Flying Horse

Contest Info

  • Started: 3/12/2010 11:10
  • Ended: 3/16/2010 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 34
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Flying Horse
Contest Directions: This Friday we continue our freaking experiment with provided source images. Photoshop this flying horse image (click to download) any way you wish. Some examples are - changing the flying horse for some other flying objects, making the little boy perform some stunts, designing a poster with this flying horse image, putting the horse or the boy into some new environment, using this flying horse image in advertisements, movies, paintings, etc. These are just some ideas.
Many thanks to Joanna Margueritte and Stock Exchange for providing the source photo.

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/12/2010 11:10
    • Ended: 3/16/2010 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 34
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
34 pictures
  • Boy Fishing Through a Window

    Boy Fishing Through a Window
        • very sweet/very good. my fav for this contest.
        • Every time I pass this it just "feels" so serene.

        • GREAT WORK FUNK.
          i think the deflated horse is a freaking exquisite touch!
        • The deflated horse on the shelf with other toys is a brilliant touch!
          Love many fine details, including the TV in the TV in the TV

          The End plate is also "allegorical"
        • Funkster just keeps outdoing himself!
          Congrats on another golden chop!
        • Yep , when I looged in to submit mine I saw this and went, Hmmmmm, this will be close. I was in first for about 3/4 of the race then some bee votes came in and stung me horse!!!! Hah!
          Okay, you set the bar in this one, I set it in the next bwhahahahahahahahaha in me most evil laugh.
          Now, to critique your piece... are ya ready for this? Sit down Funkster if you're not already. This might be a bit overwhelming.

          Terriffic job! heheheheheheheheh
        • Holy crap!
          This is bordering on supernatural...
          best FrEAKING chop ive seen.
          All hail FW. its like john constable meets chocolate gateaux. nice one.
        • Congratulation funkwood, u are the king for making details at artwork.
          ten thumbsup.
        • Thanks all! Had tons of fun as always!

          Hits, yeah, I was surprised to take this one.
        • Thx for creating this one! Fav'd
  • Inflatable Boy with a Horse

    Inflatable Boy with a Horse
        • Like wow! You'v done a complete swap even the child looks like a balloon now & what u did with the horse is outstanding!
        • Excellent work hitspinner.
          Adding hair to the horse was a clever and brilliant touch!!
        • This furry horse rocks! So does the balloon boy!
        • 8.7 is delightful. It is an honor to entertain you all. Thanks so much!!
        • Excellent work, awesome details! Some really cool symbolism too.
        • Congrats HiT!! Freaking awesome work! balloon boy looks sweet!
        • haha! FReaking awesome! COngrats Hitspinner!!!
  • Little Boy Bathing His Toy Horse

    Little Boy Bathing His Toy Horse
        • Haha pretty wild & wet idea You brought it off beautifully.
        • Freaking genius concept and mint execution!
        • Great work Xaos54.
          Very clever and nicely executed.
        • Once again, a perfect artistic order is created by Chaos!
          Congrats on the bronze, mate!

          [Edited by User on 3/16/2010 5:52:14 PM]
        • You told a story, Xaos. It was clear, to the point and masterfully done. Might have grabbed gold if you elected to chop in an actual cut-away of floor joists, lathe, insulation, pipes and whatnot. You went all the extra miles on everything else! This is a super A+++ chop well worthy of gold as is!!
        • congratulation xaos, its nice and funny!
        • Thanks all

          Hit- I was working on a full blown detail of the cut-away but ran out of time...(client changes got in the way, lol). I don't think it would have made much of a difference on the votes. What may have hurt this was the re-use of the lower part of the cross section... wall stairs etc even though I changed a few things. Thanks for the kind words mate!
        • wow Xaos!! Excellent work!My fav! COngrats!
        • Water stuff is always a challenge and you have handled it splendidly in this chop!
  • Boy in Cowboy Dreamland

    Boy in Cowboy Dreamland
        • Wood congrats Matt! Even though it's wooden trophy, I think this is of your finest chops yet! also your highest score yet! Woo Hoo!
        • Mathew, you done did good! Most times I don't like leaving in a crop halo. This time I do. In this case it really, really works. You got a little magic workin in the contrasting and soft lighting.
          Super job.
        • congratulation, its my favorite since u upload ur design!!!
        • Congrats Matt!! I agree with HiT contrast and lighting are very well done!
  • David And Goliath

