Earth Hour

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  • Started: 3/28/2009 23:00
  • Ended: 4/1/2009 00:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 32
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Earth Hour
Contest Directions: This Saturday at 8pm (local time) millions of people across the world as well as thousands of businesses turned off their lights for an hour to promote electricity conservation. The event is called Earth Hour and it was first held a two years ago in 2007. This year, on March 28, the event was joined by over 80 countries, 4000 cities, and numerous locations - from Antarctic research base and the Great Pyramids of Egypt to the Empire State Building in New York and the Sears Tower in Chicago.
Let's see what would happen if Earth Hour went more global by turning lights off in the famous paintings and movies. In this contest, give night theme to famous paintings and movie posters. You are welcome to change the movie titles to reflect the night theme. Please don't use only brightness adjustment or filters, put more effort in your work by adding moon light, changing backgrounds, adding a lit candle, etc. A good example of an entry for this contest would be Forrest Gump movie poster showing Forrest Gump sitting on a bench holding a candle in the moonlight.

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/28/2009 23:00
    • Ended: 4/1/2009 00:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 32
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
32 pictures
  • King Kong Holding Candle

    King Kong Holding Candle
        • lovely work here, I love how you brought the colors together, well done
        • Well blended all over, like the colours.
        • the hot wax is cool! did it hurt Kong's fingers?
        • Love the detail on the gorilla's face, especially the eye.
        • Very nice. I wish everyone put their sources up. The exaggerated moon is cool and I like the blending, or filter, in the river.
        • You won 5 bucks! Don't spend it all in one place and save some for a rainy day. King of a chop here! Kong would be proud.
        • Candle wax, moon , the light and shadow work - so many excellent touches here
        • Congrats KIR Soon, Kong will be wondering why he traded Naomi Watts for a candle...hehe
        • Now that's a great moon... in one way or another Congrats on Gold, KIR!
        • Incredible work! Congrats!
          Consider me EXTREMELY jealous
        • Thanks everyone! I had the Kong source for a while, and knew it was a great source pic, but didn't know what to do with it, then a candle appeared above my head
        • Beautiful chop Keeper!! Thanx for showing the sources. The oversized moon really works well here and I love the color scheme!
        • Great work KIR. Great colors and precise details. I love the source and won a gold with it myself a while back in the Budweiser contest. Adding it to my favorites!
  • Moonlight Swim Painting

    Moonlight Swim Painting
        • Very nice, and a good web site you have directed me to with the source. Thank you.
        • Great remake of the famous painting. Moon colors are what makes it special too
        • Congratulations Rain! Great work with the added parts, especially the ligthning on her hand and foot looks good.
        • Great work AZ, very moody, excellent lighting, congrats!
        • Thanks all Was a fun and challenging contest in making a daytime image into night shot.
        • Nice work Rain. I started a chop with a Bouguereau painting for this contest, then rejected it. It was a very tough contest.
        • Great paint work Rain! Can never go wrong with a Bouguereau! Congrats on the silver.
  • Proposal under a Full Moon

    Proposal under a Full Moon
        • This really is very very nice, but wouldn't the moon be overhead versus way out there?
        • Light and shadow work here is outstanding. Looks like a real painting
        • Congrats Tom, excellent transformation

          [Edited by User on 4/1/2009 5:52:27 AM]
        • Great work Tom! Great to see your chops again! Fine paint work. Congrats!
  • Michael Moore Sicko

    Michael Moore Sicko
        • Well, since every time i post a link to the original poster creates all kinds of glitches(i have done it quit a few times brfore), i'll post it here.

          Well, this doesn't help either. It brings you not to the picture but to some place else. I dunno...I think i'll go do something simple now or shoot myself.

        • Superb chop! Makes me think of Halloween!

          I fixed the link for you. You only had one tiny typo that caused issues - you need to have the closing quote at the end of your URL address

          [Edited by User on 3/31/2009 3:17:25 PM]
        • You may click "edit" button on your comment and see the correct link syntax now - with the closing quote at the end of the http address.
        • this is a great draft but lighting is all over the place, work on that and you have a potential winner. bring the lighting up in Moores face and lose the glare on the blade, it makes no sense to have that much glare by candle light, but I love what you are doing here...and the cross at the top, make it less obvious or lose it all together, great thinking here
        • Congrats Jeremix Must be the dark version is about the new virtual colonoscopy...thanks for the laugh.
        • Nice chop, I love this source, congrats on the woody!
        • I feel he belongs to Jerry.
          ....But i'm keeping it.
        • This is really sick!!!! In a good way though, Cheers!
        • Great evil looking chop jeremix! Lots of nice work comming from you lately, Keep it up! Congrats on the wood! Love the details.
  • Man with a Candle Painting

    Man with a Candle Painting
        • I liked this one, Jer. The filter was a perfect choice.
        • Remmy came close this time Nice lighting fx
        • Remmy lives again? I thought I killed him off a while ago! LOL.
  • Dogs Playing Poker in the Dark

