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  • The Great Escape

    The Great Escape
  • The first Hookah.....how does is work?

    The first Hookah.....how does is work?
  • Relaxing Indy

    Relaxing Indy
  • Better than nuts?

    Better than nuts?
  • Bill Cosby's Hookah

    Bill Cosby
  • Cheetah Hookah

    Cheetah Hookah
  • Willie Nelson

    Willie Nelson
  • Baby's First Hookah

  • Heh, Heh - It's a Bad trip Beavis

    Heh, Heh - It
  • Gladys Kravitz dreams of Jeannie

    Gladys Kravitz dreams of Jeannie
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Hookah – A pipe with a water filter and a long slender hose. It is also commonly called as narghile. The word Qalyan (huqqa), according to the Pakistan’s dictionary Lourdes, it is Persian origin and never it was designated as a small pot, where oriental women preserved their valuables and fragrances. Narghile (nargile; Persian, – a coconut shell out of which primarily the narghiles were made) – Smoking instrument, similar to hookah, but having a long handle in place of pipe as a difference. Quick development of tourism is accompanied by world wide circulation of North African and Asian region born Hookah or in spoken language said as “heating tube”. Under the observation of the Poland tourist companies, every 10th tourist returning from Egypt carries hookah along with other souvenirs (Distinct popularity is for the usage of so called “attach” hookahs). A special tobacco is used in the hookah (commonly aromatized), but instead of water as coolant, frequently various non alcoholic and alcoholic drinks are used. Hazards from Smoking Hookah: Tobacco, in any of its type, contains Nicotine, and also other products which are unsafe to the organism. The water filter of the hookah absorbs only a part of the elements which causes harm to the organism. Staying in a public place for smokers of hookah for duration of prolonged period will be as a passive smoker. There is a belief that hookah with its pleasant aroma and smooth taste may attract teenagers, cigarette non smokers, hence increasing the percentage of smokers among them. Also frequent and hookah parties of the youth, when hemp is added to the smoking tobacco. Smoking & Hookahs: The birthplaces of this smoking device are Asian and African countries, where life, as is known, always flowed calmly and regularly. And for this reason, smoking a hookah is a long, unhurried process requiring a self-respectful attitude. There is no doubt that the world owes its development to the special mentality inherent to Eastern traditions, although today many Europeans, apparently trying to escape from the incessant bustle of everyday life, have become addicted to this ritual. This extremely popular device from the Middle Ages in Persia, India, China, Africa, and Central Asia consists of a pipe with tobacco, the lower end of which is lowered into a bowl with water, and a leather hose or wooden tube inserted into the bowl above the water level, through which passes the smoke, being purified in so doing. Hookahs made of silver and crystal coated with intricate floral patterns were the best examples of craftsmanship. The water poured into the bowl can be mixed with juices or rose oil to enhance the aroma as the smoker desires. The hookah is lit with burning coals, placing them on top of the smoking mixture. About an hour is needed to finish smoking fruit tobacco and about two hours for pure strong tobacco. After a while the water in the bowl becomes brown, which is explained by filtration of harmful substances. The hookah is an extremely specific device, and its "rules of use" also have their own immutable laws. The specific features of hookah tobacco, which has a high moisture content, entail also the need to light this device with, again, special coal. It should be slightly rounded and each piece of coal shouldn't exceed three centimeters in size. It is necessary to prepare it beforehand in a specially designed container. Also of considerable importance for the smoking process is the principle of packing the hookah pipe- here it is necessary to observe the "golden mean," namely: don't pack the pipe to tightly because the tobacco will simply not be able to pass air and then will inevitably go out, and looseness in packing is also not permissible - in this case the temperature will simply not be enough for burning. Furthermore, under no circumstance light an ordinary cigarette, even the best, from an ember glowing in the hookah - this "blasphemy" can completely ruin the taste of the hookah, and it is categorically forbidden to place the hookah on any kind of risen platform - in all probability, the Eastern tradition of reclining directly on carpets doesn't welcome this too much. And last: the procedure of passing the hookah during its, say, collective smoking directly from hand to the hand of the person sitting alongside is totally unacceptable. If the needed number of puffs is taken, satisfaction is obtained from them, and one simply wants to reflect on life, then the hookah is set aside, thereby showing that it can now be taken by whoever needs to use this mentally relaxing device. In a word, the ceremony is not simple and therefore requires special respect.

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