Franz Kafka and his Typewriter
Franz Kafka and his Typewriter
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      • silvercanine Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, wakes up to find himself transformed into a "ungeheuren Ungeziefer", literally "monstrous vermin", often interpreted as a giant bug or insect. He believes it is a dream....... Franz kafka ....story Now I knew why put insects in the picture
      • PSMandrake Exactly my friend. Metamorphosis, an extraordinary story, a master of modernism and magical realism. Even a small inspiration for " ... Lunch" Cronenberg film, inspired by the novel. I am very happy that you noticed every detail. each source tells a story, linked to the same story.
      • PSMandrake Hi. friend Kellie. Thank you kindly much.... very happy that you like it.
      • PSMandrake Thanks Suni. I'm glad you like it ... only 56 hours.
      • ericnorthend I don't see no hours.... this is all about the idea. * Mirror * Angle * Effects * Shadow and all together the Mix this is a Megamind chop.. I Love it
      • PSMandrake HI my buddy Eric. thank you soooooooooooo much...... Glad you love it. happy; To note the work that I did.
      • rajeshstar Awesome job done using so many sources.... I like the Photo frame the most.... good use of the source by taking a monochrome pic and putting in a blank frame with the wooden background and making it to look like a classical source Awesome..... Fantastic job
      • PSMandrake Hi my buddy. Rajesh. very glad you like it. the photo black and white and only a reference painting ..... caricature also the only book that is shelved on ... source and camera ...... these days I'll explain better detail .. the way in which work ............ I'll send you a message ... for the link .... wip painting..... you need a code to access the tutorial .... I'll give you that ...
      • SteveGSQ This is the winner for me. Looks amazing. I'm just curious why his forehead color is not the same as the rest of the face.
      • PSMandrake thank you very much Steve GSQ. initially face had a purple tone ... almost like a dead person, then I decided to emphasize the points of blood circulation ... keeping a bit of .. of green and yellow .. according to the light .. and the reflection of the mirror. realizero other new ones in the future ....... the purple the mandenuto .... on the desk .. these days I am going to publish my site ......... many thanks for ladomanda are always very happy to answer .... and talk about my work, and thank you for your trust. but there are many works in the competition ... this is just one study, I consider myself an "amateur"
      • PSMandrake And stress ... that is not a job that wants to laugh, is a portrait of an intellectual killed unjustly.
      • Qtrmoonshop Very nice work, hidden though, the drop shadow on the inside left of the mirror is confusing it makes it look like an empty frame casting a shadow on the wall it's hung on. It's contradicting to the crack and hole in the "mirror" . I think it would also help the effect of it being a mirror, if you used a different background from that of the wall it's hanging on.
      • PSMandrake thanks billy. a question. before you answer, you looked at the sources. and then no hole .... only features .. totally inspired by a painting, and reported to the rule.
      • Qtrmoonshop Yes, I always check the sources when they are provided ... I always hope for sources.
      • PSMandrake perfect. then you will know my friend Jeff. I was inspired by an illustration used, all references to light and dark are equal to its .. Have a look at his profile on fb .. them to find answers to questito. much easier for me .. Hello my friend Billy. still nice to your work
      • PSMandrake Thank you very much friends. I thank you all for having agreed to be loyal without any loss of Karma. Twister TheNutter suni271980 SteveGSQ spitfire46 silvercanine Sandpointer roonma robinbobin Renegade rajeshstar Possumpie pcrdds nonno NewsMaster nepaguy59 Nanny maroon5 macwithfries Kellie icecream GrumpyOTJ groundzero geriatric ericnorthend Disasterman111 dexter cicsaix blackhole aintme
      • PSMandrake Thank you very much friend Mr. Paul. Thank you so much friends Silvercanine. Geriatric.
      • Qtrmoonshop Congrats on the Bronze, Marco I gave you an 8
      • NewsMaster VERY creative composition and point of view. My only critique is - the colors of the forehead and the lower part of the face in the mirror differ quite a bit. Still a fantastic work. Congrats on the bronze, Marco.
      • PSMandrake Hi newsy. very happy that you like it. Thank you so much. I agree with you, the yellowish color .. was the previous color. I then added red tones ... but vanished in the post-production....
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