Freak Show

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  • Started: 2/13/2012 05:00
  • Ended: 2/16/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 35
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Freak Show
Contest Directions: It's the Freak Show time of the week... Get your whips ready and get the freaking circus started!
In this contest you can photoshop and exhibit anything you wish (standard site rules still apply).
This is basically a weekly exhibition of your creative works with no "contest restrictions".

Contest Info

    • Started: 2/13/2012 05:00
    • Ended: 2/16/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 35
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
35 pictures
  • Crazy Barack Obama Saving the Economy

    Crazy Barack Obama Saving the Economy
        • Really Magnificent work "hidden" . . . This is the quality of work that inspires one to strive to achieve the same level of expertise! Top Marks Indeed!
        • thanx PSMandrake, AWESOME69, pcrdds and qtrmoonshop!
        • Wow..Awesome work here..clean as anything..
        • HA! Double HA! HA! and then some... TOP marks.
        • Freaking Awesome. Ash tray is there but no smoke
        • Its an exceptionally good, Freaky smile with a hope to save the treasure. Great combination of elements used like glass broken and the books were bind through chains, marvelous job to see the Owl peeping out of the circle behind....
        • thanx everyone!
          ericnorthend: ur right, but Barack quit smoking, so I guess it's Michelle's
        • Clever composition and beautificent execution!
          There's only one small critique - the eyes look like they are not Obama's, so the whole face looks less like Obama's.
          Other than that, it's super!
        • Can't agree more with what you wrote Newsy, the eyes are always tricky to manipulate, a tiny twist and you lose the character, anyway, I tried my best within the limited time I had, thanx for ur critique
        • Over the top on a wonderful chop! Love it! CONGRATS!
        • Salis you always blow me away with your creativity and execution, job well done...again!
        • Congrats on the gold, Salis!
          and thanks for your reply
        • thanx guys for your comments and Votes

          JimShorts: I'm not quite sure what you meant with ur comment!!, but anyhow, thanx for stopping by!
        • Very well Done, Salis... Congratulations
  • Harrison Ford in Indiana Wars

    Harrison Ford in Indiana Wars
        • Ricardo fantastico, una caricatura meravigliosa di Harrison Ford.(forse alleggerisca il bianco dell'occhio aperto un poco per accentuare che la grande espressione voi lo ha dato.) La vostra composizione grande con i bei effetti.

          Chi mani quelli, Nosferatu?

          Fantastic Ricardo, it is a wonderful caricature of Harrison Ford.(maybe lighten the white of the open eye a tad to accentuate that great expression you've given him.) Your composition is great with beautiful effects.
          Who's hands are those,Nosferatu's?
        • Man!!! Too good..I wish i could say the word i said when i saw it..the most common Aussie word....
        • Bravo! I look forward to seeing this movie in a theater! Heehee!
          Awesome once again!
        • Excellent work with the flashlights Great job done on the space. i got phobia again by looking at it. its so real
        • Again the best of the best for todays contest.
        • Silver congrats, Ricky!
          You've created another feast for our eyes - thank you!
        • Exceptional hard work as always Rickyyyyyy,
          congrats mate, fabulous work!
  • Getting Over Fears Surreal Digital Art

    Getting Over Fears Surreal Digital Art
        • I know the feeling after having to watch 'Barney & Friends' for a living(PBS). Your image is how I thought of that insipid character at 08:30 Hrs. every morning. The Purple Monster loved by all children-with teeth. Love your creation-High marks for originality and loveable humor.
        • Freaky Awesome!! This is it.
          No words can explain the greatness of this entry. Love it.
        • LOL, love to know what was in the author's head with this one Funny work!
        • Excellent thinking -- A man rowing Shark as a ship but not on water, on a dry land. cute doggy looking up. Great composition all over. I love Jesus Savior of the world
        • Great thinking a sharp with horn, Every characters is something different in it greatttttttttt
        • thanks guys, i know this is lil different from the usual entry didn't expect to place...thanks
        • Brilliant flight of imagination and chopping!
          Congrats on the bronze, Benzi!
        • this time you are BENZI -out of the- BOX
          great job man, congratulation!
  • Confused Conan O'Brien Caricature

