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  • Started: 8/14/2009 13:00
  • Ended: 8/17/2009 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 23
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Contest Directions: Legendary musician and inventor Les Paul died this Thursday at the age of 94. Les was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar, which "made the sound of rock and roll possible." Les Paul will be missed and his legacy will stay in the history of rock and roll, and in the hearts of millions of fans and musicians.
To honor Les Paul, design your own guitar any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning existing guitars, designing guitars from unusual materials or items (e.g. from household items). Acoustic and electric guitars are all acceptable in this contest.

Contest Info

    • Started: 8/14/2009 13:00
    • Ended: 8/17/2009 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 23
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
23 pictures
  • Assault Guitar Rifle

    Assault Guitar Rifle
        • Patent this design!
          You could make a fortune!
        • I knew a guy when I was a kid that had a guitar similar to this, so it was sort of inspired by that. His name was Falcon, not sure if he had a patent on that guitar but he did make a few guitars for Peavey. He has a store downtown and I met him several times. He had tons of personal guitars.
        • nice to see a les paul here. i think it's the only gibson. Les would have laughed! NICE WORK!
        • Les paul was associated with Gibson for a time ...who knows how many guitars they produced? This chop looks fine-tuned!
        • I like the Anarchy sticker on the Scope. Hilarious!
        • Yeah, it has been done before but maybe not quite as well as this!
          Super job!!!
        • Excellent work JL, congrats! Got to get me one of those.
        • Una buena ejecucion. Felicidades por el oro.
        • Nice, glad this best in contest got the Gold it deserved!
        • Congratulations, Jerry! A very neat work and a well-deserved gold trophy!
        • (In Tune with the Springer Show): Jerry Jerry Jerry! Congrats on the gold!
          This was a definite "hit"!
        • wow jerry that was Fantstic one you can check my first comment , really deserved gold and keep up great work like that man Kratos
        • This one is awesome... the first one... and was pretty much impossible to come up with a better idea.
        • Congrats Jerry, excellent entry and very well deserved victory...
        • You did such a great job! I want to play "Another One Bites the Dust" on it. ha ha! Congratulations!
  • Guitar Made From Water

    Guitar Made From Water
        • Pretty awesome Hidden (who is not that hidden).
        • Great work as usual, hidden but very recognizable author! You WIP gif is interesting too.
        • I like it but I think it looks better in the WIP before you added the illustrative clean effect.

          The water looks better when it looks "real" like your other awesome chops.
        • Thanx for Great comments thank you jest Edit finish
        • Eye hate to 'nitpick', but the kitty-cat looks (somehow?) out of place, and (in my humble opinion) takes away from the overall theme of this otherwise great chop...
        • Los colores son hermosos, resaltan la entrada, pero me hubiese gustado que la guitarra de agua no llevara colores. Pero en conjunto el trabajo es bueno.
        • Kanakahaole has a point here (about the cat). Its presence is a bit odd, but aesthetically, it's very nice and the cat is a good way to fill this part of the chop which would have been a bit too empty without it.
        • Your outrageous style is becoming a mainstay of these contests. Nice work.
        • Congrats Kratos, sorry I missed the vote, I was out mowing my stupid lawn again. It doesn't look like you had any trouble bringing home another trophy, nice work!
        • Felicidades por la plata. Colorida entrada.
        • Kratos, Yet another great win, you rock .CONGRATS
        • Congrats on silver, great chop as always!
        • Kratos, really nice work and a really cool wip. Congrads
        • Great work, kratos, although I agree with Jest3r.
        • THanx Every body glad all you like this water effect hope every one try this style it's some funny lol , thanx for great comments
        • great work Kratos
          Congrats on the silver...
          Love the WIP
  • Stone Guitar in Cemetary

    Stone Guitar in Cemetary
        • Very cool chop and visually stunning.

