Easter World

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  • Started: 4/14/2006 06:00
  • Ended: 4/16/2006 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 37
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $100
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $60
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $40
Easter World
Contest Directions: Decorate / paint the world with an Easter style. Use objects, people, places, adverts, animals, cards, Easter bunnies, or Easter eggs - let the Easter colors shine!

Contest Info

    • Started: 4/14/2006 06:00
    • Ended: 4/16/2006 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 37
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $100
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $60
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $40
37 pictures
  • Easter Head

    Easter Head
        • Real nice work, Excellent job matching sources!
        • Interesting image, reminds me of a Bishop's Mitre
        • Very nice work, looks like you've done it again
  • Easter Self Portrait

    Easter Self Portrait
        • i often see this image, if you make the hands just a hand of a rabbit.
        • Love the color cast on the hand. Fantastic!
        • An egg in the hand is worth two in the basket..
  • Easter Egg Planet

    Easter Egg Planet
        • And on the seventh day God said:
          "Don't put all eggs in one basket"
        • I like it. The shell edges look just a tad too sharp.
        • good idea, but the shadow is a bit out of direction. to many source of light
  • Buddy Chocolate Christ

    Buddy Chocolate Christ
        • Great entry! I love the two-tone chocolate.

          Good show.
        • the highlights is a bit flat, try make a yellow gold over a white spot highlight
        • Not a good thing to make fun of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • On 4/18/2006 5:05:32 AM, shedevilgranny53 said:

          Not a good thing to make fun of!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          From someone named "shedevil" I'm not sure how to take this, but thanks for the reply
  • Doomsday Egg

    Doomsday Egg
        • Love that source pic.
          Excellent work, the reflections on the egg distract a bit, (the reflections you added at the bottom are great)
        • Great entry but the light on the egg is not from the same direction as on the earth.
  • Absolut Easter

    Absolut Easter
        • Very nice idea. Only it would be nice to see the text follow the round glass. (Spherize on PS)
  • Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny
  • Egg evolution

    Egg evolution
        • laughing my arse off!! That cube shaped Chicken must have the bird flu or something LOL

          Great work!!
        • Left chicken to right chicken: "Square!"

          Right chicken: "Egghead!"
        • That is one square chicken!

          and the eggs, man, those have GOT to hurt coming out..

  • Easter Fish Eggs

    Easter Fish Eggs
        • I don't dare to ask if you coloried each piece of caviar
          Nice job!
        • Now that looks like it took some time O_o
  • Easter Island Makeover

    Easter Island Makeover
        • Nice idea. Excellent job laying the paint over the source, looks very convincing.
  • Egg Light

    Egg Light

        • On 4/15/2006 12:27:24 AM, suchan3rd said:

          now that's a bright idea!

          So true!
        • Nice idea and execution, but where are the shapes on the other side!
        • Very clean work.

          I see Renesis already asked my question.

          Perhaps coloring the clear bulb with a pastel color could alow quick copy/blurring the pattern on the back of the bulb.
          (nitpicky detail) this is a Beautiful chop on its own.
        • Not bad, but I think I saw something like this for sale at Wal Mart last week!!!!!!!!!!
  • Easter Diamond

    Easter Diamond
        • Nice

          [Edited by User on 4/15/2006 1:21:57 PM]
        • Almost expected to see pantyose in those little eggs

          Very nice presentation. My only critique would be the lighting on the eggs laying on the surface. There should be some caryover light on the black if they are spotlighted, if not, the eggs should be more shadowed.
        • No way! I like the easter egg contanier wouldn't be if someone acally did that.
  • Cheney

        • LOL...do you think he'd have a heart attack if he saw this?
        • His heart is prolly all red and blue and all colors of a rainbow by now
        • Poor guy gave 2/3rds of his income to charity and this is what he gets.
        • I was wondering if maybe the "overspray" on the collar was actually intended as a shadow.
        • Nice entry! I wonder if the "overspray" was actually intended as a shadow.
        • a little straight on the coloring, try to follow the contour of the face
        • Couldn't agree more about Dick Cheney being an absolute EGGHEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Cheney Bunny

    Cheney Bunny
        • Come over here, I'll shoot you full of chocolate eggs!
        • Shouldn't Cheny have a gun? I guess they took it away from him becase it was too dangerous.
  • Jesus with eggs

    Jesus with eggs
        • oh father in heaven...give me my daily egg....
        • Real nice work, Excellent blending.

          Where's the bunny ears?
  • Easter Bubble

    Easter Bubble
  • Easter Pool

    Easter Pool
        • Excellent chop,

          Contest view hurts it quite a bit as the compression exaggerates the small imperfections in the masking/edges between eggs.

