Contest Directions: Several days of heavy rains in England caused the river Thames to peak, as the country sees the worst flood in the last 60 years. Many areas of central and western England are under water forming small lakes, and leaving thousands of households without shelter. As the rains continue the flood is only expected to get worse this week. In the United States, smaller floods have been observed in Texas and the East coast.
Your mission is to flood any famous "exterior" place or area. Entries may show flood shots above the water, as well as underwater, or you can even show both in one entry, similar to this example. Entries showing "interior" flooded areas will be accepted only if the exterior parts are also visible - e.g. a flooded room where you can also see the outside through the window, or broken wall.
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  • Mount Rushmore Flood

    Mount Rushmore Flood
  • Golden Gate Flood

    Golden Gate Flood
  • Sydney Hurricane

    Sydney Hurricane
  • London Bridge Flooded

    London Bridge Flooded
  • Manhattan Flood

    Manhattan Flood
  • Hoover Dam Flooded

    Hoover Dam Flooded
  • New Atlantis

    New Atlantis
  • Washington Flood

    Washington Flood
  • World Wonder Flood

    World Wonder Flood
  • Sphinx Flood

    Sphinx Flood
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Flood is a significant submersion of terrain with water as a result of rise in water levels in river, lake or sea, which is caused by various reasons and leading to extraneous consequences. Let us review the major flood causes. Melting of snow during springs on plains or melting of snow during spring-summer and rain residues in mountains. Snow melt floods recur periodically in the same season. They are characterized by significant and increase in water levels for a longer duration. Jam and obstructions: Floods occur due to significant resistance to water stream, on isolated sections of riverbed, due to the accumulation of ice at narrow spots or river curves during freezing of river (jamming) or ice drift (obstructing). Obstructing floods occur at the end of winter or at the beginning of spring. They are characterized by high and in comparison, short-lived rise in water levels of river. Jamming floods occur at the onset of winter and are characterized by significant (but less than in the case of locking floods) rise in water levels and more significant flood duration. Runoff: Due to high tides in firths and on windy sections of sea shores, large lakes, water basins. Floods are possible at any time of the year. Floods are characterized by the absence of periodicity and significant rise in water levels. Flood (deluge), is formed during breaches in barrages. Excess of water from water basins or reservoirs, formed due to the breaches in water front dines (dams, barrages etc) or during emergency release of water from water basins and also in case of breach in natural barrage, formed by nature during earthquakes, landslides, landslips and avalanches. Floods are characterized by the formation of high tides, leading to inundation of large territories and destruction or damaging the objects (buildings, structures and etc), encountered along its path. Short (Flash): In comparison, cause insignificant damage. Occupy few coastal territories. Inundate less than 10% of agricultural lands. Almost, do not disrupt the life of population. Recurrence: 5 - 10 years. High: Cause appreciable material and moral loss and occupy, in comparison, more lands of river valley and inundate approximately 10-15% of agricultural lands. Appreciably disrupt the agricultural and domestic life of the population. Lead to partial evacuation of population. Recurrence: 20-25 years. Prominent (salient): Cause appreciable material damage, occupy entire river basins. Inundate approximately 50-70% of agricultural lands, several inhabited localities. Paralyze economical activities and abruptly disrupt the life of populace. Lead to mass evacuation of population and material valuables from the flooded zone and protection of most important objects. Repeatability: 50-100 years. Catastrophic: Cause huge material losses and leads to death of persons, occupies vast territories within the limits of single or several river systems. Inundate more than 70% of agricultural lands, many inhabited localities, industrial enterprises and engineering service lines. Flood completely paralyses economic and production activities, temporarily changes the way of life of populace. Recurrence: 100 - 200 years. Reasons: Incessant rains; Melting of snow; Tsunami; On coasts and islands, floods can occur as a result of submersion of riverside with waves, formed during earthquakes or eruption of volcanoes in ocean. Similar floods are not rare on the shores of Japan and on other islands of Pacific Ocean. Flooding occur on many rivers of Western Europe - Danube, Sen, Rhone, Po and other rivers and also on the rivers Yangtse and Huang He (Yellow river) in China, Mississippi and Ohio in USA. Most effective method to abate the floods on rivers is to regulate the river runoff by creating water basins. Dams are built to fight the floods on seashores.

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  • Ended: 7/27/2007 06:00
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