GM Fish
Contest Directions: The FDA is approving the mass production, sale and consumption of genetically modified fish, and won't require any special labeling on it. The approval means that many consumers will buy and eat GM fish mistakenly thinking they bought the "natural fish". GM salmon, the first GM fish of its kind - already called frankenfish by its critics - is genetically engineered by AquaBounty Technologies, grows twice as fast as normal salmon, and looks and tastes almost identical to normal salmon. The FDA said it could not find any scientific reasons to ban the production and consumption of genetically modified fish. "GM fish should not pose any health or environmental risks, and consumers probably won't be able to tell the difference. We are sure the [GM] fish is safe", the FDA spokesman said.
Show what genetically modified fish species may look like.
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  • fisHen

  • Manfish

  • Frankenstein Striped Bass

    Frankenstein Striped Bass
  • Space Age Fish

    Space Age Fish
  • Monster Fish

    Monster Fish
  • Something Fishy About This One.

    Something Fishy About This One.
  • Puffersnail

  • Multi-eyed puffer fish

    Multi-eyed puffer fish
  • Frankenweeiniefish

  • Pit Bull Shark

    Pit Bull Shark
  • Gene Wilder's Frankenfish

    Gene Wilder
  • Tastes Just like ,,, well you know

    Tastes Just like ,,, well you know
  • Shab

  • Long butterfly fish

    Long butterfly fish
  • Piranha-Rex

  • Elephant fish

    Elephant fish
  • Very Big Project

    Very Big Project
  • Siamese fighting shark

    Siamese fighting shark
  • Lizard hybrid

    Lizard hybrid
  • Genetically Modified Goldfish

    Genetically Modified Goldfish
  • Frankenfish Attack

    Frankenfish Attack
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