    David And Goliath
        • Nice work integrating it into the orig source, like what u'v done with the boy/horse...gr8 fit
        • Thanks. The original needed a bit of work as well.
        • Yeh it was a bit low quality & grainy, ya did goodly.
        • Art at its best! You brought the sources in perfect harmony! Wish there were more trophies in the contest to honor this one!
        • Thanks for all the great kudos. This site is an awesome outlet for the expression of ideas. Some win, some don't but what amazing talent they have!
        • Yep, you worked the source quite nicely I get a bit nervous leaving that much original source remaining but sometimes if we try to change it too much, we loose the brilliance of the original art. That would have been a shame on this as the way it is is great!
        • How kind! Funny, I thought exactly the same thing about too much original source. Having gone over the original for a few hours to smooth it, then realizing I probably made only a small apparent difference, then added a small bit to it, it was a tough decision whether to submit or not.
        • Nice work and nice details. I like the earth cracking under the weight of his foot.
  • Cyborg Son

    Cyborg Son
        • Brilliant work, but it would be even more impressive if you added the horse somewhere too
        • woooow!:O
          Thank you very much everyone!This kind!!!Unfortunately, not Latvian podium,but do not mope, because intense contest was!!!
          Newsy: You're right! If you 'd have a horse, it could have been a better place!!

          I would like to congratulate everyone!!Was a good contest and fantastic work created everyone!!! Congrats all!Long live the FN page!!

          [Edited by User on 3/17/2010 1:32:01 AM]
  • Little Boy's Childhood

    Little Boy's Childhood
        • woow! Fantastic work and fantastic color!
        • Nice chop.
          I see you got your "inspiration" from this image here by Criztto.
        • Excellent job integrating all the animals!
          love the full view
        • I recognized the inspiration source instantly. You couldn't pick a better subject. This rawks. Substituting the sea horse is soooo cool!
        • Excellent chop Joe, liked this one a lot!
  • Boy Wakeboarding on Lake

    Boy Wakeboarding on Lake
        • Hahaha, this kid is awesome! so is this chop!
        • Hahahaha what can ya say... out of the box! Great chop
  • Balloon Horse Poohing on Child

    Balloon Horse Poohing on Child
        • Isn't it good luck if something poops on your head? Or does that just apply to bird poop...?
        • Usually the poop chops are removed, however here it does not take large part of the composition and does not look too nasty
        • There are worse examples in morning comix hahahahahaa Nothing offensive to me, here, just plain funny!
  • Hitspinner's Birthday Party

    Hitspinner's Birthday Party
        • Great composition!
          Funkwood dino on his personal red FN balloon is priceless!
        • lol!
          Ok, promise me no more chops of me! I can't handle being famous!
        • Nope. No promise. hehehe.

          I know you wanted a picture of me and I haven't forgotten about it. Will try to get one done soon and THAT I can promise.
        • Hah! So this was your's, Doxi! I was wondering. You spun some great humor heheh
  • Wild Party Mess in the House

    Wild Party Mess in the House
        • Looks like my house at the
        • Yeah there is a lot of work. It's a funny, amusing chop-o-rama, a smorgasborg of eye candy heheheh. Nice one HH! I want that dog!!!
        • Perhaps too many elements here, but a hilarious chop nontheless!
  • Centaur Boy with Balloon

    Centaur Boy with Balloon
  • Little Boy Hanging on to Horse Tail

    Little Boy Hanging on to Horse Tail
  • Jockey on Balloon Horse

    Jockey on Balloon Horse
  • Boy and Balloon Drawing

    Boy and Balloon Drawing
  • Boy Being Blown Away By Wind

    Boy Being Blown Away By Wind
        • This one blows me away (had to say that... )
        • Looks like you had a blast making this chop!

          LOL Mac!
  • Little Boy's Alien Encounter

    Little Boy's Alien Encounter
  • Boy's First Horse Round-Up

    Boy's First Horse Round-Up
  • Boy with Horse Balloon Surreal Art

    Boy with Horse Balloon Surreal Art
        • Great motion effect - almost feels like cool optical illusion!
        • It's always entertaining to see your works, Fleek! Please chop the photo-ones too, not just art painted ones - your photo chops are usually received and scored very highly by the FN community!
  • Boy on Horse Balloon Anchored to Ground

    Boy on Horse Balloon Anchored to Ground
  • Horse Balloon Being Shot By Fighter Plane

    Horse Balloon Being Shot By Fighter Plane
        • Love the vintage spin you have taken. You integrated the sources very harmoniously!
  • Balloon Horse Race

    Balloon Horse Race
  • Incredible Floating Boy

    Incredible Floating Boy
  • The Signing

    The Signing
  • Oh #@&*$?!!

