Halloween Movies
Contest Directions: As Halloween is getting closer, movie theaters are offering some horror this weekend. "Saw 3D" and "Monsters" are expected to do very well despite the modest ratings from movie critics.
Let's show what famous movies would look like if they were made for Halloween. Take any movie and give it a Halloween theme.
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  • Halloween Harry Potter

    Halloween Harry Potter
  • 40 Year Old Pumpkin Head

    40 Year Old Pumpkin Head
  • Alice in Halloween Land

    Alice in Halloween Land
  • Halloween Die Hard

    Halloween Die Hard
  • Jim Carrey in Halloween Man

    Jim Carrey in Halloween Man
  • Barack Obama as Frankenstein

    Barack Obama as Frankenstein
  • The Return of Snow White Halloween Edition

    The Return of Snow White Halloween Edition
  • Halloween Eclipse

    Halloween Eclipse
  • Friday the 17th

    Friday the 17th
  • The Pumpkin Ruins

    The Pumpkin Ruins
  • Mr. Bean`s Halloween

    Mr. Bean`s Halloween
  • Barack Obama the Walking Dead

    Barack Obama the Walking Dead
  • Mr. Beans Halloween Movie

    Mr. Beans Halloween Movie
  • Happy Feet Halloween

    Happy Feet Halloween
  • Old Halloween Movie

    Old Halloween Movie
  • Pumpkin Robin Hood

    Pumpkin Robin Hood
  • Napoleon as a Halloween Pumpkin

    Napoleon as a Halloween Pumpkin
  • American Pie Halloween

    American Pie Halloween
  • The Clockwork Pumpkin

    The Clockwork Pumpkin
  • Halloween Star Trek

    Halloween Star Trek
  • Bad Boy Devils

    Bad Boy Devils
  • Vampire Movie

    Vampire Movie
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This contest is fueled by the following news: In the 19th century, immigrants from Ireland "brought" Halloween to America, where it subsequently formed what we now call "Halloween". Although the Irish have preserved elements of Celtic and Druid beliefs, in U.S., the customs of different people of Europe got mixed with native American beliefs and the American version of the festival was formed. During the first Halloween, presentations, fortune-telling and dances were organized, people celebrated the harvest and told horror stories about dead people and ghosts. At the end of the 19th century, attempts were made to make Halloween a public holiday and many distinctive superstitions of Halloween faded into history. The holiday began with processions, city competitions and concerts though rampant youth, with its acts of vandalism, could not immediately get on well with Halloween. By the1950's hooliganism was finished and the holiday was given to children. Since then, entertainers go from house to house. And the most beloved autumn festival of Americans has become extremely popular. However, the relationship between ancient paganism and the modern traditions of Halloween and costumes can be easily traced. Even today, Halloween is not just a night when children, dressed in various costumes, collect candies. Ancient myths are still present in pop-culture, in symbolism and modern traditions. On the night of Halloween, people visit the neighboring houses, which symbolizes the dead people in search of food. Masks of demons and goblins represent evil spirits. Those, who distributes sweets, are people, who try to appease the evil spirits. An essential symbol of Halloween is a pumpkin. The inner matter of the pumpkin is removed and a face is made out of the pumpkin and a candle is placed inside. The pumpkin symbolizes both the end of harvest, evil spirit and fire, and frightening the evil spirit. So, old beliefs are concentrated in one item. In fact, the origin of the traditional Halloween pumpkin with a candle inside is rather debatable. Although, it can be associated with the Roman festival of harvest, wandering lights and pumpkins with candles inside, according to one legend, are wandering souls, which are stuck between heaven and hell. Others believe that the druids placed such pumpkins to scare evil spirits from a house. According to the old calendar of the Druids, New Year in England falls on November 1 and the day before, on October 31, it is necessary to drive away all the evil spirits, which came out into the open on this night. A special flashlight is prepared to drive away the evil spirits. Usually, it is made from a pumpkin, but can be prepared even from a turnip or from a large melon. One more legend is available, according to which, the true source of the origin of this tradition is a drunkard, named Jack, who made a deal with the devil.

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  • Ended: 10/31/2010 17:15
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