Hiding Osama

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  • Started: 11/26/2004 06:05
  • Ended: 11/28/2004 06:05
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 31
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
Hiding Osama
Contest Directions: Just when you think they've got Osama Bin Laden cornered he vanishes again. It's time for another round of "Hide that Osama!" Create images of where you think the leader of Al Qaeda has fled and what he might be doing while in hiding. And if you find it difficult to hide him, remember, the Holidays are here.

Contest Info

    • Started: 11/26/2004 06:05
    • Ended: 11/28/2004 06:05
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 31
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
31 pictures
  • Bin Lincoln

    Bin Lincoln
        • Love the text in the BG, beautifully done
        • Brilliant! One of the best chops I've ever seen here!
        • I had to look for a minute before I saw it. Nice work.
        • I like the work you done it is Brillant!
          keep up the good work.

        • On 12/13/2004 12:47:11 PM, bluethunder2005 said:

          I like the work you done it is Brillant!
          keep up the good work.

          Well, thank you.
  • Sing

  • You Better Watch Out

    You Better Watch Out
  • CAVE

        • Sh*t, he's been working out! Great chop!
        • I'm surprised this didn't take a place, it's most excellent
  • ZZ Top

    ZZ Top
        • Funny.
          You could try to Smudge the edges (of the mask)of the beard and get rid of the white around it.
  • Rabbi

        • Its an original picture with no changes.
          He's standing in front of the opened Ark where the Torah Scrolls are kept.
          These scrolls are made the Sefardi way, in round cover.
  • Siegfried

  • TechSupport

        • Try to bring down the contrast of Osama and perhaps give him a little blur to merg him better.
        • Vlad the Microsoft support techinician who owns an Apple. Couldn't get any better
  • Bin Laden

    Bin Laden
        • He's the seal isn't he?
          Nope! Just found him, just when I thought that this was a prank to make me stare at the screen till my retinas disintergrated. Excellent work.
        • OMG! I had this same idea but I had the lower-half of this exact same Waldoism. Back to the 'drawing board' Sigh.

          by the way, Brilliant idea.
        • Brilliant and hilarious. (Guess what's getting forwarded today. )
        • Check out the kids chasing him! Haha.. GJ on this.
        • The Kids chasing him father must be a Marine. usmc4669 isn't a Democrat, he is a Republican.

          [Edited by User on 12/9/2004 6:14:28 PM]

          [Edited by User on 12/9/2004 6:17:37 PM]
  • Hidden in plain sight

    Hidden in plain sight
        • Nice fit.
          Osama's ear could use some colorizing tho.
        • I don't know -- seems comparable to the other marine's right ear in sunlight. Nice job!
        • Yes, but the other guy's white. Osama isn't.

        • On 11/28/2004 5:12:22 AM, V1nc3nt said:

          Yes, but the other guy's white. Osama isn't.

          Actually the source-face was brighter than the marines. I had to match shadows with the original marine's face. All in all the tone was correct for the marine source-picture. But knowing Osama isn't white did make the whole thing seem "off" even knowing the process.

          [Edited by User on 12/3/2004 6:22:16 AM]
  • Kerry/Bin Laden 2008

    Kerry/Bin Laden 2008
  • HennyBinnLaden

        • i dont think this is funny...Benny Hinn is truly a man of God and can never be compared to someone as low as Osama who does not value human lives.
  • Judas Priest

    Judas Priest
  • oh, "Sam" a Survivor favorite.

  • Bin Laden

    Bin Laden
  • On Duty

    On Duty
  • Sgt. BinLaden

    Sgt. BinLaden
  • Rather

        • I like the comment of him being slightly less
          anti- American. Very funny.
  • Osama Claus

    Osama Claus
  • Santa Laden

    Santa Laden
  • UPS

        • Face/hair/beard seriously needs more saturation does not match the source at all.
        • A little Blur on the face and text will do wonders.
  • Boys

  • Final Jihadpardy!

    Final Jihadpardy!
  • Osama

  • Osama Cab

    Osama Cab
  • Pilot

  • Beggar

  • Osama bin Here!

