Contest Directions: Photoshop Eminem performance on the MTV Movie Awards show to add satire to it. Or photoshop other places where Eminem did his mooning performance.
13 hi-res pictures
  • MTV Movie Awards

    MTV Movie Awards
  • Eminem String

    Eminem String
  • Eminem Sux

    Eminem Sux
  • One Up Eminem

    One Up Eminem
  • Jackson

  • Michael Jackson Beat It

    Michael Jackson Beat It
  • Eminem Kaboom

    Eminem Kaboom
  • Slim Shady Sprung

    Slim Shady Sprung
  • Empty roll

    Empty roll
  • Shaved Monkey

    Shaved Monkey
13 high resolution images
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Filmed footage of rapper Eminem dropping his pants and showing of his rear will be deleted from the televised coverage of the MTV Movie Awards program. Eminem mooned the audience during his appearance. The mooning will be removed to make the appearance more suitable for a broadcast audience. In the wake of Janet Jackson's breast being exposed on live television, television networks in the United States have become more sensitive about such incidents and about what is shown on the aur. Following the Jackson incident at the Super Bowl, CBS and television regulators received over 200,000 complaints.

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