Contest Directions: As we are approaching Halloween, we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this gargoyle image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - dressing up this gargoyle, showing how it would live an ordinary life, designing a poster with this gargoyle endorsing some product or service, putting the gargoyle into some new environment, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to Claudia Meyer and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.
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  • Futuristic gargoyle

    Futuristic gargoyle
  • Chocolate Gargoyle.

    Chocolate Gargoyle.
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  • Sphinx avenue

    Sphinx avenue
  • Tinkergargoile

  • Stained Glass Gargoyle

    Stained Glass Gargoyle
  • Paris in the winter

    Paris in the winter
  • It's alive!!

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This contest is fueled by the following news: The gargoyle (French: gargouille) is a chimera (dragon-shaped snake), according to legend, which lived in the river Seine, France. It threw-out water with a huge force thereby overturning fishing boats and flooding the houses. St. Romain, archbishop of Rouen, captured it and pacified it by means of the cross and then took it to the city where it was killed by the citizens. Subsequently, experts made sculptures of Gargoyle on waterspouts, which were constructed to drain rain water from the walls of buildings. Sculptures in the form of a Gargoyle (or chimeras) decorate temples, constructed in the Gothic architectural style. Gargoyles are creatures from medieval European mythology. Gargoyles are insidious predators and very much like to torment weaker creatures. So that they cannot be noticed, gargoyles turn into statues. Gargoyles are awful and ugly, they have the typical demonic appearance and their skin is like stone. By appearance, they are unpleasant creations. Originally – the dragon-like snake lived in the river Seine, France. It threw-out water with huge force, overturning fishing boats and flooding houses. St. Romain, archbishop of Rouen, lured it, pacified by with the help of cross and took it to city, where it was killed by the local town-people. These monsters performed the roles of safeguarding the sculptures. They were installed on gutters of rain water drains. And during rain, the gargoyles looked even scarier and water gushed from their mouth as a fountain. It was considered that temples are to be protected from mythical ungodliness. Gargoyles were like sentry dogs. In the human understanding, gargoyles were always associated with architectural elements. However, they made their way into the arts from the ancient legends of how gargoyles stole children. And, gargoyle sculptures are made from stone, on the assumptions of the popular nature of the Gargoyle. These are stone-made demons, which blend with rocks. If somebody comes closer to the sculpture, without noticing, suddenly a portion of stone may become alive and in next moment, the strong stony claws may tear you. Gargoyle creations are slow enough but they can fly even though they are made of stone. When gargoyles are in asleep, regeneration of their health occurs much faster in them. And, if the gargoyles are seriously injured, gargoyles fly far away and turn to stone, restoring life. Therefore, do not allow it to do so and instead, run after them and kill them and don’t fall into an ambush. Gargoyles, as a type of monsters are demons. At first, it is necessary to know what the gargoyle is made of so as to protect oneself. The Gargoyle is a magic creature, living everywhere. They prefer loneliness and ignore people. The peculiarity of a gargoyle is that, it remains still, turning into stone, during the daytime but during night, it becomes alive. In the due course of time, this kind undergoes changes, but protection from it remains unchanged and effective. So, protection from a gargoyle is in four main stages: Stage I: As already mentioned above gargoyles prefer to live alone. Particularly for this reason, they avoid appearing in cities. Remaining near civilization, you considerably reduce the danger of encountering a gargoyle face to face. One more piece of advice – do not tease it. Pets, living with you, can attract the hungry gargoyle. Big animals, for example, horses, can attract a pair of gargoyles or even a more courageous gargoyle. It is important to remember, that they are attracted to the yellow color and can pay attention towards the one who is wearing yellow colored clothes. Instinct induces the animal to attack. So by observing all the safety rules it is possible to avoid an encounter with the dangerous gargoyle. Stage II: If you have already encountered a gargoyle and it has noticed you then it is necessary to act immediately. The most effective thing in this case is to make immobilize the gargoyle. This is possible if the word “Apolloite” is uttered. The uttering of the word “Apolloite”, in other words, Apollo's plot, will generate a bright flash of sunlight. This false sunlight makes the gargoyle turn into stone and allows you to leave the place unhurt even after a fight with the dangerous animal. However it is important to remember that the effect of the conspiracy lasts for only one to three hours. Stage III: In case Apollo's conspiracy does not work, then alternative spells exist. One of them is the pronouncing of the word “Spritsiana”. As a result, a strong stream of water is directed in his direction, indicated by a stick. However, this can only anger the gargoyle and infuriate it even more. The last stage is the uttering of damnation, which ends the life of gargoyle. But this, of course, is known only to experts.

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