Elephant Animals

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  • Started: 8/3/2010 11:15
  • Ended: 8/6/2010 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 32
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Elephant Animals
Contest Directions: Mammoth No. 59 was discovered at The Mammoth Site of Hot Springs today. This discovery pushes the number of mammoths discovered at Hot Springs to 59 56 Columbian and three Woolly. The woolly mammoth was an elephantid species and most closely related to today's Asian elephants. Even though mammoths originally lived in a more tropical climate, they migrated to the Arctic where the adopted to colder climate. Scientists have long been trying to recreate mammoths from the DNA of the frozen mammoths found in the permafrost of the Arctic. The concept is complex and involves genetic engineering and surrogate mother-ship - implanting the woolly mammoth's DNA into an egg cell of the female elephant and then planting the egg into the female elephant's womb where it should develop into an embryo. So far no such attempts have been successful, but scientists are now one step closer to recreating woolly mammoth's blood from the DNA.
Would the chances of bringing the woolly mammoth back to life be higher if we put the mammoth's DNA into the womb of some other animal species? Show us what cross-species between mammoths (or elephants) and other animals would look like. Since elephants and mammoths are very close relatives, we'll accept entries using elephants "as mammoths".

Contest Info

    • Started: 8/3/2010 11:15
    • Ended: 8/6/2010 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 32
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
32 pictures
  • House Fly Elephant

    House Fly Elephant
        • Totally freaking brilliant! Can I have this elefly in my house please!
        • A Freaking Flyephant!!!!!!

          [Edited by User on 8/4/2010 11:14:10 AM]
        • Hahaha, that is funny as ****! I have to keep going back...it's freat! Good luck!
        • Yikes! I knew I should have patented that..
        • Lol, and me worried about flies crapping all over my computer
        • Congrats Sid, great chop I like them eyes and leg tusks.

          [Edited by User on 8/6/2010 6:16:38 PM]
        • Congrats on the gold SidKain, super funny chop!
        • hahahah that's was very cool SidKain !! congrats on the big gold and keep up the top works
  • The Amazing Elephant Man

    The Amazing Elephant Man
        • You'v done amazing wk on the skin...fantastic piece.
        • He really could use a Pachydermatologists.
        • It's amazing creature, a creature with character! Love how you "crafted" it - feels like a totally cool version of elephant man!
        • Thanks all Reminds me of the old freak shows at the carnival.
        • rain great stuff!!! ,,, congratulations
        • Congrats on the silver AZ, very cool chop!
        • wow totally awesome work teacher !! was so close race !! congrats on the silver and keep going
  • Woman Riding a Sea Horse Elephant

    Woman Riding a Sea Horse Elephant
        • Congrats on the bronze Raunman, nice...thing??
        • Freaky creature, gotta love it!
          Bronze congrats for Rain too!
  • Humming Bird Elephant on a Cat

    Humming Bird  Elephant on a Cat
        • hahah that's great work . love the colors here
        • colors are brilliant, wings look a treat, and the feet absolutely cracked me up wd
        • love it, that looks so funny..as sid says, those little feet look so cute.lol
        • You could put hair on a bowling ball and make it look beautiful. Another stunner.
        • Thanks all, was going for the kid's pic look.
        • I knew it's was your congrats on the woody too
        • thought this was no.1 for sure, great chop
        • This elephant got a woody!
          Congrats on the wood too Rain!
  • Squirrel Elephant

    Squirrel Elephant
        • What a cutie critter it turned out! Kudos for perfect blending - it looks photo realistic!
        • Why do elephants wear springs on their feet?
          So they can jump up into the trees and screw squirrels.

          What's the most terrifying sound to a squirrel?
          "Boing, boing, boing..."
        • Looks real, must eat boatloads of nuts...lol
        • hahahha that's truly fantastic work !!! love it alot
        • Tough race in this contest. I wish this one would get a trophy too
  • Ali the Alcaholic Elephant Lizard

    Ali the Alcaholic Elephant Lizard
        • Very nice, I like the contrasting colors!
        • Now that's a critter with style!
          and we often turn into Friday night animals!
  • Mammoth Armadillo Elephant

    Mammoth Armadillo Elephant
        • Preemie, you're the one...I love this chop. He's hilarious!
        • that's was really awesome try premm
          keep up the great works
  • Sarah Palin The Wooly Mammoth

    Sarah Palin The Wooly Mammoth
        • Another high mark-another fabulous chop.
        • What can I say? Another entertaining visual step into the Rainman Zone.
  • Elephant Pigs

    Elephant Pigs
        • good chop, well blended and looks good!!
        • It was fanatastic, i liked it so much keep it up guys.
  • Strange Elephant Bird

    Strange Elephant Bird
  • Rooster Elephant

    Rooster Elephant
  • Crawling Elephant Snail

    Crawling Elephant Snail
        • What is stronger an elephant or a snail?
          A snail, because it carries its house, an elephant just carries its trunk!
  • Tiger Elephant

    Tiger Elephant
        • Look, who's back!!!
          Tabby! Welcome baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!, missed ya lots!

          Cute creature you made!
        • HIYA... its good to be back, can feel the addiction creeping over me )
  • Odd Celebrity Pets

    Odd Celebrity Pets
  • Seahorse Elephants

    Seahorse Elephants
  • Oprah Mammoth vs. Conan O'Brien the Barbarian

    Oprah Mammoth vs. Conan O'Brien the Barbarian
        • I dunno who's coco either but that chop is hilarious!
  • Elephant Octopus

    Elephant Octopus
  • Devo Elephants

    Devo Elephants
        • The shadows are a tad too strong. Otherwise great one!
  • Human Mammoth Skeleton

    Human Mammoth Skeleton
  • Elephant Bat on Eiffel Tower

    Elephant Bat on Eiffel Tower
        • LOL!
          Great concept.
          I would add some shadows from "the bat" onto the tower
  • Barack Obama Elephant

    Barack Obama Elephant
  • Cow with Elephant Trunk and Tusks

    Cow with Elephant Trunk and Tusks
  • Human Skeleton with Tusks

    Human Skeleton with Tusks
  • Orangutan Elephant Baby

    Orangutan Elephant Baby
  • Wooly Mammoth Spider

    Wooly Mammoth Spider
  • Rhino Elephants

    Rhino Elephants
  • Panda Elephant

    Panda Elephant
  • White Ibis Elephant

    White Ibis Elephant
  • Praying Mantis Mammoth

    Praying Mantis Mammoth
  • Seastar Trunks

    Seastar Trunks
  • Horse with Tusks

    Horse with Tusks
        • nice one, but the tusks look somewhat flat
        • yeah, it was a rush to get one in..i stole them off mammoth on ice age..they were so flat..i tried adding burn as shadows on another layer but it looked crap..so i put it in..
  • The Rare Cow Elephant

    The Rare  Cow Elephant
32 image entries
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