    Confused Conan O'Brien Caricature
        • HAHAHAHAHAHA...Love it...Love cool..
        • Great image, I love it! I'm still trying to figure out who that is in the plane. Looks like Marlon Brando to me?
        • Thanks Goat.....thanks Steve....and it's Jay Leno.
        • Awesome work, really confused with this pic what is happening out there ??
        • Thanks geri and eric............and eric I'm not sure what's happening out there and neither is Conan. that's why it's called Obrien the confused.............actually I was just going with a confused Valentinish thingy and this was the result.
        • Excellent caricatue with freaky look, and even i can see the Kingkong on the Empire Building is awesome. Great job done
        • Superb expression and excellent job done
        • Thanks surili,raj and balodiya. I enjoyed this one more than most.
        • Thanks hidden. I guess I'm too used to seeing Leno smiling rather than frowning. Great image. A top 3 in my book!
        • well done Ole boy...loved this entry..
        • LOL, that mad look in his eyes!
          Congrats on the wood, oldman!
  • Whitney Houston - Drugs Don't Save Lives

    Whitney Houston - Drugs Don't Save Lives
        • Hahaha,,love clean like usual.......well done mate..
        • Splendid work I'm sure it would have placed high in both WIP and the Remembering Whitney contest!

          [Edited by User on 2/15/2012 5:03:08 PM]
        • Another title could be Valley of the Dolls. Great work as usual.
        • It's all up to the consumer in the end. The Pharmaceutical companies are another, separate, argument. Poignant subject to chop-good luck.
        • Bathtub baby. She looks beautiful, good merge.
        • Nice to see the Capsules fall on her Caricatured Head!!! Great Job done, So clean and great look of her behind the clouds make us sad and remember her always. Thanks Hidden
  • Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert Scottish Highlanders

    Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert Scottish Highlanders
        • Awesome color-tone and nice background chosen good job hidden
  • President Assad vs Syrian People

    President Assad vs Syrian People
        • everyone wants a piece of the cake, not only him, his Opponents too!!, and who's paying the price? the people in the streets!
          sooner or later, there will be no cake to fight for...!! Sigh
          great job hidden!
        • Very well done, hidden! Great depiction of this truly evil monster!
        • God!!!! I forgot about work!!!!
          Wow..whats next I say..Brilliant work my friend..
        • Your work don't need any support of the story!! Even conceptually you have made it perfect(Speech Free X), I personally appreciate your work hidden. Love this entry Wonderful work.
        • Excellent!!! Smoking emitting from the Gun and moving upwards is wonderful Great merge of the Dagger from the Tie is wonderful. You have all the weapons to protect good job
        • thank you for this chop Jockey-man, great Caption!
  • Adele Portrait

    Adele Portrait
        • WOW!!!!!
          Thats really well done..high quality everywhere!!!
        • So cool and calm background choosen, perfect fit to the lady, Amazing look
        • what a beautiful vivid coloring ur achieving qtrmoonshop, everybody should should watch his back from now on
  • Starship Attacked

    Starship Attacked
        • Awesome entry!!! looks so good..wicked!!!
        • Star wars, I can see some planets in background.
        • I have a space phobia!!! scared to see this UFO, but like the fiery entertainment. Well done
        • You see what happens when Kirk goes on a bathroom break? All heck breaks loose! Excellent Sci-fi treat!
        • Great additions to the original work. tobias should consult you in the future!
  • Happy Birthday Rita

    Happy Birthday Rita
        • I've made this for my girlfriend' birthday. Thanks for all comments!
        • White cat and white mouse danger combination. and both near to the white lady is more dangerous
  • Jane Bond 008

    Jane Bond 008
        • this is really she could kick my a#$
        • The only thing that detracts is the left arm.
        • Fantastic background and this Killing Model WONDERFUL. cleaver light effects. Love this entry.
        • Great smoky effects imposed all over, Nice war scene and a lady with Fire is awesome
        • Just gave me the Bond feel,Balodiya..Thank you all for the positive comments..Is it the light on her arm, not sure what it is, but you right when i look at it now..
        • Super job and great feeling to this Goat! Love the lense flare!
  • Can you See the Man in the Tree

    Can you See the Man in the Tree
        • DO YOU SEE ME ?
          we're not supposed to, you are hidden.
          But since you revealed yourself, you done well!
        • Yes...with the Curt Cobain style Van Gogh. Feels like a cool breeze on your eyes.
        • Great job hidden Eye See you, but I could not see you, Great detail and clean job on trees and leaves seen here
        • Yes, i can see u hidden inbetween the treesssssssss
  • 3D Television