    Oh  #@&*$?!!
  • Pegasus & Einstein: Art of Mathematics

    Pegasus & Einstein: Art of Mathematics
        • Interesting chop, but does it use the source image as required by this contest?
        • Used the little boy's hat...and the flying horse concept...wanted to deal with concepts which didn't use the 'park' image.
        • Thanks for the edit. The chop looks good and is following the contest directions now!
  • My Dreams Of The Biggest Parade Ever

    My Dreams Of The Biggest Parade Ever
        • this is cute lightlens,this should have done better,too.
  • Little Boy With a Spectacular Balloon

    Little Boy With a Spectacular Balloon
  • Balloon Boy

    Balloon Boy
  • Little Kids PLaying in the Park

    Little Kids PLaying in the Park
  • Ōkami​

        • No,but years ago i would have.I used to be obsessed with pokemon.I am such a gaming nerd,lol
        • Nice Japanese style here. The horse also looks like a small Japanese pony
  • Sad Boy as Balloon Pops

    Sad Boy as Balloon Pops
  • Horse Smoke Rings

    Horse Smoke Rings
        • No. As I indicated, the photograph was taken more than ten years ago. (1996, to be exact.)
        • Artistic. I like the soft touch here. And cigarette end shines like a twinkling star
  • Pop Goes the Horsey

    Pop Goes the Horsey
34 image entries
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Different breeds of horses are basically used for particular purposes. For leisure, recreational horses of the hobby class are used. Sport horses are used for tourism and horse riding, whereas for horse racing - racing and trotting horses are used. In Russia, racing horses make up one fifth of the two million horse population. The population of working and useful horses in Russia is about 1.5 million, although their demand is three or four times more. As of 2011, there are 427 breeds of horses worldwide. Owing to their endurance, speed and capability to perform useful work, horses are versatile multi-purpose working animals that can be used in agriculture and other industries, as well as in military and for sport. The horse is the most preferred animal when it comes to choosing a living labor. Only in some cases, especially when you want a smooth and steady movement, for example, during transportation of a load of packs on mountainous tracks or deserts, the phlegmatic donkey and ox or the less demanding camel are preferred over the horse. Despite mechanization and automation, working horses are still needed for transporting small loads, ploughing fields, the harvesting of hay in inaccessible places and small stepped fields, and the carrying of hay, moving around mountain pathways, and the grazing of animals. They are very much useful for veterinarians, foresters and other professionals, especially in taiga and mountainous regions. Looking back in history, the diverse needs of people during their contact with horses made it imperative for them to develop and build highly specialized breeds of horses as the time demanded. These requirements led to so many varieties of domestic horses swift and dry riding horses were needed in the cavalry. Heavy carrier and draught horses dragged and carried heavy loads. Light draught horses, intended for trotting were more suited for light carriages and carrying people. Large, stately, and slow riding horses suited heavy riders (for example, a knight clad in armor), and they were also good for a colorful military parade, where the rider, above all, wants to show his physique. Smaller horses with a sort of ugly physique, but much more robust and tolerant to poor feed, from mountain steppe areas were suitable for long nomad movements and carrying heavy loads. Mountain horses with rider and loads on their back could move through narrow mountain trails, fearlessly jumping through the gaps. Humans, throughout history, have tried to rear and train horses to a wide range of needs sometimes a bit too specific. For example, in Iceland, the small and shaggy Icelandic horses since time immemorial are being used in the fields. However, so that these horses did not trample on just made furrows, people taught the horses to walk with a special gait, called a tolt in Irish, in which the horse alternately puts the right front, then the right rear, left front and then left rear leg on the ground. While one leg is lifted, the other three are on the ground. Thus, Icelandic horses just stepped over the furrows, and humans made sure that this trait was carried over to later generations. Today, Icelanders are proud of their horses. Though these horses are very small (about 130 cm) and ugly, they are strong and sturdy enough to easily carry any adult male on the back, and using their famous tolt they reach a speed of 20 km / hr without any special fixtures or coercion. The need for light draught horses, which could run with a confident trot or amble, and at the same time which could be comfortable for transporting people in carriages, not only led to the fact that in some countries people managed to develop these horses, but also led to the development of a powerful global industry today like the trotter and ambler racing.