Contest Directions: Photoshop images of Cheney hunting and shooting accident. Feel free to create magazine covers or newpaper articles based on these images. Given Cheney's hunting skills, he could make a decent milf hunter if he wished.
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  • Recent Hunting Trip with Dick Cheney

    Recent Hunting Trip with Dick Cheney
  • Hunting with Dick Cheney

    Hunting with Dick Cheney
  • Cheney UFO

    Cheney UFO
  • Kick Me

    Kick Me
  • Dick Cheney

    Dick Cheney
  • Lawyer Hunter

    Lawyer Hunter
  • Chickenhawk Marksman

    Chickenhawk Marksman
  • Cheney Trophy Room

    Cheney Trophy Room
  • Alternative hobby

    Alternative hobby
  • Another accident

    Another accident
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This contest is fueled by the following news: While hunting, it appears that Vice President Dick Cheney broke the Number One Rule of the sport: Be sure that you know what you are shooting at before you fire a gun. Cheney wounded his hunting partner Harry Whittington in the face, neck and chest because he did not see Whittington as the Vice President fired upon what he thought was a covey of quail. Hunting safety experts that were interviewed in the aftermath of the shooting indicated that Whittington should have announced himself before approaching the Vice President's position. However, they did note that the shooter always is responsible for knowing his surroundings and avoiding hitting other people with gunfire. Mark Birkhauser, President-elect of the International Hunter Education Foundation, in remarking on the importance of knowing what is around you before you shoot a gun, stressed that once you pull the trigger on the gun, you cannot bring the shot back.

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  • Ended: 2/16/2006 06:00
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