Horror Portraits

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  • Started: 10/30/2009 13:00
  • Ended: 11/2/2009 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 37
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Horror Portraits
Contest Directions: It's almost Halloween time at Freaking News. A lot of us will wear costumes for Halloween and will turn into evil vampires, zombies, witches, and warlocks just for the Halloween night...
It's a "self portrait" contest where you have to photoshop yourself with some horror theme or Halloween theme. Think about turning yourself into vampires, warlocks, witches, zombies, and other evil creatures, or just make yourself spooky one way or another. Here's a good example by thekillerbee. More than one way to make yourself scary (several entries) is more than welcome!

Contest Info

    • Started: 10/30/2009 13:00
    • Ended: 11/2/2009 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 37
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
37 pictures
  • Funkwood Officer's Lair

    Funkwood Officer's Lair
        • Excellent!
          An FN insignia on his arm would finish this one really off
        • He's the guard of the FreakingNews dungeon! Where all the bad choppers go!
        • There are no bad choppers at FN, Just some naughty ones hehehehe. Okay, my turn in the dungeon! Is it nipple clamp day?
        • Reckon ya'd be a hard man if this was your position in life

          Pretty cool.
        • Another great chop from the Funkwood. Congrats on gold. You're on form.
        • Looks like your alot of fun at parties! Very nice. congrats.....an honor to share the stage with you.
        • congratulations funk.. great character for a great character,,lol wonderful work !!!
        • Congrats Comrade Funkwood...glad to see you put the fire OUT in your hair. Your new image is deathly stunning.
        • that's really coooooooool congrats my teacher on the gold really happy for you . keep up amazing works
        • Thanks all! This is the closest I've ever come to wearing a uniform, lol! I was searching thru my photo archives and found this pic of me making a funny face with one eye wide open and the other squinting. I immediately thought of the monocle and the uniform.
        • Congrats on the magnificent win, funkster!
  • Monster Carl

    Monster Carl
        • Teeth coming outta the nose o_0 ewww

          Perfectly monsterised
        • Nice one Carl. This is pretty disgusting. Congrats on silver.
        • Too much, like looking into a mirror, congrads
        • carl umm !!!... really grosss!!and the backgrounds creepy too i love it ,congratulations

        • that was amazing my friend Congrats on the silver and keep up fantastic works
        • Congrats on silver Carl. Extremely goring.
  • Monster Xaos

    Monster Xaos
        • Nice edit...second time I looked at these I was amazed by the change. Great work!
        • Congrats on bronze Xaos. Freaky portrait.
        • Really Really Good...we're on the stage together again. your edit was quite impressive.
        • Xaos54 wonderful portrait !!..lol very good chop,, !! congrats )
        • You are ROCK Xaos !!! congrats on the bronze and keep up top works friend
        • Thanks all! really fun chopping this one
        • Congrats Xman! All the transluscent layers are very cool!
          Still don't know what you look like though, lol!
        • Xaos, I always wondered how you looked. Now I am freaking scared!

          Congrats on the bronze, mate!
  • Pree the Zombie

    Pree the Zombie
        • Yes, you have mangled yourself very nicely...lol. You've done a lot to the original sources. Awesome!
        • And I always thought you were better looking. congrads Pree
        • Congrats on the Woody, youre obviously more then just a pretty face
        • Congrats on Woody Pree- still lovely
        • You must be a great kisser....the girl of my dreams. congrats
        • thanks everyone ..it was fun making myself so thin,,,lol,,
        • lol it's was amazing one Preemreremre you look great there lol congrats on the woody and keep up nice works friend
        • Im afraid we are going to need to see some ... .....eeeer I mean source pictures, LOL

          Nice work, congrats!
        • Congrats on the woody Pree! I'm glad this one made it in the top 4! Great work!
  • Spaghetti Head

    Spaghetti Head
        • "Some-one pass the Parmesan" LoL

          Nice work.
        • coool liltim that was amazing work . keep up fantastic works my friend
  • Kratos Monster

    Kratos Monster
        • Hope you didn't have to sell your soul for your art skills ... Great work man!
        • I like the colours, though it really has been saturated with filters way too much in my opinion
        • omg !!! lol I was sure this my design will lose before I made this design hahahahah coz it's was my first try to make some one monster any way thanks for great comments there will be nice surprise so soon I think
  • Gollum John

    Gollum John
        • You look so cute...lol....not scary at all! Great job
        • John you never looked better or great chop.
        • Wonderfully blended! Looks natural for our resident prankster John!
        • Nice work John! Good job of combining you and Gollum, whats the x1 stand for tho?

