Freak Show

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  • Started: 4/15/2012 05:00
  • Ended: 4/18/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 43
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Freak Show
Contest Directions: It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started!
In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply).
This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions".

Contest Info

    • Started: 4/15/2012 05:00
    • Ended: 4/18/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 43
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
43 pictures
  • Meditating Pirate

    Meditating Pirate
        • Strange? You mean to tell me you never saw a zombie pirate climbing to the top of the mast to find some peace of mind?
          Thanks pcdds!
        • Sure, but never one with a house on top of his head. That's what threw me! lol!

        • It's a practical pirate. He figured no seagal would ever steal his hat again this way.
        • I agree with the man upstairs (D-Man) its Excellent !!!
        • Now there is something you don't see everyday! Looks like a winner!
        • This is really Cool work I love it because its very unique work. I never saw a zombie pirate with the house on his head but did see a pirate with the house on his head in time bandits Excellent Job
        • Its really a strange chop to display, looks so scary and dangerous but birds love him great chop of a small house over his head
        • you captured me so perfectly,even before the morning coffee...awesome chop
        • Fabuloso jeremix ..! Gold Congrats!
          Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum ... and a tab of acid LOL
        • Excellent job jeremix Congrats on this wonderful unique work
        • This guy puts the freak in freaking!
          Jere Jere Jere!
          Congrats on the gold!
  • Angel or Demon

    Angel or Demon
        • yellow orange cats eyes would have given it a more sinister edge.
        • Ahhh, excellent. this is great. Out of the Box
        • No words to express so commenting on this pic Its really a fantabolus job done, excellent background and great to see the cat with the yellow eyes and the way the girl is sitting its really scary great job done
        • Superb! and Awesome job Nice Dark View
        • This is really great. Would love to see your source images. Adding it to my faves. Great stuff.
        • this is my favorite....bravo...well done pixjockey
        • Congratz on the Silver, PixJockey
          Awesome Piece*
        • Congrats of the few beings, if I saw....I'd run like hell.
        • Wow, had no idea this was yours PixJockey ... different style from what I've seen from you lately ... Really great looking chop, Silver Congrats!
        • This is so Awesome Wowzer Wonderful work PixJockey Congrats
        • Truly impressive and a bit scary!
          Cat's glowing eyes give the extra spookiness!
          Congrats on the silver, Pix! Viva Italia!
  • Movie Star Kirk

    Movie Star Kirk
        • The globe is flopped. Now he'll never find his way home!
        • Kirks 83 minuet mission: to explore strange new worlds, and to boldly go where no man has gone before.
          Sweet Chop*
        • Woot Love it Im A Trekkie can ya tell Nice work
        • Superman is the savior of the earth, nice sparkling effects given to the edges of the earth i really like this
        • Congrats on the bronze AZ....Love your work!
        • great pick mark....youve given kirk quite the look
        • Congratz on the Bronze Trophy, Rain Master ~Vulcan Salute \/
        • Bronze Congrats AZRainman! Excellent work, no Bones about it
        • Congrats Mark same here and 100% agree with PixJockey always my #1 too
        • This looks like a real professional poster!
          Congrats on the bronze, AZ!
  • Billy the Zombie Exterminator

    Billy the Zombie Exterminator
        • LOL Thanks "hidden" I'm very tickled to be sure!
        • Thanks,'re welcome Bill, glad you like it my friend!
        • Sweet Chop* The Raven is a nice Xtra touch.
        • Little blood, and the zombies work in progress scene is really good great detailing and well done with the crow
  • Hedley the Shipwreck Tour Digital Art

    Hedley the Shipwreck Tour Digital Art
        • excellent work. Love the floating piano and the clearness overall,
        • Awesome, great composition so clean and very well executed
        • Its a Marvelous entry great caricature and nice detailing its look like all the crystals were falling on him Your really rock
        • Superb! Composition, very nice eyes, so innocent, well done
        • Really nice iboudesign ... It's one beautiful shipwreck!
        • Isabelle! Great to see you back with this cool chop! Missed ya!
  • Judge Joker

    Judge Joker
        • Nice blending job on the flames. Don't think I'd want him as a judge in my trial.
        • Now thats a show I would watch!
          Great chop!
        • Cool Fire*
          ~oops an oxymoron~
          Nicely done*
        • Nice effects of flames on the table great job done
        • Very Nice work done the fire effects is also good
        • The verdict is in ... Great chop! ... no "joke"
  • Nanny MacFries

    Nanny MacFries
        • Did somebody use their own nose? Bwahahahahahahahahaahah
        • OMGawd...haha looky u matey

          How fitting....sure as h311 those kids gonna be more trouble than they worth.

