Contest Directions: [ 10 years ago an annoying laughing electronic doll named Elmo was introduced to the market, setting the latest craze among toddlers, and fueling mass hysteria among Santa's little helpers (a.k.a. parents). This Tuesday, Mattel Inc. - the producers of Tickle Me Elmo - marked the toy's 10th anniversary by introducing Elmos' new version called "T.M.X. Elmo", which stands for "Tickle Me Extreme Elmo", which has more tickle spots and once tickled starts slapping his knee, falling on his back and convulsing, getting back up, falling on his side, rolling to his front, slapping the floor, getting back up. ]
They called it Elmo "Extreme" edition, because Elmo "Epileptic" would not sound as cool, and most toddlers don't know what "epileptic" is. But let me tell you this straight now - if you are parents of toddlers - you either buy this stupid laughing toy for Christmas or turn into LAUGHINGSTOCKS of the playground because ALL THE OTHER BABIES HAVE T.M.X ELMO WAAAH. Get the picture? Oh, and when you buy this hairy monster you'll have to give it two test-tickles, and if it laughs - you know you've got the "extreme" edition.
To mark the Elmo's 10th anniversary, you are asked to photoshop one of the following:
1) Design your own new version of Tickle Me Elmo. Give it a new name if you wish.
2) Show Tickle Me Elmo living real life (not as a toy) having a job, family, etc.
3) Include Elmo in things / objects it does not normally belong - movies, paintings, etc.
21 pictures
  • Tickle Me Elmo

    Tickle Me Elmo
  • Elmo

  • Elmo & Tom Cruise

    Elmo & Tom Cruise
  • Pickle Me Elmo

    Pickle Me Elmo
  • Elmo fur

    Elmo fur
  • Elmo Napoleon

    Elmo Napoleon
  • Elmo Saturday Night Fever

    Elmo Saturday Night Fever
  • Elmo Paris Hilton

    Elmo Paris Hilton
  • Elmo Sofa

    Elmo Sofa
  • Brokeback Mountain Elmo

    Brokeback Mountain Elmo
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This contest is fueled by the following news: On Tuesday, the Mattel toy company presented the 10th anniversary of its well loved Tickle Me Elmo doll. The 10th anniversary version of the doll is a new, red "TMX Elmo." With this version, the doll actually can fall over in a happy fit of merry laughter. The latest version of the Elmo doll has been kept shrouded in extreme secrecy for months. Mattel has attempted to generate interest in and a buzz about the latest version of Elmo. The company wants to kick of the holiday toy selling season with a proverbial bang. The first Tickle Me Elmo created a toy craze ten years ago with parents fighting to find the Elmo doll for their children that holiday season. The latest doll, the TMX Elmo, was delivered to retailers some two weeks ago. However, it did not go on the store's shelves until Tuesday. Since the introduction of Elmo onto the market in 1996, ten years ago, a variety of versions of the doll have hit the market. There has even been a Knows Your Name Elmo that actually greated a child by his or her name. The 10th anniversary Elmo, the latest incarnation of the doll, has tickle spots on his tummy, foot and chin. When tickled on these spots, the doll laughs and slaps his leg. He eventually falls down in laughter. The second time he is tickled, Elmo will fall backwards and he ends up kicking his feet in gales of laughter. The third time Elmo is tickled, he ends up rolling on his tummy and pounds his hand on the floor, laughing all the while. The doll is now available at retailers like Wal-Mart Stores Inc., Toys "R" Us and KB Toys. The latest version of Elmo will be sold for approximately $40.00 and is geared to children who are 18 months old and older.

Contest Info

  • Started: 9/20/2006 08:00
  • Ended: 9/22/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 21
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $20
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $12
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $8
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