Human Cow Hybrids
Contest Directions: [ UK scientists have applied for permission to create embryos by fusing human DNA with cow eggs. The resulting embryo will technically be a chimera - a mixing of two distinct species into one. The embryos will be used for stem cell research against Parkinson's Disease, strokes, and Alzheimer's Disease. ]
So, in other words British mix cows and human genes for the sake of treating Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, and strokes. I can see other benefits of cow-human species too. How many of you guys would say no to dating a girl who is as healthy as a cow, always silent (apart from occassional sexy moos), and can make Pamela Anderson feel sorry with her udders? And you can tell your milkman to kiss your ass. As long as you have cookies, you're set for life.
In this contest you are asked to show what human-cow species will look like. Your creation can look more like a cow or more like a human. Feel free to use politicians or celebrities as your 'victims'.
P.S. Shortly after posting this contest I received the following anonymous email: "Ah, those Angliches, they are so clever ! And what a good idea, using our gčnes to cure all those poor demented cows. Unfortunately, we in France are a little behind on our research, but a as the spokesman for our scientific team said recently, "Judging by the recent advances our scientists have made in this field, we are confident that our French cows will soon be able to lay eggs. (an anonymous French researcher)"
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  • Sandra Bullock Cow

    Sandra Bullock Cow
  • Fat Cow

    Fat Cow
  • Cow Girl

    Cow Girl
  • Jamie Pressly Cow

    Jamie Pressly Cow
  • Cow Wedding

    Cow Wedding
  • Cow Girl

    Cow Girl
  • Cow President

    Cow President
  • Rafael Nadal Cow

    Rafael Nadal Cow
  • Madonna Cow

    Madonna Cow
  • COW boy

    COW boy
  • Anna Nicole Smith Cow

    Anna Nicole Smith Cow
  • Model Cow

    Model Cow
  • Beach Cow

    Beach Cow
  • Milk Cow

    Milk Cow
  • Cow Toreador

    Cow Toreador
  • Holy Smoking Cow

    Holy Smoking Cow
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This contest is fueled by the following news: At Newcastle University and Kings College in London, researchers are said to be seeking a three year license from the Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority. A Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament, Dr. Evan Harris who serves on the Commons Science and Technology Select Committee, remarked that if a human benefit can be derived from stem cells that are derived from cloning, it should be pursued -- despite what he called the "yuck factor." Many experts believe that stem cell research represents one of the most promising types of research today. Stem cells are considered to be the master cells of the body and have the potential to turn into any type of body tissue. Five day old embryos actually are full of stem cells. Scientists want to use stem cells to try and treat diseases such as strokes, Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease. Scientists maintain that they need access to thousands of embryos to properly undertake their research. A problem exists because the supply of human eggs for such research is in short supply. Further, in order to get them from humans, a woman has to undergo surgery. As a result, scientists want to use eggs from cows as substitutes. Human DNA would be inserted into a cow's egg after the cow's genetic material has been extracted. An embryo would then be created in the same manner that produced Dolly the Cloned Sheep.

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