          Full view is much cleaner.
  • The Color of Easter Money

    The Color of Easter Money
        • Sweet! Can you gove me some more of these eggs for Easter?
        • keep the eggs ..can i hv sum of those bucks ...
        • My kinda eggs!

          Clean chop, and Wow, thats a big egg!
  • Easter Pool Balls

    Easter Pool Balls
        • it would be nice if the picture were bigger

          [Edited by User on 4/15/2006 4:57:55 AM]
        • Great work. But I agree with V1n - making balls egg-shaped would make it even better (though it would be very tough to implement in my humble opinion)
        • i think that if they were egg shaped, they wouldn't look like pool balls any more
        • each ball shud hv had the color scheme as in different easter eggs ...
        • I play pool in an APA (American Pool Association) league, and I wouldn't mind playing with these nicely decorated pool balls.
  • Easter in DC

    Easter in DC
  • Liberty Easter

    Liberty Easter
        • Tour guide:
          "...and Libery says to us: Don't put all eggs in one basket"
        • That is one big pair of ears!

          Very good idea.
        • Give me your tired, your chocolate bunnies, your huddled baskets, yearning to breathe free!
  • Easter Egg

    Easter Egg
        • Great work on the egg. Very artistic presentation.

          The masking has a few rough edges around the globe. Minor detail which could easily be touched up.
        • I like the idea. IMO, it would have been better had you stretched the earth vertically as opposed to horizontally. As well, I am not sure about the basket.
        • too flat, esp in the ribbon and near the basket. try to put some contrast.
  • Easter Bunny Brains

    Easter Bunny Brains
        • Oops, I've almost misread this to "Easter bunny balls"

          Nice entry!
  • Mount Rushmore

    Mount Rushmore
        • Cute idea. A lot going on here.

          Cleaner lines on the edges between the faces and the eggs would help a lot, some of them look unfinished. (George in full view)
  • Easter Egg

    Easter Egg
  • easter eggs

    easter eggs
        • Funny idea. The only thing I don't like is the Coca Cola font. I don't know if there is a Kellog's available? Maybe you could cut off the "visor" found on the capital letters?
        • Great idea, Very well put together. I would have to agree with Reg on the font though. It is almost too familiar to not associate it with Coke.
        • I agree with Reg and midian, you shouldn't use the Coca Cola font and that was my first thought before reading the posts.
  • Easter System

    Easter System
        • A couple of you orbit rings don't match up in the bac there. Otherwise it's excellent!
  • Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny
        • Very cute indeed, but your eggs are floating above the stems and don't seem to be connected.
        • Beautiful idea, Nicely put together.

          I would blur the eggs a touch to match the source of the stems they are connected to.
  • Happy Easter

    Happy Easter
        • To get rid of the flat appearace of the paintings on the eggs, use the Filter-Render-3d transform, or spherize, to get the rounded distorted look of an egg.
        • try to make some depth, to make the perspective effective.
        • These are very beautiful eggs. They would make very beautiful Faberge eggs.
        • Great! I'm glad you included the true meaning of Easter.
  • Resurrection of the Easter Bunny

    Resurrection of the Easter Bunny
        • In a way this is not cool, and in another way it does put the question in your minds as to when the Easter Bunny came into play instead of Jesus Christ. It seems as though people have forgotten why we gather at Easter. They seem to have taken Him out of the Holiday completely. HOW SAD IS THAT?????!!!!!
  • Easter Eggs

    Easter Eggs
  • easter sphinx

    easter sphinx
        • You also colored over the people standing in front of the statue.
        • very good idea. but you colored over the people in front of the statue.
        • also there are gaps between colored "zones". I like the idea though, it would take a really big person to dip that egg...
        • nice idea but the colors used look very pale ..
        • When recoloring light colors, try the Color Burn Blending option, I think that will take care of the "pale" look people are referring to.
  • Cheney Egg Hunt

    Cheney Egg Hunt
        • Wabbit season!
          Duck season!
          WABBIT SEASON!

          [Edited by User on 4/15/2006 10:24:01 AM]
        • Real funny idea.

          I think overall this would fare better if you applied Elmer to a real egg in his hand. The rendered/painted egg distracts a bit.
  • happy easter

    happy easter
        • Nice work! But, I prefer the White Air Nikes=)
        • Nice work. I think the image size hurts it a bit. Contest view is 500px wide. Generally a good idea to shoot for that as a minimum to show off your work.

          (great idea though, I can totally see folks walking around in their pastel pumps)
        • Too small, when I view full I should be able to read the small print.
  • Easter Chicks

    Easter Chicks
        • Good but the source picture was too blurry or too small
        • Very cute idea.