    3D Television
        • Well done, if you put the woman without any distortion this will be better
        • lol look at my living room haha ok wont get one then nice
        • Very nice, good idea. So we will be coming to your home for swimming !!
        • Can we call it as 4D ?????? Nice 3d Effects used here, I am trying to see this image putting my 3d Glasses on even my living room is filled with water
  • My Love in a Field

    My Love in a Field
        • This could work as a sweethearts greeting Lovely.
        • Lovely..... well said i remembered my first love
        • Definitely a greeting card and definitely exceptional work as always!
  • Paul's McCartney Caricature

    Paul's McCartney Caricature
        • The one of the best Caricature i have seen till now. well done
        • Thank you all my first attempt a caricature ever
        • Great job on the caricature. Particularily great since it's your first try. Keep it up!
  • Obama's Grandpa

    Obama's Grandpa
        • Ha ha ha looking same like obama!!! is it true hidden ???
  • I've Got a Love that Keeps Me Waiting Digital Art

    I've Got a Love that Keeps Me Waiting Digital Art
        • There's nothing like inspiration, I do have fun creating pics, been my substitute for love in the past couple of years, but I'm waiting.
  • Obama and Fallon Before The Tug Of War

    Obama and Fallon Before The Tug Of War
        • Its a perfect match, good work on source
        • Thanks everybody! I wanted to see if I could pull off the coiled up rope.
  • Smiling Skeleton

    Smiling Skeleton
        • You commented on my entry !!! i am honored.thank you.
        • Hahahahaha...gets a smile outa me...Brilliant!!
        • Crustified but, has nice teeth. "Paging Dr. Chuckles!?"
        • End is inevitable for a new horizon, life is temporary its comes and goes, but the feel always remain same I feel good here
  • Zoned in the Twilight Zone

    Zoned in the Twilight Zone
        • ITs Scary Freaky Zone Nice work on hands and the Monster
        • I remember that episode always........and very rarely fly. Nice work!
  • Rock Obama

    Rock Obama
        • Excellent composition and very executed its perfect;y matched. good job
  • Log Horned Cattle

    Log Horned Cattle
  • RIP Whitney Houston

    RIP Whitney Houston
        • RIP, Smartly blur and good contrast on object.
        • A Great singer, a legend will always remain on our hearts, let her soul rest in peace, Good job lighting and blurry effect imposed
  • The Sun's Suns

    The Sun's Suns
        • Nice background, good source for lots of merge in future.
        • Sun's sons Good thinking, he will be our Uncle Nice work
  • The Scariest of All: 1040

    The Scariest of All: 1040
  • Rough Times for George Osborne

    Rough Times for George Osborne
        • Nicely commented respective to the entry. Like this Millionaire.
  • Rock Romney

    Rock Romney
  • Julia Gillard on 5 Dollar Note

    Julia Gillard on 5 Dollar Note
        • Don't give her ideas of having her imprint on our $5 note -eekk!!
        • hahahahahahahahahahahaha...........God help us!!! Id think Miranda Kerr in a swimsuit would suit
          Id rather see Cathy Freeman with her arms in the air..
        • Miranda Kerr, lying down in a bikini on our $100, I think John Monash has been there long enough lol
  • Obama in The 300 Bunnies

    Obama in The 300 Bunnies
        • 300 Bunnies!!! What an idea and Obama is different in this look, like this
        • Obama the great and the 300 bunnies good concept
  • Dangerous Fire Bird

    Dangerous Fire Bird
        • Smart merge. Thoughtful New version of 300
        • thanks...angels have to cover their bodies with 2 of their sets of wings or the sight of their heavenly body will melt your face off (turn it to ash...same thing.
  • Seeing Double Digital Art

    Seeing Double Digital Art
        • your style always amazes me..I can look at them for this one mate..
        • Mr Goat

          I see that you may have also frequented the Pink Elephant Bar that once resided at the Chevron Hotel at Surfers Paradise, however there was never a Saint to be seen in the Joint.
        • There is only one elephant you are seeing double. lol
  • Pirates of the 21st Century - Anonymous

    Pirates of the 21st Century -  Anonymous
  • Obama Pinocchio

    Obama Pinocchio
  • Unhappy Valentine's Day

    Unhappy Valentine's Day
        • Snow tears in a land of icicles and frost.
        • Bloody heart on the snow!!! Love is in the air boss go to air you find the true love
  • Footprint in the Snow

    Footprint in the Snow
35 image entries
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