Heath Ledger O.D.
Heath Ledger O.D.
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      • Dark commentary. Will undoubtedly offend some. But it is a rather brilliant combination of the source photos. The Joker wouldn't have it any other way.
      • If you are gonna hang 'em out there, you must do better than this.
      • Hey, I call it as I see it. I didn't kill him, I didn't make him take too many pills. Bad taste or not, satire is satire. It's what choppers do. I have nothing against the guy, just had an idea and ran with it.
      • I think it's a great satire and is not meant to offend. Sometimes a brave idea is risky but is still brilliant.
      • What's offensive about it. He killed himself by ODing on pills. This piece is a well done documentation of major points (including THE major of course) of his life. I actually think it's pretty poignant because of the expression on his face. What - because he's dead he can't be used in a chop.
      • Thank god at least a few people are on my side. We as choppers put some people in compromising positions in our chops. Making acusations that are not always founded in truth. We make straight people gay, lovers into haters, poke fun at religious figures, smear our own political figures...it's just the way it is. My composition is based totally in fact. Truth shouldn't be considered offensive.
      • I just meant the source for Joker was too grainy. I figured this would push some buttons. The problem that people are having with the Heath Ledger OD thing is that he died using drugs that were prescribed to him by his doctor. I know that is no excuse to OD on them bu he had a squeaky clean image and just got in with the wrong hookers. I personally think he was taking pain meds and one of those hookers slipped him a sleeping pill so they could max his credit cards while he slept. But he died. I think we should hang them out there sometimes, but use a better Joker source....is what I meant.
      • It's one thing when people OD because they are simply druggies and keep taking drugs and think it will never catch them. It's another when it is an accident...which I don't believe this was or when someone has killed themselves, which I sort of believe he did. I believe it is a sad commentary on us as human beings when we see satire in human suffering. It's only my opinion, but I think there is a place where satire doesn't belong. Don't satirize those who are starving but rather those who have caused the starvation. No one knows what the truth is...so to say that this is truth is far from it. Just my opinion killer.
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