Contest Info

  • Started: 9/17/2018 08:00
  • Ended: 9/21/2018 08:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 19
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Contest Directions: In the past players have Photoshopped other players, many with hilarious results and all in the spirit of good sportsmanship and fun. But who better to photoshop you, than you.
For this contest, take a image of yourself and Photoshop it in anyway you wish. Some examples are a caricature of yourself, or you as a super-hero, pro-athlete, zombie, your favorite animal... PLEASE NOTE: LIMIT 3 ENTRIES PER PLAYER, and don't use your name in title. Many thanks to Hitspinner for the themepost

Contest Info

    • Started: 9/17/2018 08:00
    • Ended: 9/21/2018 08:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 19
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
19 pictures
  • Self Mutilation

    Self Mutilation
        • Now that's the astute face of infinite wisdom, with a huge heart, and friend to all
        • Crusty looking old geezer if you ask me hahahahaha . Thanks Reg
        • Beautiful work as always, Congrats Hits, Love it!
        • The distinguished looking gentleman takes the Gold! Congrats Hitspinner!
        • Congrats Hits the ole sage 😎👍🏼
        • Congratulations Hitspinner, a deserved 1st place
        • Congrats on the gold Hits!

          [Edited by User on 9/22/2018 1:56:24 AM]
        • Congrats on the Win, Hits!
          I see your favorite mystical background comes through again. lol... it has worked in my favor a couple times too.
        • Yeah, it is a good source but I rarely use it alone. I prefer combination layers of similar subject and quality. This background is three layers deep and darker than normal as you can tell. That was necessary because though it is a pretty decent crop, it was pulled from a forested background and had some leafy artifacts that needed some erasing and blending. Hhowever I did not have time to dodge and erase them all out so I had to deepen the Background a smidgeon. All in all it worked and apparently has the "nod" from the other choppers. I didn't think it would win but figured it would be a contender. It doesn't matter how many times you grab a cup, it is still a hoot. And a gold one, that is the best pat on the back we give So, hoooo rah! laughing my arse off!
  • In the Army Now

    In the Army Now
        • Denling, you did a Fantastic job on this, Congrats on the win.
        • Handsome and talented and royalty!!!! Too cool. Congrats on the cup! Love the style
        • Congrats on the Silver, Denlig! Great to put a face to the name, and works so well with the painting!
  • Breakout

        • Thanks Hits and Reggie 😎👍🏼
        • Congrats on the bronze. I figured this for 1st
        • This was brilliant with tons of creativity and imagination! Congrats on the Bronze, PS!
  • Idiot With The Pearl Earring

    Idiot With The Pearl Earring
        • Ha This is great! Matches painting perfectly!
        • Skilled and clever way to put the face on FatherShark! Woody congrats!
  • Guess who

    Guess who
        • Very nice picture, can't wait to see who this is, good job but, why are there white lines on the face area?

          [Edited by User on 9/19/2018 9:40:45 AM]
        • Are you sure this title shouldn't be "Guess Hugh?" Obviously you are Hugh Jackman.
        • White lines are lens flare from the gleam on the tooth
        • Wow, Beautifully done! Love the crazy moon clue
        • You resemble Neil Diamond I think. Fun looking plastic wrap filter!
        • Thanks for letting us put a face to the name It really is a stunning chop! Good looking and talented too.
        • It's awesome to see the face of crazy moon Love the jacket and have to agree with Ollie, that you are a dead ringer for Hugh Jackman! Top Job, LunaC!
  • Darn I'm Short

    Darn I'm Short
        • Might be short, but Yuuuge feet! Great work Hidden!
        • Somehow those feet just don't go with that lovely, sweet face! Delighted to meet the person behind all those awesome Hobbit chops!
        • ReggieRey, you're too sweet.

          [Edited by User on 9/23/2018 9:49:27 AM]
  • America Gothic 2

    America Gothic 2
        • Now there's a lucky man and it shows in his smile! Congrats to the fine good-looking couple!
        • ReggieRey, thank you so much and to be honest, I'm the Lucky One, plus he is my Best Friend, makes a big difference.
  • Alien

        • HA, Out the box Hidden! Cross between Alien and Avatar!
        • Love your splendid cartoon style selfie, Manosart!! Awesome job!!
  • Got to love old age, one day at a time

    Got to love old age, one day at a time
        • No wonder you're a chopping machine, there's four of you! Outstanding selfie chop H.H.!
  • Baby Elephant Walk

    Baby Elephant Walk
        • Cool song n pics! Super clean selfie, great shadows!
        • It's great to see the face behind all those fascinating, unique chops, like this one! Always sharp and quick-witted, love your style GumMaster!
        • Thanks Reggie I just try to includa a Bazinga with the chops.
        • Yeah you do, and your chops show a great sense of humor
  • Lock her up

    Lock her up
  • Ka Blah

    Ka Blah
        • Darn good one, he has the Golden Touch!!
        • Looks familar, a wise wizard of the chop! Awesome Selfie "Hidden"!
        • The art of the Mirror. Well played 😎👍🏼
        • This should have placed way higher, and I suspect not all viewed it Unresized, that was needed to really appreciate, and probably the reason for a couple of low balls. Outstanding work as always, HitMaster!
  • Santa George Soros is dead

    Santa George Soros is dead
        • LoL that's a nasty knife wound but that's a nasty Santa as well Hilarious!
  • Left Wing Destroyer

    Left Wing Destroyer
  • Me with hair!

    Me with hair!
        • Agree with Hobbit, reminds of David Letterman with beard!
        • A super selfie, CraftLord! It's great to see you back chopping with your excellent photoshopping skills!
  • With A Little Help From My Friends

    With A Little Help From My Friends
        • ya got into Janice's stash, Didn't you? lol...
        • Yes, But I will never smoke with Willy again.
        • You look great along side Janice and Ringo, Gumster!
  • Lend me your Ear

    Lend me your Ear
        • Nice twist on the title and resemblance to Van Gogh!
        • Good job. I could do with a brother Theo for funding 😎
  • Jaws

  • justice is served

    justice is served
        • So it was you at the party 36 years ago.
        • instead if Brett Kavanaugh.sorry, I hate it when I have to explain my humor.
        • i didn't understand the humor.. but ok...
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