          [Edited by User on 11/3/2009 6:50:51 PM]
        • Thanks everyone
          Funk mate the X1 came about because wheneve I just try to use John to join something its ALWAYS taken already. when I registered on a forum years ago the Johnx1 was the first available name it came up with and I liked the sound of it.
  • Disasterman Monster

    Disasterman Monster
        • Voted higher and said wish I had thought of that, very nice.
        • So this is how D-Man looks like! Excellent!
  • Bloody Sherif

    Bloody Sherif
  • Head on Scales

    Head on Scales
  • The Orphan Remastered

    The Orphan Remastered
  • Meert Count Dracula

    Meert Count Dracula
        • laughing my arse off!
          I am eating some garlic right now!
        • Every time I look at this chop I crack up for some reason
  • Zombie Daveman

    Zombie Daveman
        • Thanks! Yup, that's me. Rough weekend.
        • LOL, that's you before your first cup of coffee!
  • Bad John Doll

    Bad John Doll
  • Zombie Man

    Zombie Man
        • Blech.....lol This is what Aussie kids look like after they've been eating Vegemite! Nice job
        • lol I had to pull it back a tad. was really creeping myself out lol
          Thanks guys
        • LOL, somehow reminds me Tom Cruise too
        • lol thanks for that Newsy. I will say you never want to depend on me to land your plane though mate lol
  • Man Spider Monster

    Man Spider Monster
  • Man Frying in Electric Chair

    Man Frying in Electric Chair
  • Man Shot in the Head

    Man Shot in the Head
        • Oh, man, he was killed with FN gun too! Nonno please come back!
        • Good work, great colors and composition.
  • Monster Doctor at Haunted House

    Monster Doctor at Haunted House
        • A huge hahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What a character LOL Hehe check out the chink out of the cat's tail. Looks like mine!
        • Creepy to the max.....thought it was Hitspinner...good work.
        • lol that was amazing one hohouse really great work as always . keep up top works
        • Ok, this is how HoHouse looks?!
          You are cool, man!
  • Goblin Boy

    Goblin Boy
  • Evil Devil

    Evil Devil
  • Man Burning at the Stake

    Man Burning at the Stake
  • Woman Vampire

    Woman Vampire
        • Kiss me, lookout someones moving up to the big time.
        • The blue cat eyes are hypnotizing!
          Thanks for showing your true self, Mia!
  • The Red Queen for Halloween

    The Red Queen for Halloween
  • Man Shouting in Chair Painting

    Man Shouting in Chair Painting
  • Reaper Zombie

    Reaper Zombie
  • Phantom of the Freaky

    Phantom of the Freaky
  • Man on Fire

    Man on Fire
  • Ugly Man Monster

    Ugly Man Monster
  • Evil Devil Man

    Evil Devil Man
  • Frankenstein John

    Frankenstein John
  • The Devil with People Burning in Hell

    The Devil with People Burning in Hell
  • Sweeney Tomm and Baker Catherine at the Beach

    Sweeney Tomm and Baker Catherine at the Beach
        • Nice!
          The barber may need a better face color match and some contrast adjustment
        • Well, it's a bit too bright now in my opinion. Compare it with the skin color/tone of hands and legs
  • Alfie Dorothy and Alfie Witch

    Alfie Dorothy and Alfie Witch
  • Alf Frankenstein and his Bride

    Alf Frankenstein and his Bride
  • Vampire Woman

    Vampire Woman
        • Ahh, so that's how you look like andwhat!
  • Woman Cat Mutation

    Woman Cat Mutation
37 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: A night horror or night fears (Lat. Pavor nocturnus) is an unpleasant dream, characterized by the abrupt waking-up in a state of strong fear. A person sits on his bed or jumps-up, screams, swings his arms, walks in his room or in the apartment. Eyes are open widely, the heartbeat is quick, and the person sweats and shakes. Episodes can last from one minute to several minutes. At this point of time, it is very difficult to talk to the person since he does not realize the presence of other people. After some time, the person once again falls into sleep and as a rule he does not remember anything the next morning. Night terrors occur within one to four hours of sleeping, during the time when the deep sleeping phase dominates. The difference between night terrors and nightmares: It is not necessary to confuse a night horror with nightmares. Nightmares occur in the rapid-eye movement phase of sleep and usually have a complex scenario, the consequence of which is the sensation of fear experienced by the sleeper. Unlike nightmares, night terrors occur in the non-rapid eye movement phase of sleep, when dreams are almost not there. In children: Night horrors more often occur in preschool children and young schoolboys. The occurrence of night terrors in children is not due to deep psychological problems but because they can be disturbed more often during a phase of life filled with a turbulent emotional experience. Occasionally occurring night horrors are the norm; however, if night horrors occur almost every night of the week then it is necessary to consult a pediatrician. Never shout at the child nor try to wake him, shake him this will frighten him even more. Take him quietly to wash his face by holding his hand. Items and people in the room can appear frightening to the child. It is necessary to quietly make the child go back to sleep. Singing a song in a tender low voice and gently caressing the child's head can be useful. Attempt to find out the child's dream is of no use, after all, the child cannot recollect anything in the morning. In adults: Night horrors occur much less in adults than in children. In many cases, night horrors indicate excitation, anxiety and aggression. The symptoms are precisely the same as in the case of children.