Ellen DeGeneres
Contest Directions: Ellen DeGeneres celebrates her 50th birthday today. Stand up comedian, actress, talk show host, and one of the most famous lesbians, Ellen has had quite a colorful career and personal life. On her show - The Ellen Degeneres Show - Ellen often mentions that she likes to spend time with her girlfriend and watching movies; she loves tennis shoes, animals, nature, and clothes.
To mark the 50th birthday of Ellen DeGeneres, photoshop her any way you wish. Some examples are: showing what movies Ellen could have starred in, what professions she could have chosen, how she might look in the future, merging Ellen with other celebrities, etc.
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  • Ellen DeGeneres Portrait

    Ellen DeGeneres Portrait
  • Ellen DeGeneres in Kiss Makeup

    Ellen DeGeneres in Kiss Makeup
  • Ellen DeGeneres the Chef

    Ellen DeGeneres the Chef
  • Ellen DeGeneres with a Beard

    Ellen DeGeneres with a Beard
  • Ellen DeGeneres in Sicko

    Ellen DeGeneres in Sicko
  • Ellen DeGeneres in Enchanted Movie

    Ellen DeGeneres in Enchanted Movie
  • Old Ellen DeGeneres

    Old Ellen DeGeneres
  • Ellen Degeneres Painting

    Ellen Degeneres Painting
  • Ellen Degeneres Riding an Ostrich

    Ellen Degeneres Riding an Ostrich
  • Ellen DeGeneres Booty Check

    Ellen DeGeneres Booty Check
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Ellen is a Beloved American Lesbian. And it is not accidental: The actress and television anchor Ellen DeGeneres holds this title quite officially and she deserved it. A couple of years ago, American Society was asked questions regarding the relations with the representatives of the sex-minority, and the society joyfully answered, that after her coming-out Ellen started receiving gays and lesbians far better, because such a pleasant human being in all relations by convention may not be a bad one. And it means others are also quite good guys. Coming-Out – A step of Glory Ellen is beautiful, talented and possesses a great sense of humor, where she was invited at various times to conduct the presentation ceremony of the television awards the “Emmys”. Jest has to be made successfully; it has to look natural, but should not disappear in bad conditions. A better candidate than DeGeneres, television star, who goes to millions of Americans homes in virtue of her “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, is hard to find. For us this lady stood as an ideal after the film “If These Walls Could Talk-2”, in which Ellen and Sharon Stone composed an ideal lesbian pair, aspiring to find a successor. Ellen DeGeneres was born on the 26th of January 1958, finished school then studied in The University of New Orleans for a month in the field of the “Telecommunications” specialization, however quickly understood, that a technician will not come out of her. Ellen actually was interested in television broadcasting, but totally in a different field. To achieve the aimed target she had to overcome many stages: as every actress in a starting stage, DeGeneres had to become a waitress and bartender, combining these activities with presentations in a small comedy club. There she stood not only as a show-woman, but also as a composer for some small sketches, which made use of any unchanged popularity among the public. In the year 1981 Ellen recorded her show on a video and the very next year she stood as “The funniest comedy actress of America”. This sonorous title bagged her Showtime, one of the leading cable channels, specialized in showing films and serials of their own making. The first step was made. After this it dashed: DeGeneres acted in a show, regularly appeared in the authors programs of famous chiefs and achieved the new title “The most talented entertainer”. In the year 1994, a television channel ABC launched a project rotation under the name “Oh these friends of mine indeed!” which at an early date was renamed into “Ellen”, since our heroine in that got a leading role. DeGeneres – The most brave and honest lady-comedian. Though because of what she stated publicly regarding her homosexuality, she understood that this acceptance may cost her career, but she understood one more thing at the same time: to tell the truth. Thank god that he gave us Ellen DeGeneres! Today for Ellen has a new girlfriend – Australian actress Portia De Rossi. DeGeneres says that she has never had such a deep love, and that along with Portia, Ellen wants to live till the end of the life. She lives in a classy house in Beverly Hills, and loves her dogs and has dreams regarding children. And also she continues to be as a loving lesbian of all America and with the magisterial prestige in the field of Television shows. It is not in vain that she was elected as the master of ceremonies for the Oscars.

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