    Dogs Playing Poker in the Dark
        • Love the light and shadow work here. The candles in the glass are a good touch too.
        • This was funny... or is funny I should say. Easier for the cheater to cheat, too!
  • Drawing by Torchlight

    Drawing by Torchlight
        • "Full is the same, but with extra big." you tell em!
        • jejejej nice, i like, good, muy bien, que chido
  • Reading Desk Light Painting

    Reading Desk Light Painting
        • looking at the source pic, the work here is really good!
  • Legally Blonde at Night

    Legally Blonde at Night
        • Not wanting to use just filters, I lit up Congress. Man, they have got some supersized candles in there

          [Edited by User on 3/30/2009 7:13:46 PM]
        • Superb!
          For extra effect I'd make the dog's eyes glowing in the dark
        • Thanks, Hitspinner! NM - Are we allowed to change our entries once voting's started? I like the dog glowing eyes idea.
  • Magritte Paints by CandleLight

    Magritte Paints by CandleLight
  • The Dark Last Supper Painting

    The Dark Last Supper Painting
        • Good job. This is more realistic considering the lighting at the time. No energy saving candles in the upper room.
  • Moonshine

  • Darth Vader in Space

    Darth Vader in Space
  • Blood moon and no lights

    Blood moon and no lights
        • it's creepin me out.

          [Edited by User on 3/30/2009 3:13:31 PM]
        • It is a nice concept but the position of the moon, ahead of the tree branches and the vertical pole, makes it appear as a balloon.
  • Jesus on Cross by Dali in CadleLight

    Jesus on Cross by Dali in CadleLight
  • Girl Looking Out Window at Moon Painting

    Girl Looking Out Window at Moon Painting
  • Forrest Gump at Night on Beach

    Forrest Gump at Night on Beach
  • Jesus Night Light

    Jesus Night Light
  • Mona Lisa the Miner

    Mona Lisa the Miner
        • Nice concept.
          Perhaps add a bit of cracking from the original canvas to the added helmet and add a bit of mist/fog over the lower part of the moon so that it is not so prominent in the upper corner.
        • cute...I love the "Miner-Lisa" Pattymonster !
  • Girl Drawing by Candlelight Painting

    Girl Drawing by Candlelight Painting
        • The lighting on the arm and the face is excellent.
          The candle holder, however, appears to be hovering slightly with the added shadow. I would suggest turning the shadow off and using the eliptical marquee tool (same shape as the holder base but slightly lower down the image) with a feathered edge and select part of the table from the original image. Paste this to a new layer under the candle holder and adjust the curves to make the elipse slightly darker. This will give the impression that the area under the holder is darker without the need to add an actual shadow.

          [Edited by User on 3/29/2009 12:16:23 PM]
        • or an easier way, not to say that c00pers sweet tut there wouldn't do it, but just crop it and burn the bottom to get the illusion. cropping is actually one of the things choppers never think to do yet is the quickest and easiest way to get your desired effect.
        • Hahhahaa Jerry are you suggesting to cheat hahahahahahaha it's actually an idea I rely on frequently LOL
  • Suncken Boat at Night

    Suncken Boat at Night
  • Creatures of the night

    Creatures of the night
        • I like the idea, and it's a pretty good execution, (i luv dali) but a few splashes of light here and there would've made it much more dramatic. (maybe on the face and hand area)

          [Edited by User on 4/2/2009 9:13:48 PM]
  • Colosseum at Night

    Colosseum at Night
        • This picture is a total mystery to me...looks really cool Photoshopwise though. Maybe someone could explain the concept?
        • Think not so deep good citizens. For it is obvious this is the darkest arena in man's bloody history... it is the dread Colosesun. :])
        • Ahhhh!! Yes, I see now. You're right, it has to be the creepiest place of all time -- burning human torches and other horrors. Great chop!! (Like the pun too).
  • Van Gogh Painting at Night

    Van Gogh Painting at Night
  • Girl with a Candle Painting

    Girl with a Candle Painting
        • NICE. could blend around edges of candle glow though. its a little hard edged
        • I agree Jx1 lovely pic just that hard edge around candle is distracting.
  • Ferris Beuller's Day Off - Asleep

    Ferris Beuller's Day Off - Asleep
  • Woman with a Candle Painting

    Woman with a Candle Painting
  • Pipe in the Dark

    Pipe in the Dark
  • Ray of Hope for Gollum

    Ray of Hope for Gollum
  • Man with a Candle Painting

    Man with a Candle Painting
  • Eifel Tower Candle

    Eifel Tower Candle
        • You may want to recalibrate your monitor so that you can pick up the slight differences in the darker hues as the background of the Eiffel tower is not true black [#0E0202] and is quite noticeable from the background which you have placed it against. The same for the background around the flame and the moonlight.
        • c00per is right about the monitor adjustment.

