Eye Glasses
Contest Directions: These holidays, the sales of prank eyeglasses are up, which have plastic human eyes attached to the frames with springs. When these fake eyes pop out it gives a special meaning to the phrase "eye glasses".
Let's design glasses which would actually have human eyes in the frames, similar to how it's done in prank eyeglasses with fake plastic eyes (but with no springs please). Some examples may be showing celebrities and politicians wearing such glasses with their eyes, or with somebody's else eyes. You are welcome to make the eyes bigger or change their shape somewhat to fit the frames.
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  • Tom Cruise Wearing Eye Glasses

    Tom Cruise Wearing Eye Glasses
  • George W Bush with Thick Glasses

    George W Bush with Thick Glasses
  • Hillary Clinton Wearing Funny Glasses

    Hillary Clinton Wearing Funny Glasses
  • Dick Cheney Wearing Periscope Glasses

    Dick Cheney Wearing Periscope Glasses
  • Lindsay Lohan Eyeglasses

    Lindsay Lohan Eyeglasses
  • Skull Eye Glasses

    Skull Eye Glasses
  • Colin Farrell`s Spectacles

    Colin Farrell`s Spectacles
  • Eye Glasses of Marty Feldman

    Eye Glasses of Marty Feldman
  • Girl Wearing Funny Glasses

    Girl Wearing Funny Glasses
  • Bill Clinton Wearing Strange Glasses

    Bill Clinton Wearing Strange Glasses
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Eye glasses are a simple device for corrections of optical defects in sight and for eye protection. Myopia is corrected by negative lenses, hypermetropia – with the positive, Astigmatism – cylindrical and spherical cylindrical lenses, heterotropia – with the prismatic glasses. Today the world of spectacles is diversified boundlessly. Some of those remind items, which were produced in a corporation laboratory, engaged in space research work, others are like toys which are developed in virtue of the fantasy dinosaurs, occasionally and with out any hesitation, those eyeglasses – this is a medical device. Oh yeah it is up to man to grasp from this diversity. From one side, optics is not traded by jewelers, but by the optical instruments for eye – eyeglasses. Accepting that the main thing in the eyeglasses is – the lens, we must find, that the frame with lens must hold the total construction firmly, preserving the specified optical parameters for the user. Other wise the main principle and medical law, “Don’t harm” is violated. From the other side, in the present days eyeglasses are becoming a characteristic feature of social differentiation. I.e. eyeglasses are not only the instruments for vision, not only an accessory, but as a means, which builds the prestige of the owner. The services of the optics salesman will see, feel the client and choose the model, according to the personality of the individual and those roles, which he wants to play in the society. During this frame and lenses must be according to the medical indications. In front of the sales-consultant there stand difficult problems: to help the visitor chooses a suitable product and pickup that frame and that lens, which underlines the dignity and hides the disadvantages, makes the owner serious or light some, to find the weakness and nakedness or add rigidity and solidness. Except the desire to help, the job in optical shop requires necessary professional education and in the field of Ophthalmology, physics, material technology. That’s why it is important while buying the eyeglasses (we invoke you) to take into consideration not only the price, assortment, quality, but also adequate opticians. Modern vision correction helps to prevent the development of myopia. But special coating, which is carried on the lens, provides additional protection to the eye. Such eyeglasses are required and to those, who have good sight – in means of prophylaxis. And if the child already has the problems with vision, doctor prescribed him eyeglasses, in no way it should be put a side to visit the optical shop. The timely correction of vision helps to prevent the development of myopia. And special coatings, which are applied on the lens, provide additional eye protection. How to decrease the risk of myopia development? The recommendation of most of the doctors results basically to restrict the time spent in front of the computer, compulsory pause during the work and so on. Of course, all this is correct, but sometimes it is entirely impracticable. How ever it is in your interest to protect the eyes of your child from the hazardous effect of the television and computer with out locking them. Let them watch but only in a proper manner. Make pauses in between browsing: eyes will have some time to get rest from the pressure. Or else buy them eyeglasses with contrast lenses – called as “computer eyeglasses”. Such eyeglasses: 1.Increases precision, contrast of the picture. 2.Decreases the vision stress on the eyes. 3.Contributes to decrease the tiredness, increases the workability. 4.Decreases the danger of increasing myopia. Such eyeglasses are recommended not only during work on computer, but also while watching television, reading. Similar eyeglasses are prescribed not only for children with myopia, and also to teen programmers with 100 percent vision as a prophylactic measure. Instead of these, they will act in a beneficiary way on the psychology of the child, indeed after the long existence before the computer screen with out the special eyeglasses the child may become nervous, irritating. The spectacles are chosen individually as a whole condition to neutralize such negative effect. Which eyeglasses should be selected for children? 1.Light, strong, which will not cause allergy, 2.Comfortable and convenient, accident safe 3.Provide sufficient field of sight. That’s why while selecting eyeglasses for children it is especially necessary to consult professionals. Only in specialized optical shops they may help you to select a proper eye glasses, taking in to consideration all their attentions. Optical shops are engaged in manufacturing and selling of eyeglasses for years. But qualification, perfection, and professional approach – should be the main factors when it comes to choosing a spectacles shop. And isn't this the main factor of consideration when it comes to your child's health and vision?

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  • Started: 12/24/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 12/26/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 14
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
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