Evolution Gone Wrong
Contest Directions: Evolution Day, which falls on November 24, was celebrated last Saturday by the scientific community worldwide. This date marks the anniversary of the first publication in 1859 of Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Species" in which he sets forth the basic principle of evolution, called "natural selection," used to this day in science.
To celebrate Evolution Day at Freaking News, show how humans or any animals might have looked if evolution had gone differently.
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  • Evolution gone wrong; Mutated head

    Evolution gone wrong; Mutated head
  • Ancient Woman

    Ancient Woman
  • Freak creatures

    Freak creatures
  • Monitor -Gator- Turtle

    Monitor -Gator- Turtle
  • Specialized runner

    Specialized runner
  • Tekno-giraffe

  • From dove to eagle

    From dove to eagle
  • Flying puffer

    Flying puffer
  • We came from water

    We came from water
  • Ferocious fly

    Ferocious fly
22 high resolution images
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