Freak Show

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  • Started: 10/21/2012 06:00
  • Ended: 10/24/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 21
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Freak Show
Contest Directions: It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started!
In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply).
This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions".

Contest Info

    • Started: 10/21/2012 06:00
    • Ended: 10/24/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 21
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
21 pictures
  • Dictator on Planet of the Apes

    Dictator on Planet of the Apes
        • Impressive work, but way too dark perhaps?
        • Of crap, i'm photoshopping on a very big screen now, Like more than a yard, and when i look at the large view on this screen it looks really great, but on the smaller view it looks too dark. I guess when you look at it on an avarage size screen it becomes too small and it loses itselve in the darkness. I really expected good reviews on this one...... Oh well, you all should buy a big tv and look at it on that!

          [Edited by User on 10/22/2012 7:50:05 AM]
        • Took ur pic and just brightened it. click here hope this helps.
        • Thanks HoHouse, for trying, but the trouble is that when you lighten the picture now it doesn't bring the details back that were in the shadows. It just makes all the dark spots lighter , creating big spots with no information ,thereby ruining the picture. I think it will have to be as is. And on a big screen it still looks really great.
        • Hidden: try laying a (White over Black) Gradient Map copy, set to overlay on top of your picture. I tried this with your picture and it looked amazing. To get white over black map tick the reverse box in the gradient map dialog box. Use 2 maps and adjust the opacity if one map doesn't brighten enough. I thought 1 map did just fine though.
          Great work.

          [Edited by User on 10/22/2012 6:50:00 PM]
        • Great work! I tried curves, not sure if Its improved. Really Good !!!
        • Hey, thanks guys! Splatshot, i work with paint shop pro, and i can't find the reverse box or the gradient map dialog box. I tried crusaders tip(thanks for that!) and did something with curves. Does yours look better?

          [Edited by User on 10/22/2012 7:24:59 PM]
        • I didn't save my copy, so I don't have anything to compare it to. And yes, this does look better.
          Nice Chopping!
          Good Luck!
        • Dark or light, your chop is FANTASTIC! Love it!!!!!
        • Excellent concept and very well executed nice ring and very nice hair style
        • A dictator of Apes!!! great chop done using all the sources.

          I can see the ray of light behind the trees.. really impressive job done and the Dark beauty concept is really amazing Love it to see and job done well
        • Me thinks the edit looks amazing!

          I do have a large 27' screen though
        • Cleaver work with fine detail, impressive and amazing Good luck
        • Thanks for the help and the compliments guys!
        • Personally I think it's fine the way it is, great job.
        • Great stuff jeremix! Congrats on the gold!
        • Jere Jere Jere!
          Congrats on the gold!
        • Gold Congrats jeremix, great work! My only critique would be with the composition, specifically the section to the left of the central figure I find it to be somewhat cluttered and distracting, and the ape holding the weapon has such a short arm, especially for an ape? Also, the stark contrast in resolution quality between the central figure and the microphones was the 1st thing I noticed.
          I appreciated your honest critique of my chop, and I'm returning the gesture overall, it is a splendid piece of work, as is to be expected!
        • neh, it's a crappy chop and it shouldn't have won. But my next one will be better hopefully.
  • Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler

    Freaky Steampunk Sideshow Juggler
        • Great job! I love the funky perspective you used.
        • Very creative,freaky and fabulous.Nice work
        • Is that Newsmaster in the paper? What he do this time?

          I'd delete the aura around the eyes and use motionblur instead. Great work though!
        • Thanks pcrdds, Thanks andwhat, and jeremix Thank you, there is actually both radial blur and motion blur on both the eyeballs and the aura I just now added a little more to the eyeballs, however, I've made several edits after merging the aura, so it's a keeper
        • For some reason this chop really caught my eye.
          Nice Work..! Good Luck Hidden..!
        • Freaking idea Eye in the hand, nice thinking Great job done
        • The King of stocks turned all them into a wonderful chop.... great composition of the stocks and majestic job done on this image really wonderful to see the Eyeballs hovering around with a freaky mouth open wide and staring us Full Marks to this
        • Thank you SplatShot, Thank you balodiya, and many Thanks to you rajeshstar you are the King of Comments!
        • Yeh its so freaky and brilliant work. Great detail in each pixel and fantastic concept funny teeth and crazy ambiance at Headquarter
        • Grats on winning silver, G! Still not sure about the eyes, but a great chop nontheless. Especially the dog!
        • Luv the perspective Qt! Grats on the silver!
        • TONS of work and skills in this freak chop!
          Congrats on the silver, Bill!