          The source definatly hurts the overall image, but this is a winner idea.
  • Middle Easter

    Middle Easter
        • The Taj MaEggs are lit from the wrong direction. To fix that you'd only have to flip the Taj image, ANd the bunny up front is too blurry and too bright when compared to the rest of the pic.
        • y is the rabbit guy so big?
          he doesnt look right in that erea
  • Easter Balloon

    Easter Balloon
        • Nice idea, but the decoration looks flat on the balloon. A warping tool and some shadowing would fix that.
37 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Easter spending is reaching a record high this year due in part to an unprecedented marketing blitz by retailers. Many Christians are cringing at the marketing efforts because they fear it will interfere with the message of Christ's resurrection. They argue that the Easter Bunny has taken over the true meaning of the holiest day on the Christian calendar, according to Michele Combs of the Christian Coalition. In recent years, Easter has become second only to Christmas in terms of gift giving. Overall Easter retail spending in the United States is projected to reach $12.63 billion in 2006, a 32 percent increase from the $9.6 billion spent last year, according to National Retail Federation. KB Toys has joined the Easter rush by selling shrink-wrapped Easter baskets filled with toys at its 660 stores this year. Easter greetings in Eastern Europe: Since Easter night and down to the completion of Easter, it is accepted to welcome each other with the sentence: "Christ has arisen!" "Truly arisen!" by kissing (christening) three times. This custom comes from apostolic times "Welcome each other by kissing" Religious procession Just before Easter orthodox people gather in a temple, from where a religious procession takes place by singing the festival rhymes loudly. By midnight the procession approaches the doors of a temple and the divine service of morning Easter begins. In the Roman Catholic Church the religious procession also is conducted in the divine service in the evening of Easter, however not before the Liturgy, but after it. The religious procession on Easter should not be confused with the divine service of the God way, a special Catholic great fasting divine service in memory of the Passions of God. Folk customs In the evening of Easter, public strolls take place in the church courtyard. In Russia, public round dances and games take place in different districts from one day to two three weeks and referred to as the Red Hill. Under folk music people drive a huge round dance - "colo" in Bulgaria, "varosh" or "Public council" in Serbia, "tapherich" (in Turkish manner) in Bosnia. The culmination of dances - "chorus" (Bulgaria "People") the strongly linked round dance takes place with speed music, and the direction of movement varies quickly. In Bulgaria hundreds of big and small clay pots prepared before the festival and decorated with kind wishes are dropped from the top floors in commemoration of an Easter victory above evil. Any person passing through can take piece of broken crockery fortunately. In Russia and Serbia people "christianize" with Easter eggs by breaking in sequence the different ends, as well as people christianize three times on the cheeks. Children arrange "competitions" whose egg rolls to the maximum distance. Painted Easter eggs in the Russian culture mean new life and revival. Easter eggs in Russia were rolled on the ground for fertilization, put in the right hand of people who died on Easter; painted eggs were preserved for an entire year for the protection of the house against a fire and crops against hailstones. Family of Easter hares. In Europe and America, there is a custom to hide Easter eggs in the morning of Easter. Children after awakening on the spot rush to search all around the house. As children do not know from where the eggs are coming from, finally they find out the Easter rabbit with set of multi-colored eggs has left them. The Easter hare, as a symbol of fertility and richness became a symbol of Easter in Germany since the 16th century and since then it has became famous worldwide. Whole families or different trades make toys and sweets, and also make souvenirs in the shape of hares. Well in advance, prior to Easter, in the main areas of European cities, Easter fairs are organized where it is possible to buy hand made things. Bridges and fountains are decorated with greenery and multi-colored eggs, symbolizing Easter renovation and the Spring of Pleasure. In many courtyards it is possible to see bushes and trees decorated with eggs and different characters, like the Christmas fur-tree. In the Ukraine on Easter Monday guys pour water on girls, girls take "revenge" on Tuesday. In France on Monday, wives can beat husbands, and husbands can respond on Tuesday. In the Soviet time in a number of cities of Russia there was a custom to visit the tombs of relatives on Easter day. For taking people to remote cemeteries, municipal authorities have organized public transport. At the same time as per the tradition of the Orthodox Church in connection with the joyful day of Easter, the commemoration of the deceased is stopped for the entire duration of Bright Sedmitsa. On the tenth day after Easter, the Universal (common Church) parental day Rodonitsa is celebrated. In the majority of the European countries the Holy Week and the week after Easter are school and student's vacations. Many European countries, and also Australia celebrate Easter and Easter Monday as state holidays. Good Friday is also celebrated as state festival in Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Canada, Portugal, Croatia and the majority of Latin American countries. All the three days of Easter are state holidays in Spain.