          Is this a movie source? It looks like a regular night Paris photo source? The contest asks for movie and painting sources to be used.
        • Oh - I hadn't noticed. I must need to adjust MY monitor!!
        • Right about the monitor....but, I just keep thinking...pretty big flame for all the more light it is producing. ?
  • Statue of David Holding Candle

    Statue of David Holding Candle
        • Needs a lot more light/dark contrast I think to look like night time; I didn't notice the candle the first time I looked at this. I would say it definitely needs a filter of some sort
        • I agree...if there is supposed to be no lighting but the candle, the candle would only light about down to his navel ...or a tiny bit further..maybe.
32 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Earth Hour is the annual international event, conducted by the World Wide Fund for Nature. It is conducted on last the Saturday of March and urges households and commercial establishments to turn-off lights and electrical appliances for one hour to arouse interest towards the need for taking action on climatic change. For the first time, this event was organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature in Australia together with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2007 but received worldwide support only a year later. The next Earth Hour will take place on Saturday, 28th March, 2009, at 20:30 local time. Considering that the Earth Hour was supported by 35 leading cities worldwide and also more than 400 other cities, the Earth Hour in 2008 was successful and was observed on all of the 6 continents. Outstanding monuments worldwide turned-off illumination on the occasion of Earth Hour and the participants among them were: the Empire State Building (New York), Sears Tower (Chicago), "Golden Gate Bridge" (San Francisco), Bank American-Plaza (Atlanta), Sydney Opera House (Australia), "Wat Arun" Buddhist Temple (Bangkok, Thailand), Colosseum (Rome, Italy), Royal Castle (Stockholm, Sweden), London's City Hall (England), Space Needle (Seattle) and the CN Tower (Toronto, Canada). The official website,, received more than 6.7 million unique visitors a week prior to the event. Other websites also participated, in particular, the homepage of search engine "Google" changed its background from a white color to black on that day. In an online-survey by Zogby International 36 million people took part in Earth Hour in 2008 and approximately 50 million participated in a similar survey outside the Internet. Immediately after the event a survey revealed a 4% growth in interest through questions on environment and climatic changes. Is Earth Hour is simply a symbolical event, which does not have a direct effect on climatic change? The hour during which all lights and unnecessary electrical appliances were turned-off is only one of the actions of the parties. Earth Hour supports long-term actions on reduction of ecological traces such as people, companies, governments and nations - as on the day of Earth Hour as well as in the future. For example, one of the company participants of Earth Hour 2008 in Australia incorporated the following changes after Earth Hour: * Changed the lighting system so that the light remain turned-on for less time and its convenient for the employees to turn-off the un-utilized light; * Shifted to an ecologically pure energy sources by 25% from inherent power consumption, equaling to 255 cars per annum which would disappear from the roads; * Installed additional stairs to avoid the use of lifts for short distances; * Established bicycle parking so as to simplify the coming of employees to work on bicycles; * Urged employees to receive correspondence – reports, marketing information or annual reports through email. What actually is Earth Hour? Earth Hour is a global event of World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF). Individuals, companies and governments shall turn-of the lights for one hour in support of the fight against climatic change. The aim is to draw the attention of people, governments and business organizations towards changes in climate and appeal to them to take measures in reducing the emissions of greenhouse gases to save electric power. In 2007, individuals, companies and government departments in Sydney turned-off lights for one hour taking a step towards reducing the city emissions of greenhouse gases. This action became popular as "Earth Hour". In 2008, more than 370 cities from 35 countries turned-off lights and around 50 million individuals participated in Earth Hour. In 2009, the event "Earth Hour" will be on much more large-scale! The aims of this action? Earth Hour gives a chance to millions of individuals to put in their contribution in fighting against climatic changes. Earth Hour appeals to people to change their attitude towards power consumption. Earth Hour urges politicians to take firm measures to fight the climatic changes. It is a symbolic action, which has three main objectives: Draw the attention of the world community towards issues related to global warming. Earth Hour is the most successful information campaign on climatic change as of today. By means of symbolic action – turning-off lights - each person in any corner of the world can demonstrate his concern regarding dangerous climatic changes and "vote" for a healthy Planet. Earth Hour is an expressive symbol of public appeal towards resolute measures on the preservation of a healthy climate and on the decrease in emissions of greenhouse gases. An appeal for people worldwide to save energy and other natural resources: Earth Hour indicates that each person, company and government can contribute their share in the fight against climatic changes and take steps in the reduction of emissions of greenhouse gases the main cause for the present changes in climate. WWF hopes that thanks to this action, people understand the relationship between climatic changes and the extravagant consumption of power and shall start consuming power in a much more responsible manner. Earth Hour should give impetus to save energy every day. The signing of the Kyoto report in Copenhagen in December, 2009: Earth Hour provides a chance to society to declare loudly that the world is keeping a close watch on the course of negotiations of the signing of an effective international contract by politicians in December 2009 in Copenhagen during the UN Conference. This agreement replaces the Kyoto Protocol and specifies activities of all countries in the fight against climatic changes at least up to 2020. Earth Hour 2009 is trying to touch 1 billion individual participants from more than 1000 cities, which is 1/6th the population of the Earth and world leaders cannot ignore such a figure.