          LOL the newspaper!
        • Thank you kindly everyone much appreciated!
  • Beauty and the Beast Grim Reaper and a Fairy

    Beauty and the Beast Grim Reaper and a Fairy
        • Beauty and the beast very correctly match Superb job done
        • Nice work! The blade should go behind the wheel though.
        • A magic spell hovered around the beauty... and it appears from no where!!! excellent composition done using the source!!! a near reality turned to be a fantasy for many who view this chop... great going
        • beautifully done with extra effects work and turned this simple place into a fairy tale wonder world, cool lighting and smoke wave toward the ppls hand amazing art of chop
        • Grats on winning bronze, F! I thought i recognised that attic from the planking grandma.
        • Congratulations. Never disappointed with your imaginative powers.
        • Amazing stuff - it feels like I can hear spooky wind just looking at this entry!
          Congrats on the bronze, funk!
        • Great stuff, funk always a treat! Congrats on the Bronze!
  • Man Makes a Toy Train From Wood

    Man Makes a Toy Train From Wood
        • i like the dark effect, nice chop hidden
        • Very cool and well done and, at the very least, should win WOOD heh, heh
        • Nice Lighting effects great job done
        • A Great chopper with an Axe in the hand taking rest after the hard work.... Lovely wooden toys made, love the train and the jet in the sky

          Love this chop with full illuminated light from big moon

          an original chop
        • Out of the box, touch wood chop very Good work
        • Congratulations. Nice warm feel to your creation.
        • Awesome wood chop! Grats on the woody!
        • Amazing surreal composition.
          Congrats on the wood, lucido!
        • I knew this would win at least WOOD! Really like this chop, lucido great work, congrats!
  • Barack Obama the Washington Street Warrior

    Barack Obama the Washington Street Warrior
        • Superb! Phenomenon concept and nice body
        • Marvelous!!!! a super combination of stocks and great to see the scars made on the body a real Halloween contest awaiting for 6th
        • Great illustration work, PixJockey, very professional looking a lot of great chops in this one!
  • Mermaid and the Secret Treasure

    Mermaid and the Secret Treasure
        • Excellent underwater work really beautiful imaginary created here and love to view the treasure box great composition of fishes and sparkling effects inside the water
        • Amazing under water freak show with glowing stuff all around I like it
        • Fairy tales come to life!
          Great stuff, DES!
  • Nostalgic Old Woman on a Swing

    Nostalgic Old Woman on a Swing
        • Excellent! Is she flying the copter by remote? The bear is the perfect touch!!!
        • Superb! Excellent whether condition shown liked it.
        • Looks peaceful and lovely ambiance love this peaceful chop
        • Impressive mood work cool effects to this silence
        • Very cool QA congrats on the theme post!
  • Tsunami in Mexico

    Tsunami in Mexico
  • Mitt Romney with Barack Obama's Head

    Mitt Romney with Barack Obama's Head
        • Great placement of syringe and the candle in the room Romney is really expecting good results and with tension he is squeezing he head of Obama
  • Times Square Cube

    Times Square Cube
        • Very well design freaking is rocking everywhere
        • Yesterday been to Times square but there was no Square at all but now i can see a real square here very well done love this chop... FN square is amazing.. hope newsy will enjoy this
        • rajesh, you probably just missed it, I'll have to send you a schedule as to when the square/cube comes out.
        • LOL please schedule it by next weekend I would love to join the show
  • Woman with Botched Plastic Surgery Painting

    Woman with Botched Plastic Surgery Painting
        • LOL, she's the first victim of bad plastic surgery!
  • Michelle Obama with Wrinkles

    Michelle Obama with Wrinkles
        • The first lady is really looks great... and be the first to make this type of makeover

          well done like this makeover
        • Where did u get her Original pics LOL
  • Camouflaged War Horse

    Camouflaged War Horse
  • Chrome Apple

    Chrome Apple
        • A glowing apple powered by Chrome will do marvels in Gadget world good merging
  • Alcatraz Trash Island

    Alcatraz Trash Island
        • Good thinking of the designing the island with garbage creative thought
        • How it would be to think a holiday or Honeymoon in this island great thought... like your idea of garbage land
  • Woman's Eye In a Purple Haze

    Woman's Eye In a Purple Haze
  • Black Fairy on a Leaf

    Black Fairy on a Leaf
        • Very good for your first attempt.My advice to you is to keep chopping and dont ever get discouraged.Every chop you construct will only help you to continue to grow.Have fun doing it and be proud of all your work.Over time you will see yourself improving and reach your true potential.In the meantime,keep up the good work.Good luck
        • You did a great job in your first attempt a great composition of putting a fairy in that tender leaf and wings and blue flower looks amazing keep chopping ... and you will learn a lot in the due course... as commented Well done!!
        • perhaps a small misunderstading.. not my first photoshop on this site at all.
        • Freaked out with this entry totally freaked fantastic expression
  • Robert de Niro as the Pope

    Robert de Niro as the Pope
  • Jerry Jones with Mouth Eyes

    Jerry Jones with Mouth Eyes
  • Puffer Fish with Flower Bowl

    Puffer Fish with Flower Bowl
        • Nice idea, need some work on flower-bowl since some outline is odd.. I like this concept its brilliant
        • ericnorthend

          I am, I have never done a transparent mask in front of a solid mask before. Consider it a work in progress...
  • MacGuyver Doll

    MacGuyver Doll
21 image entries
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