          Great work, funny as all... yeh that
        • LOL I think hidden author needs to go to the naughty corner!
        • LOL just the look on the faces makes me ROTFL nice
        • Very funny Tooth and the pig peeping out is really hilarious great job to see the eyebrows were touched together and very funny nose
        • Awesome All of them looks cute and funny
        • Thanks, everyone! I live in the "naughty corner," macwithfries!
        • Well done,pcrdds......great work as usual!
        • OK,the contest is over-you can come out of the Naughty Corner. HA!
        • Hahaha, she needs to be stricter with these two kids!
  • Freak Show Band

    Freak Show Band
        • Thx Paul. Yea ,Its Billy's big day today , LOL !!!!
        • Belly Laughter . . ! Wow, thanks for placing me in such prestigious company , "hidden". . . I'm quite honored, and my heart is smiling big

          P.S. Also, a Big Thank You to FN for my birthday wish it was very much appreciated!
        • Very welcome Billy , But i had to edit the photo ,because i wasn't pleased with the background stage . This is the new stage you all are playing on , LOL !!!! Happy 50th B-day ,
        • I want an LP jr for my birthday and they aint cheep now days
        • Gotta' teach AZRainman some microphone technique.
        • Ha funny stuff nice work and Happy Belated Birthday

          There's no Show Like a Freak Show
        • This is really a great band and its wonderful to see all at one shot in the lappy great freak show displayed
        • All the three are Rocking very well done
        • The best bad I've ever seen! They Rawk!
          Happy 50th, Billy!
        • Thanks again Chili ... Like the new bkgrnd!
  • Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Search & Rescue

    Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers Search & Rescue
        • Great to see the plane coming so down searching ...... excellent work on the man with a guitar up above the plane
        • LOL This is Great Toms Guitars were found Check this out

          Story from Fox News

          [Edited by User on 4/18/2012 8:55:49 AM]
        • Excellent combination and very well done
        • Great work...I like the concept, well done!
        • Ahh, Tom Petty & the heartbreakers! Used to listen them a lot in my college days! Great chop!
  • Golem Monster

    Golem Monster
  • The Mad Barber

    The Mad Barber
        • Hidden , this is great , LOL I see the D-Man's wanted poster in the shop , thats a great idea !!!!
        • HA!!!!!!!!!!! I'm good with a blade, too! Thanks, hidden!
        • Thanks, Chili....glad you like it pcrdds!
        • Looks like what's her name is ready for a shave. Very clean work HIDDEN.
        • Ha ha very funny the barber shop is open get the bloody cut done
  • The bowler (circa 1920's)

    The bowler (circa 1920's)
  • Yeti on Mount Obama with Flash Mitt Romney

    Yeti on Mount Obama with Flash Mitt Romney
        • Mount Santorum is really a nice idea to keep in the race good to see the ice and snow and the fire ball man is really doing a wonderful work
  • Dr.Hollywood Caricature

    Dr.Hollywood Caricature
        • Really a cool job done, this caricatured head is wonderful with a smile given really stole many hearts
        • Very Young and dynamic expression well done
  • Donald Trump's Real Hair

    Donald Trump's Real Hair
        • Yes..Definitely an improvement.
          Good Job*
        • Ha ha ha looks so cute, I am talking abt
        • very well merged on the head looks funny and nice facial expressions
        • Nice work,qtrmoon.........well done! Funny!
        • Thanks everyone! ... Special thanks to Newsy for the "theme post"
        • Thanks again also for my birthday wishes!
  • Romney Gets Help From Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

    Romney Gets Help From Mahmoud Ahmadinejad
        • *The Hand Grenade Gavel is a nice touch.
        • nice missile work, and very funny twist of the face
  • Woman Feeling Blue

    Woman Feeling Blue
        • nice blending. I like the mysterious athmosphere.
        • so mystical and cool environment this chop is lovable
        • Much appreciated lads... thankyou!

