Giant Squid
Contest Directions: The live giant squid was caught on camera for the first time and its pictures are the most searched thing on the internet now. The giant squid lost one of his tentacles when it was fighting with spears. What a coincidence. K-Fed almost lost his testicles when he was fighting with Spears.
In this contest you are asked to photoshop giant squid in any way you like. Provide evidence of giant squid existence in the current days and in the past. Paintings, magazine covers, news paper articles or giant squid photos are good examples of entries.
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    Giant Squid
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    Colossal Squid
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    Giant Squids
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Thursday, New Zealand Fisheries caught the giant squid that weights almost a ton and is believed to be the largest squid ever found. It took over two hours to lift the squid on board, and it's so big that the calmari rings from it could be the size of tractor tires. The giant squid was caught in Antarctic sea, weighs over 900 pounds and measures about 40 feel long. These are so far the rough estimates by the fisheries who caught the giant. Precise measurements will be taken later by the scientists after the giant specimen is transported for studies. Colossal squid is one of the deepest secrets of the ocean. While they are believed to grow up to a massive size of 50 feet, scientists rarely have a chance to observe them or take their photos, because the giant squids are rare and inhabit deep sea levels. Scientists say that the catch of "Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni" - scientific name of the caught giant squid specimen - is an important spet in studies of the species draws high interest from scientific and general public. Colossal squid lives active life style catching their prey fish and can also be found at very deep underwater levels. The squid will be frozen and sent to the national museum of New Zealand where it will be used for scientific research. One thing is for sure - marine scientists will literally have a lot to study in the coming months to better understand the underwater animal life through the giant squid by hands on research experience.

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