Contest Directions: Southern California had a tough weekend - dozens of wildfires are quickly spreading with gusting winds, causing the state of emergency in 7 Californian counties and putting thousands of homes at risk. Firefighters are working around the clock to contain the spreading fires and to prevent them from spreading.
Photoshop fire any way you like. Some examples are settings things a flame, shaping fire into something (objects, liquids, etc), making new products with fire (e.g. Fire Pepsi), adding fire to composition in paintings and magazines. Your entry has to include at least some fire in it one way or another.
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  • Fire Ant

    Fire Ant
  • Chertoff on Fire

    Chertoff on Fire
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger on Fire

    Arnold Schwarzenegger on Fire
  • Halloween Fire Globe

    Halloween Fire Globe
  • Halloween Pumpkin in Flames

    Halloween Pumpkin in Flames
  • Hell`s Viper Fire

    Hell`s Viper Fire
  • Fire Cross Bones

    Fire Cross Bones
  • Flaming Skull

    Flaming Skull
  • Fire Nightmare

    Fire Nightmare
  • Fire Mouth

    Fire Mouth
  • Bubble Reflection Fire

    Bubble Reflection Fire
  • Earth on Fire

    Earth on Fire
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Fire – in a restricted sense – is a complex of hot gases or plasmas, consequently releasing the following: • Conditional and unconditional heating of the inflammable material to a certain point; • Chemical reaction (Here and further inflammable material is understood as such things, like wood, and unassociated components which does not take part in the reaction, for example, Sulphur); • Contact of current of high potential with inflammable material. Fire is the basic phase of the combustion process and has self distributive properties with the involvement of other combustible materials by fire. Proper temperature of the fire depends upon the source, inducing the ignition reaction and/or from the materials, taking part in the reaction of combustion. In the military service the word “fire” is understood as firing from a firing weapon (with bullets or other shells). Significance in the daily life Because of the highly important value of fire there are different methods to obtain it which was invented even by the primitive man, having used them for lighting, heating, food preparation, safety from the wild animals and to pass some code signals. The first method, apparently, stood the method which was derived from an unspecified combusting source, such as lightening (however lightening, taking into consideration different natural conditions and weather, rarely stroked wood). Raising friction which was low effective, a stick rotating into a piece of wood, was replaced by the spunk, which was made of fungal warts on the oak tree and ash tree. Traditional form of support for fire in those days and at present, during the passage of survival course, was wood fire.

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  • Started: 10/22/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 10/24/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 12
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