
        • Good job. Perhaps it would be nice to lighten the picture a little bit more, It looks a little dark. BUT I like it
  • Hurricane Postcard From New Orleans

    Hurricane Postcard From New Orleans
        • Quality work! Who wooul've thought These hurricanes have damn good sense of humor?!
        • v nice, just the mail punch are over the 2 sides of the card
        • this very nice, the whole package is awsome spc. the text idea and the great sense of humor.
        • ernesto have some sense of humors,nice presentations.
  • Huricane Greeting Cards

    Huricane Greeting Cards
        • Nice destruction job. Hurricanes would love those postcards
  • Hurricane at Disney World

    Hurricane at Disney World
        • The happiest place on earth, now the wettest, as well! Love the corner tapes!
        • Hurricane Katrina to Ernesto.
          Just got your postcard. Packing my bags and going to Disney World right now.

          See you very soon.
        • LOL! Nice postcard! Love the "raindrops and lightning" part!
  • Hurricane and Tsunami in Florida

    Hurricane and Tsunami in Florida
        • This is great but the water by the shore line is not as sharp as the rest of the picture.

          other than that, good job.
        • yes ,need a bit more sharp but good concept
        • Overall a fantastic entry, but I agree about the wave sharpness
        • that helicopter is huge compared to the building. where can i get one that big?!
        • great work with the wave, pretty colors wich make me want to be there
  • Hurricane in a City

    Hurricane in a City
        • Nice idea but the spell wizard says:

          Huricane= Hurricane
        • Having a blast. Wishing you were here.
          Hurricane Esnesto
        • Not sure if this is a "tornado" image or a "Hurricane" picture , but it looks very impressive. Good details!
        • nice idea, but i think the buildings need also some destruction from buildings to look it more realistic. (is my only suggestion).
  • Hurricane Ernesto Post Card

    Hurricane Ernesto Post Card
  • Disney World Storm

    Disney World Storm
        • It's electrifying here in the Magic Kindgom!
        • Ernesto, it looks like you're having a blast!
          Hurricane Katrina
  • Hurricane Vacation Postacard

    Hurricane Vacation Postacard
        • When hurricanes come to visit, something is always fishy
  • Man with a Fish in a Hurricane

    Man with a Fish in a Hurricane
        • v nice, but the only prob is that the girl at the backside look too cut and paste, she need to be some desaturated to match with the rest of the background, additional she need a shadow. Take it like friendly advice
  • Hurricane Beach Postcard

    Hurricane Beach Postcard
        • Greetings from Miami. It's
          raining cats and dogs here.
          ~Hurricane Ernesto
        • AAAAHAHAHAH Look at that dog fly! That´s just very funny. Good work on this one
        • nice dog, cloning is obvious on the ground.
        • thats wierd allanpanisa, bcuase I dident use the clone lol.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Ernesto, a Hurricane gaining strength in the central Caribbean, is heading towards Jamaica on Saturday. Ernesto threatens to enter into the Gulf of Mexico, being the first hurricane of the 2006 season that could become a Category 3 hurricane. Ernesto might become a Category 3 hurricane by Thursday. It may be headed for New Orleans. Hurricane Katrina, another Category 3 hurricane, struck New Orleans nearly one year ago. John Cangialosi, who is a meteorologist with the National Hurricane Center, said it does look like Ernesto will hit the United States somewhere. The storm's winds are expected to reach 60 miles per hour by late Saturday. Chronology of hurricanes: In classical work on the dynamics of Atlantic cyclones, William Gray, head of the tropical meteorology project at Colorado State University, has shown the presence of 25-30yr cycles in the activity of tropical storms. 1933 In the Atlantic, it was the most active season in the 20th century: 21 storms were observed. 1950 In the Atlantic, it is year of the most destructive storms: 8 strong hurricanes were observed. 1969 The most number of hurricanes in the Atlantic in a season - 12 hurricanes. 1995 With regard to number of storms in the Atlantic, this is the second year after 1933: 19 storms. 2004 * Ivan (August — September) — Caribbean Sea, Cuba, USA (Florida); * Jeanne (September) — Caribbean Sea, Haiti Jeanne: According to the Associated Press, the death-toll as a result of downpours, floods and mudslides can touch the 2000 mark on Haiti, caused by hurricane "Jeanne". As of September 23, about 1100 deaths and 1250 missing persons was recorded. The most numbers of deaths was in the city of Gonaives, in the northern part of the island. According to the authorities, 1013 deaths were recorded. Representatives of the Red Cross are afraid of the spreading of epidemics through water in which bodies of dead people were found floating for several days together. At places, the water level exceeds 4m and new dead bodies are found in the process of its recession. The President of Haiti named this as a humanitarian calamity and urged help from the international community. In May 2004, the island already survived one of the most terrible floods in all its history, during which about 2500 deaths were reported. 2005 Katrina (August) — on August 27, it passed over the coast of Florida not far away from Miami and turned towards the Gulf of Mexico and on August 29, it reached the southeast coast of the USA around the states of Louisiana and Mississippi. 2006 Saomai — on August 10, it reached the coasts of China in the southern part of the province Zhejiang. The wind strength in the epicenter touched 60 km/sec (250 km/hr) and according to weather forecasters, it is the strongest typhoon, forming in the territory of China for the last 50 years.