Global Warming
Contest Directions: Scientists from around the world gathered Monday in Paris at global warming summit to discuss the rising global temperatures and rising sea levels. Global warming Summit. The summit is on... the brains are crunching... The Pope himself attended the summit and said if temperatures get any higher the good people will go to heaven and the bad people will go to Florida.
In this contest we ask you to break out your best and show us what effects global warming will have on the world. An example would be hula girls in Alaska or snow capped Hawaiian islands or effects of a hundred year storm.
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  • Beach

  • Manhattan

  • Penguins

  • Polar Bear

    Polar Bear
  • Steinle The Lorelei

    Steinle The  Lorelei
  • Storm

  • Desert

  • Christmas in Chicago

    Christmas in Chicago
  • Penguin

  • Solar protector

    Solar protector
  • Water Skiing

    Water Skiing
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Emission of greenhouse gases causes global warming: Coal electrical stations, automobile exhausts, industrial pipes and other contaminating sources, created by man, cumulatively emit approximately 22 billion tones of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into atmosphere every year. Animal husbandry, usage of fertilizers, burning of coal and other sources generate approximately 250 million tones of methane per year. Over 50% of all greenhouse gases, generated by mankind, remain in atmosphere. From pre-industrial period in the middle of 18th century, concentrations of carbon dioxide and methane increased by 34% (up to 0.039% as per volume) and 160% respectively. These values are very high for the last 420 000 years - period, for which reliable data, obtained from Earth's glaciers, is available. For the last 20 years, over of entire anthropologic emissions of greenhouse gases are due to the usage of oil, natural gas and coal. Most of the rest is due to land-use change, in particular deforestation. The following facts argue in favor of specified theory: Global warming, observed during winters would be more significant than in summers and significant in nights than during day time, in high latitudes than in middle and low latitudes; quick heating of troposphere layers take place against the background of not so quick cooling of stratosphere layers. Other theories: Solar variation Hypotheses have been proposed that variations in solar output may have contributed to recent global warming. In third assessment of IPCC, it is claimed that the solar and volcanic activities could explain halve of temperature variations till 1950 but after this, their cumulative effect is approximately zero. In particular, influence of greenhouse effect from 1750, according to the assessment of IPCC, is 8 times more than the influence of variation in solar activity. More recent works confirmed the effects of solar variation on global warming post 1950. Nevertheless, conclusions were almost identical: "Best assessment for the contribution of solar activity towards global warming fall within the limits, ranging from 16% to 36% contribution of greenhouse effect" ("Do Models Underestimate the Solar Contribution to Recent Climate Change?" Petter A, Scott, Gereth & John R. Gyakum, "Journal of Climate", December 15, 2003). Series of works, which propose existence of mechanisms, amplifying the effect of solar activity do exist. These works are not considered in modern models or that the importance of solar activity in comparison with other factors is underestimated. Such assertions are disputed, but are active concepts for study. Conclusions, which would be outcome of this discussion, can play key role in determining the degree of accountability of mankind for the climate variation and also of the natural factors. Other theories: Several other hypotheses exist: The observed global warming is within the limits of natural variability of climate and separate debate is not required. Global warming appeared as a result of exit from cold Little Ice Age. Global warming is observed for insignificant period and hence, it is very difficult to confidently say that the global warming is taking place at all or not. It is important to note that the climate on Earth changes periodically based on the recurring processes, occurring in the system of Earth Sun outer space. According to recent classification, four cycle groups are conventionally allocated. Extra-duration of over 150-300 million years are related to most significant changes in ecological conditions on Earth. They are related to rhythms of tectonics and volcanism. Lengthy cycles are also related to rhythms of volcanic activities and stretching over tens of million years. Short - hundreds and thousands of years - stipulated by variations in parameters of Earth's orbit. Last category is conventionally called "Ultras-short. They are related to rhythms of Sun. Cycle 2400 years, 200, 90, 11 years are present amongst them. Without exception, particularly the specified rhythms are determining factors in global warming, observed on the planet. Still, man is not in a position to neither modify nor influence upon these processes. Currently, not even one of these alternative theories has significant number of supporters amongst the scientists - climatologists.

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