Flying Fox With Wings
Flying Fox With Wings
    • high resolution picture
      • top notch no doubt, perfect news story for a vivid imaginary chop,and you nailed it the smooth colouring and Lighting here are priceless. I wonder what's going on the eagle's mind: ( dude ... you are not suppose to be here... )
      • thanks alot salis . and eagle wondering
      • Beautiful colors, but work in general is blurred and lacks clarity. Particularly this lowers the quality of work. I would like to know why the distortion of certain areas of the image. A shame, as the colors and the idea is good.
      • well Taita it's was me who blur some parts of the design for main focus point .. which give it more natural view , thank you by the way
      • This is a great work...and I know what the bald eagle is wondering. "What am I doing in England."
      • But do not understand why a part of a dog is blurred and some not, one example is the animal's right leg. This is not depth of field. I think he has added a filter that it vitiates his work. This is said to improve your final image and the best man win.
      • first he is fox not dog , it's about the main position ( angel ) for eyeball to focus easily see it here so the legs are some blurry to be out off eye somehow , hope you understand me now -Edited by Moderator on 3/1/2011 3:24:03 AM
      • what an amazing piece of thinks I have a new wallpaper......yoink
      • Awesome work overall. I am not sure about the blurriness though. The sharpness should be the same for the objects at the same distance from your eyes. Since the whole fox is at the same distance to the viewer (compared to the eagle and the part of the building it's sitting on ) the whole fox should be at the same sharpness level - but it's weird to see parts of it blurred and other parts not. Still a great image though, but the blurriness sure makes me confused rather than helping to focus
      • ah i see what exactly you mean newsmaster take a look at the stock i used again and you will see it's blurry without my touch , i tried to use sharpness and stuff like that but the hair looks bad with sharps so i let it like that just add more blur on the left leg ..
      • OK, I see the source was an issue, but the legs are much sharper in the source, so I would not blur them more. Also I'd get rid of the blurrness on the head around the goggles ribbon
      • I think is a very good work because I looked at the sources and I think is hard to restore the missing parts of the fox because in the original the fox was standing on grass that's why I think you use here a different focus to improve more the final and was indeed a clever choice. I personally like it, is very beautiful and with the bag on his neck and the wings she is so adorable.
      • Still amazing chop though the " focus " point . good luck hidden .
      • ops i am so late about the editing , think i will keep it that way , thank you guys for your though next time i will do my best i promise
      • Sure your work wins, but what I said is clear. A rather curious approach. Congratulations ...
      • Gold congrats, Kratos. Really...American Bald Eagles aren't flying around in England. Bwahahahah. And don't tell me it escaped from a zoo. Bwahahahah. Nice work, dude.
      • Lovely. Congrats Kratos, Always love your pics.
      • Congrats on the win, Kratos and your furry flying friend.
      • thanks hobbit and newsy i had alot off fun with that one
      • thanks Taita .. pcrdds it's ok about bald eagle in england with me if even fox has wings too bwahhaha that's the point both of them escaped from zoo
      • You tellin' me England stole one of our American Bald Eagles. How dare they.
      • hahahah everything possible these days Pcrdds .. don't surprise if your photoshop stole by some one else
      • Congrats DK. I want to know how to add the freaking cool focal point. I might score higher if people knew where to look on my chops.
      • gonna steal my Photoshop work. I'd be honored.
      • Blurry, not blurry, it's an exceptional piece as always. Kudos to you young man.
      • perfect as always. congratulation kratos...
      • thanks for all guys glad all you like my simple work . pcrdds .. focal point it's cool thing to add i guess , just focus on the main thing in the design ( first eye ) it's called something like that then just blur the unnecessary parts to be out off eyes hope my bad english helped this time
      • Great and Stunning work Kratos. Congratulations
      • , thats so good Kratos....congrats mate...sooooo of your best i think..amazing light... mate....
      • Hey Kratos. Love the blur-as if it detracts from your imaginative chop: NOT... Congratulations.
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