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Contest Directions: It's time for a round of fat people. Photoshop overweight celebrities and fat people from around the world. Julianne Moore may use some fattening as well as Britney Spears. High quality images is what we're looking for, so take your time entering this contest.
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Doctor Udo Pollmer stated that diets can be senseless. He refuted the ideals of model beauty and mentioned that fat people live longer. In an interview to newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine, he informed that many people become obese by using sweetener in food and non-fat products. He reiterated that our organism interprets it as threat to hunger. Calories supply energy to mind, make possible mobile activeness and "heat" the organism. If the food is insufficient, then the organism itself makes up for the shortage and accumulates thicker fat layer. "Look at the Americans: One third of the population is always on diet however, people will not become slimmer due to the diet" opines dietitian. He stated that, as on date more than 100 reasons are known according to which a person accumulates weight: Infectious agents, causing obesity, genetic deviations and hormonal disorders. The more stress on fat people, the more obese they become, since stress and bad moods lead to situation, where people cling onto food as if it is a life buoy. The so called "battle with obesity" is calculated income for dieticians and public health departments. Udo Pollmer noted that, "Fat" becomes the best life insurance for elderly persons since they tend to loose weight during illness. High rate of mortality is observed not in the case of fat people but in thin (lean) people. In recent times, opinion about the necessity of being well-built is constantly stressed-upon. On a beach, girl with ideal figure is always noticed and followed by eyesight. Close associates, noticing her take snacks, once again remind possible disfiguring problems. What to do, if you indeed, do not try to fight obesity? Concept "Slim – Stout" is very subjective. Nevertheless, strict social beauty rules prosper: We are forced to accept slim people as normal, normal people for chubby, and chubby for openly stout. Survey, conducted amongst the French women, showed that beauty norms for many is a 14 year girl And at the age of 20, not every one can accept the way she looks like! As a matter of fact, obesity problem is not so much aesthetic as much as psychological. According to the opinions of psychologists, these are the qualities, inherent to persons, suffering from obesity: - It is easy for them to avoid seduction during association with opposite sex (It is frequently noticed that, people put-on weight immediately after marriage); - As a rule, they feel morally strong persons (They constantly check their emotions and sometimes leading to nervous disorders); - Often, they possess reputation of being intelligent obliging persons and it is very difficult for them to say "NO" to other persons; they need more love and affection than anybody else and very painfully take critics in their own stride. Under the guidance of Gregory Simon, scientists destroyed the already prevalent stereotype that fat people are jolly. It is ascertained that, fat persons are more vulnerable to depressions and mood swings, informs journal Archives of General Psychiatry. 9125 adults took part in the survey, conducted by the members of Group Health Cooperative. Specialists had interviewed all the volunteers and estimated their psychological condition. According to the inputs of volunteers, such as weight and height, scientists judged the presence of fat (obesity). Survey results indicated that, people with obesity problems experience anxious and emotional disorders including depression 25 % more than the others. At the same time, fat people very rarely (by 25%) abused of alcohol and narcotics in comparison with other well-built brothers. Researchers are yet to come to a conclusion whether depression is a reason or consequence of obesity since both the variants are completely possible. It is known that, physical activity decreases in the persons, suffering from depression. Apart from this, drugs, used for the treatment of depression, can augment the weight. On the other hand, fat people, more often, become the object of gibes by society, which reflect on their moods. Both depression and as well as obesity are widely spread. Approximately, one-third of American adults suffer from obesity and depression is diagnosed in 10% of population (approximately 21 millions). The presence of estrogen in  female organism is the not only reason for easy gain of extra weight.  But still, diet becomes an obsession for majority of women.  I do not know, for example,  a woman who does not go on a diet at least once in a life & majority of women put themselves on dieting for a minimum of 2 - 4 times in a year.  Low calorie diet  -strangely enough, best friend of a female's fat cell.  If women realized the harm, which they pose to the organism, they  would never try to put themselves on diet.   Once the fat cells begin to understand that calorie input in organism has decreased, they induce the lipogenetic enzymes to start functioning. Unfortunately, steatolytic enzymes do not figure in the "activated" enzyme list.  Diet increases the size of your fat cells & forces them to accumulate fat more actively or burn it more slowly.  In men, fat cells react differently to the decreased calorie intake.  When the man goes on a traditional low-calorie diet, he activates the steatolytic enzymes & successfully loses weight.  Woman, even if grows slim after diet, they have the tendency to gain weight quickly, which can be even more than the weight, before going on diet.

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