  • Taikatalvi Landscape

    Taikatalvi Landscape
        • somehow reminds me of the golden compass. Nice illustation it would make for an adventure book.
        • Really cool work here agree with jeremix & well done
        • Looks like an adventurous and mystical movie poster really cool
  • North vs. South Korea

    North vs. South Korea
        • very well done, cool job love the cracky land and the face of the guys were really funny
  • Woman Behind a Blind

    Woman Behind a Blind
        • man, I would like some of those blinds on my window
        • Is she blind, I am a big social-worker ready to help those blinds
        • Cool Work now do you have them in the male variety for me
        • this blinds with this hot chick is really hot, and what about the other way blinds who is hidden
  • Enter If You Dare

    Enter If You Dare
        • really cool idea nice work love the extra set of eyes up top cool
        • Excellent entry like the way the banners were hanged through wires great sparkling effects and wanna try to enter once in life
  • Woman in Planet Hell

    Woman in Planet Hell
        • Nice colorful great job on the eyes and reddish look given to the chop
  • Sailing on Wheat Fields

    Sailing on Wheat Fields
        • Yeah.. thought about those too - but decided it would be overkill.. LOL
        • Thoughtful perfect idea, and very nicely done with the chop
        • really cool work here I like the boat paths in the field nice work
        • Yes this is possible in dream only I too had this type of dreams some times great thought
  • UFC HD

    UFC HD
        • Animals on tour. Tough job to keep for long.
        • All fighters at one place ... let them make history .... we will watch it
  • Once Upon a Time Digital Art

    Once Upon a Time Digital Art
        • It's not a chop, Pat, entirely created from scratch and ty for your comment.
        • This is pretty cool job poor lizard on the stone like it
  • Christina, Holding her Ground

    Christina, Holding her Ground
        • This chop has no news story under it. We assume you wanted to submit it to a Freak Show instead, and moving it there.

          [Edited by User on 4/15/2012 5:05:59 PM]
        • Ohh man what a great work here, awesome shadows and so creative
        • Looks all died, so terrific and well done with the chop with good detailing and cleaner job
        • Very nice idea of having gun in her hand
  • Angel of Death

    Angel of Death
        • But this angel does not look scary i really want to die for her
  • Obama's Favorite Marijuana Shirt

    Obama's Favorite Marijuana Shirt
        • McDonalds should go into the pot business. Then everyone would get the munchies and buy their burgers.
        • lol nice yeah agreed with Luna on this and then once you step out from buying your stuff the police waiting to make some $$ by booking ya and tossing ya in the clink lol
        • even my favorite too I love Marijuana, well presented
        • Hey,AZ! What you doing way back here....slummin' laughing my arse off! Very funny....well done.
        • I was messing with fake shirts on Obama and thought I'd throw it, instead of tossing it.
  • Cool Reverand Squirrel

    Cool Reverand Squirrel
        • This Squirrel is really cool and rock like the goggles and the chain really hot
  • Death is Coming

    Death is Coming
        • I propose "Death is waiting" would be appropriate title nice shadow work ... gud one
  • Death's Eye

    Death's Eye
        • Now i can look death straight in the eye !!!! good merge of the skull in the eye
  • Prey of the Huntsman

    Prey of the Huntsman
        • The Huntsman is a lousy shot and should be fined.
        • its really hurts to see the poor fellow got hit but i can take your message in a positive note "Never harm endangered spices"
  • Brain Daze in the Office Digital Art

    Brain Daze in the Office Digital Art
        • yep that is how they make their $$ it always starts out simple and turns into your very own nightmare and it sux but the work you have here is a perfect depiction of it is what it is
  • Dead Man's Gun

    Dead Man's Gun
  • Aliens in Divorce Court

    Aliens in Divorce Court
  • Goodyear Frog Blimp

    Goodyear Frog Blimp
  • Leaking Nuclear Waste.

    Leaking Nuclear Waste.
        • cool picture. The lizard seems a bit to much though. Would like it better as a still life picture i think
  • Man with an Eyeball Nose

    Man with an Eyeball Nose
  • Welcome to the Freak Show

    Welcome to the Freak Show
  • C3PO Dancing

    C3PO Dancing
        • that must be the smoothest c3po i have ever seen!
        • Next time enter a larger image for us old folks.
  • Julia Gillard at the Olympics

    Julia Gillard at the Olympics

  • Chumlee Meets the Wolfman

    Chumlee Meets the Wolfman
        • LOL Chumley is it again huh lol nice idea but the image is really pixelated well tried
43 image entries
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