          But would be cooler if you used an actual Les-Paul guitar instead of a Yamaha? acoustic. Sorry I'm a guitarist

        • Yah i had started it before i decided to put the Guitar Pick Tomb Stone and was kinda stuck with the acoustic or to start over again so i decided to just go with it. lol
        • Magnifico trabajo. Felicidades por el bronce.
        • Nice work! I wouldn't want to have to have this hanging on my neck for a 3 hour gig Congrats on the trophy
        • Sweet! Very well done. I liked this a lot.
        • One of the best works in the contest for sure.
        • that great one jmana congrat on the bronze , keep highing man
        • moody feeling and cool. I like . congrats
  • Beatles Guitar

    Beatles Guitar
        • Este trabajo realmente me fascina. Excelente.
        • and you wouldn't even need a strap, just let the legs cling to your Metallica t-shirt lol nice
        • I am tempted to build one of these just for giggles...way cool!
        • Esta entrada era mi favorita, pero le felicito por el maravilloso trabajo realizado y el cuarto lugar obtenido.
        • Congrats on the wood Johnx1, this guitar would be creepy to play. You could use it as a back scratcher or can opener between songs
        • Congratulations, John! In my humble opinion, this was one of the most hilarious chops in this contest (and a nicely done one too!).
        • Well, it must have been a wood beetle because it went straight to wood! LOL Congrads and fantastic job
        • thanks again everyone. I am very happy (AGAIN)
        • lol , great work johnx congrats on the woody , keep going my friend
  • Flower Guitar

    Flower Guitar
        • Definately agree with everyone, very nice.
        • Me like ... I was working on a Hibiscus flower but HIDDEN beat me to the punch...good one!
        • This is excellent - great concept and execution. I just wish the image was larger
  • Vincent van Gogh Guitar

    Vincent van Gogh Guitar
  • Greek Guitar God

    Greek Guitar God
        • Oh, by the way, good pun ('hard rock') here, hidden author!
        • Love the stone texture work here! It's harder than to do wood! The cracks add nice touch to it.
        • that was Great work jest peoples must see what did you do here to vote you high , alot of work here, keep going my friend
  • Fish Bass Guitar

    Fish Bass Guitar
        • Thank you, gals and guys for your comments!

          jest3r: John Entwistle was a great bass guitar player, but unless I've missed something, his name is not related with oceans, rivers, waters, fishes, or marine animals. You can see now why I mentioned certain artists and not others as references for my bass (it's also the name of the fish used in my chop) guitar?
        • LOL hidden's (not necc.4me) explanation ... creativity a plus!
        • Great pun and technique. Paul strikes again!
  • Man Playing Woman's Heart Strings

    Man Playing Woman's Heart Strings
        • An URL is still visible on the left of your picture, and there's maybe too much ... for this site (I'm not shocked, but one of my own work with even lesser ... caused a bit of controversy in the recent past and I then decided to voluntarily edit it).
        • I find this perfectly acceptable & there is no ... at all. Nice piece of work.

          The URL belongs to the author though I agree unnecessary for contests.
        • Well, that's fine then... Cool chop, by the way!
        • The site is a very cool digital editing site, could you please post some sourse pics so we can see how much you have chopped
          Love this by the way
        • have to agree, this is a lovely image but the url killed it
        • Though I don't like to do it, leaving the URL or source artist's name in a chop is sometimes essential if not radically altered and even then sometimes the original artists flip a biotch.
          So far Kellie is pretty much right. I don't know many times where not acrediting authorship or source turned into a mega flap but don't want to test those waters either. LOL
          Very attractive work in this chop!
        • great work michaelo glad you are here in Freaking news . keep up the great chopss
  • Tree Guitar in Field

    Tree  Guitar in Field
        • Looks better in small than full Some of your sources seem low-rez'ish so you might benefit in scoring by making the full version smaller.

