Fat Women
Fat Women
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      • How can anyone find making fun of obesity entertaining. It's not, some can't help the way they are. I am shocked and appalled how people make fun of fat people.
      • Fat Britney Spears looks far better than the skinny celebrities like Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie.
      • As someone who has battled weight in the past, I don't view my fattening of women as "making fun". I actually think many of them look better/more normal after I've added a few pounds. I just think it's fun to see what so-called "perfect" celebs would look like if they were less "perfect". It makes the "god-like" seem more human.
      • I agree with angelface of Independents, it is not nice or funny to make fun of fat people. I do not know of any overweight person who enjoys being heavy and if they had a choice I am sure they would not choose to be overweight or labeled. However, I am also a junkie when it comes to the E channel. I found these photos amusing because they bring humor to the fact that our society is ignorant, studies prove that women are treated differently according to their appearance rather then their hard work and talents.
      • Sadly, very true. We humans have a tendancy towards valuing the trivial and ignoring the things that truly matter. Beauty is a wonderful thing, but we should not lose sight of the fact that it is not the only thing. Nor the fact that thin does not necessarily equal beauty and fat does not necessarily mean ugly. As is said, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder".
      • To be honest I appreciate that some fat women enjoy being full figured, but is it not, at the end of the day, a weakness and do they simply eat too much and not take enough exercise. Weight balance is not rocket science. Put in too much and you will gain weight, eat and exercise responsibly and you will continue to look like a human, and not a whale. And who will end up paying when obese people become a burden on the medical services. It's irresponsible.
      • Well, I think it's a person's choice to either pick up that burger and fries. but, it's not surprising that someone has to always be offended or threatened when somebody happens to challenge their viewpoint of things. This is simply one person's idea of Britney and I think it's a lot healthier than any skinny woman.
      • I think that most fat woman are healthier than all skinny woman.
      • After reading these comments, I realized how little people know about women and weight. Being constantly bombarded by images of ideal beauty has disastrous implications for our self esteem. We are constantly worried about our weight - whether we are too fat or too skinny - and it isn't a surprise why 1 in 5 women have an eating disorder. But if we think of any little abnormality towards eating than 4 out of 5 women would have an eating disorder. This could be bulimia, anorexia nervosa, or even compulsory eating disorder. These are psychological disorders towards eating. Calling most people who are fat as being "lazy or greedy" completely overlooks genetics. Some people are genetically inclined towards heaviness. In addition, some people have eating disorders not just because of the media but because of other oppressive circumstances - a response towards different forms of oppression. I think we should focus on the psychological, emotional, and physical well-being of all individuals across various genders and quit trying to make a competition for women based on arbitrary terms of beauty when only a small percentage of us are genetically inclined towards "model-like" thinness. Maybe we should have the media move more towards talent, mind, and intellectual contributions. Men are always portrayed as smart, intellectual, rich, and powerful or aggressive and promiscuous. Why not level out the playing field so that women have better representation.
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