Historic Mars Discovery
Contest Directions: Contest Directions: NASA reports that the Curiosity rover has made a historic discovery on Mars, but they denied to elaborate on the details yet. Curiosity Chief Scientist John Grotzinger said that the discovery will be officially revealed in several weeks, and "it's so big that it will be one for the history books". These NASA statements gave grounds for many speculations that the Curiosity rover finally discovered the signs of life on the red planet. But it could be anything really, we'll have to wait several weeks to know for sure.
While NASA would like us to wait for the official announcement, let's "leak" what the discovery might (or might not) be - show what (or whom) Curiosity discovered.
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  • McAliens

  • Cheaper implementation of Mars program announced

    Cheaper implementation of Mars program announced
  • I know, right?

    I know, right?
  • Mars Has Twinkies

    Mars Has Twinkies
  • Water in Mars

    Water in Mars
  • Hoffa's Body found...far far away!

  • Pixar Explorations

    Pixar Explorations
  • T-REX

  • The Statue

    The Statue
  • Could be life on mars

    Could be life on mars
  • Mars Light

    Mars Light
  • Discovery

  • The birth instant

    The birth instant
  • Welcome ?

    Welcome ?
  • 2012: A Mars Odyssey

    2012:  A Mars Odyssey
  • Space Big Foot

    Space Big Foot
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