Contest Directions: Scientists believe they have found a completely new human species on a remote Indonesian island. They base this on the small size of the brain cavity of the old skull they found. I have news for all you really smart scientist guys. Small minds prevail in two places already, Hollywood and Washington D.C.
In this contest we ask you to photoshop a completely new humanoid species. No cyborgs or robots though. They can be a human animal cross, a male / female cross or any deformed celebrities or politicians (aliens, etc.). Remember to keep it tasteful and safe for work.
Thanks to St. Valentine for sponsoring this contest.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Scientists claim a discovery of a new humanoid species they called Island Hobbit. The species found was a woman humanoid found on the island in Indonesia and who lived some 18,000 years ago. Scientists claim the species can not be considered the same species as humans and need to be treated as a separate humanoid species. A team of international anthropologists gathered at Florida State University to study the Hobbit humanoid and compare its skull with the skulls of humans suffering from a rare disease microcephaly which leads to development of disproportional small skull and brains. The researchers concluded that humanoid's brain was properly developed and the small size was not the result of microcephaly, but rather a normal skull of the extinct humanoid species Homo floresiensis, which are related to the humans, Homo sapiens. The research team strongly rejected the hypothesis of sceptic scientists claiming that the skull belong to human with microcephaly. It is a separate species, Homo floresiensis, the report concluded. Anthropologists said that it was easy to be led into wrong assumption that the skull belong to microcephalic person due to a small skull's size - about third of a normal human skull. However, further study besides quick measurements, quickly reveals the skull belonged to separate humanoids.

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  • Started: 1/31/2007 06:00
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