    Osama bin Here!
  • Pakistani Border

    Pakistani Border
  • Osama Turk

    Osama Turk
  • Disguise

31 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The chief of al Qaeda, Osama bin Laden, is not in Pakistan -- at least that is what a Pakistani army commander is reporting. He says that Bin Laden and his cohort could not go undetected in the rugged lands on the Afghanistan and Pakistan border. There are pockets of al Qaeda backed fighters battling forces from Pakistan in the area however. Usama and Central Asia conflicts: Since 1995, Osama bin Laden repeatedly held meetings with one of the leaders of Uzbek Islamites Tahir Yuldashev and "helped them in making contacts with the leaders of the "Taliban movement". The other leader of the Uzbek Islamites, Jumma Namangani, received financial assistance from bin Laden of up to 3 million dollars per year. Association with Saddam Hussein: The US government repeatedly charged Iraq's President Saddam Hussein for his links with "Al- Qaeda". In the press, it was written that Saddam Hussein met Osama bin Laden and is planning to pass on the weapons of mass destruction into the hands of terrorists. These charges became the core reason for initiating war in Iraq. Subsequently, on September 9, 2006, these statements were refuted in the published report of the Senate committee of the USA after the investigations. Also, it was found that Saddam Hussein had no association with "Al-Qaeda", but in fact, treated it as his enemy. This conclusion, refuting the statements of George Bush about the old associations of Saddam's government with the terrorist organizations, undermined the authority of the USA government in the role of international arbitrator and in addition, it compromised on the working quality of serious organizations like the CIA. Critics observed that such an attitude of unproved accusations of cooperation with terrorists can become the reason for intrusion into other countries, which is against the policies of the US government. Referring to the information, given in an FBI report, it has been written that Hussein has rejected Osama bin Laden's request to extend help in 1995. The terrorist activities of September 11, 2001: In November 2001, the US armed forces in Afghanistan found a video recording in a destroyed house in Jalalabad and the video tape contained a conversation of Osama bin Laden with Khaled al-Harbi. In this video tape, Bin Laden confirms that he knew about the attacks before and directly guided the terrorists. This video tape has been extensively broadcasted since December 13, 2001. Some dispute that it is really Osama Bin Laden in the video. Osama bin Laden: "Our brothers who carried out this operation, knew that this will be suicidal and we had sent them to America, but they did not know anything about the operation, not a single word. They completed training and we did not disclose any details to them until they were on-board." On December 27, 2001, Bin Laden made one more video tape public. In this video, he declared that "Terrorism against America deserves high merit because it is an answer to injustice, aimed to compel America to stop supporting Israel, who is killing our people" and also mentioned briefly taking responsibility for September 11 attacks. In March 2002, Osama's younger brother Sheikh Ahmed asserted in a CNN interview, that Osama could not be the organizer of September 11, terrorist attacks in USA: "He is my brother and I know him. I lived with him for many years and I know how much he is afraid of God". Shortly before the presidential election in 2004 in the USA, in his next video clip, Osama bin Laden publicly confirmed the involvement of "Al-Qaeda" in masterminding the terrorist attacks of 2001 and also stated that he had a direct connection to it. He also said that the attacks have been carried out "because we are free people and do not accept injustice and we want to return freedom to our people". In this tape, which was delivered to "Al-Jazeera" on October 30, 2004, Bin Laden said that he had direct control over the 19 aircraft hijackers. He also informed: "I and commander-in-chief Mohammed Atta, may Allah be merciful to him, agreed that the entire operation should last no more than 20 minutes while Bush and his administration take notice of what is happening. Counter-terrorist operation in Afghanistan: On October 7, the USA and Great Britain started rocket attacks on targets of the "Taliban" in Afghanistan, which marked the beginning of the "Operation Enduring Freedom" military operation. Qatar's broadcasting company " Al-Jazeera" telecasted Osama bin Laden's message. In this telecast, Osama stated: "Allah has hit America in one of its weak places. America is enveloped with fear from north to south and from West to east. I am very grateful to Allah for this".