          Otherwise great idea and good chop.
        • ME like, very inventive and creative!
        • I wish there were more trophies in this contest to honor this work. Excellent!
        • oh my friend , that was fantastic work
          حافظ على تقدمك حبيب
  • Woman with a Bass Guitar

    Woman with a Bass Guitar
  • ipod Digital Guitar

    ipod Digital Guitar
  • 24-String Classical Guitar

    24-String Classical Guitar
        • I saw the original picture used earlier in this contest... By the way, you forgot the shadow of the right arm and hand.
        • I found the background image and the guitar image, among many others, right after this contest started. It took me a while to come up with a suitable idea and I submitted this one before even seeing the other entry with the same background. Even if I had seen the other one I still would have submitted mine as it was an original creation on my part. Also, I have never even heard of Jimmy Page.
        • Jimmy Page is one of the all-time greatest rock guitarists and co-founded the English rock band Led Zeppelin.

          I didn't say in my previous post that you should not have submitted your entry... just that its main source was used earlier in the contest.

          By the way, you added the missing shadows since. Your chop is better now.
        • never heard of Jimmy Page? You aren't that NJ cop that thought that Bob Dylan was a bum and detained him are you? lol

        • Sure would help when that high G string breaks LOL
          Very cool chop
  • Hairy Dog Guitar

    Hairy Dog Guitar
        • "RE-INVENTING a guitar" was the theme of this contest, was it not? I was just wondering if painting on (or behind) one qualifies? Comment, anyone?
        • To honor Les Paul, design your own guitar any way you wish. Some examples are: redesigning existing guitars, designing guitars from unusual materials or items (e.g. from household items). Acoustic and electric guitars are all acceptable in this contest.
        • rolling on the floor with laughter!
          I hope no puppies were hurt in making of this chop!

          Painting on guitar qualifies as long as the guitar is changed already.
        • lol kanaknakan that was fantastic one I surprise about it i thought it's will beat me lol
        • Still, in my opinion some were rated better than others should have been ... but that's just mine own humble opinion...and by the way, Camthalio-- no need to repeat contest rules -- just because I have a horse ranch to run (by myself!)and don't really have that much time to spend online doesn't mean I don't read and follow the contest "DIRECTIONS" ... lol
  • Ipod Guitar App

    Ipod Guitar App
  • George Bush Playing Guitar

    George Bush Playing Guitar
        • Is that nekkid chicken 'safe for work'? (LOL Funny!)
        • lol hohouse that was so funny and clean work keep up great works
  • Motorized Clock Guitar

    Motorized Clock Guitar
        • I would hate to have to tune that thing LOL.
        • Lol! That's very funny! I especially like how you made the amplifier!
        • very creative if a little 'edgy'... still a good invention!
        • Sweet. Adding some shadows would make it even better
  • Nano Guitar

    Nano Guitar
  • Famous Guitar Players

    Famous Guitar Players
        • The sad and blunt truth about Rock and Roll!
        • Yes, this is true, NM; and because of this many great artists met their maker before their time...
  • Napleon Guitar

    Napleon Guitar
        • It's a pity that Napoleon's face is partly truncated in your design. Maybe should you have made it differently... or used (the beheaded) Louis XVI instead!
  • Fraggle Rock Guitar

    Fraggle Rock Guitar
        • lol and what you finaly beat jhonx soon you will beat us keep great chopping
        • Thanks,it will be a long time before i beat you kratos. you are a chopgod.
        • I am not like that !! but you can beat me by easy way just try to fix your masking and the color then you will beat me try to spend alot of time on your designs
        • You are too humble Kratos.You are very good.Thanks for all your advice . =)
  • Computer Guitar with Blue Screen

    Computer Guitar with Blue Screen
        • Blue screen of death, the nested double error, and the Office paperclip assistant. Buy a Mac.
  • Flowing Guitar Painting

    Flowing Guitar Painting
        • Artistic and clever concept, but (in my humble opinion), the guitar may need more contrasts...
        • Looks alot like a...a....a...male appendage.
        • carl3; where's your mind at?? LOL most gutars really do if you're in (that) mindset ...'Sides, didn't you see (the artist formerly known as) Prince at the SuperBowl Halftime show a few years ago? Censors didn't say anything (that I know of)then...
        • I don;t know where it is...if you find it email me,please....I may need it in the future.
        • I like the concept. The blurriness of the chop takes away from it though
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