Duct Tape People
Contest Directions: There has been an attempted robbery in a Kentucky liquor store by a man wrapped in duct tape to conceal his identity. The so called "duct tape bandit" was stopped and held by the store owner until the police arrived. Ironically, the owner used the baseball bat wrapped in duct tape to stop and catch the burglar.
Duct tape your favorite public figure or celebrity. Place duct tape over mouth, face, body parts, but remember to keep your entries safe for work. You can apply duct tape on their skin, hair, eyes, or on their clothes or shoes. We are tired of hearing celebrities and politicians whine, duct tape them.
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  • Lindsay Lohan in Duct Tape

    Lindsay Lohan in Duct Tape
  • Mr. Bean Duct Tape

    Mr. Bean Duct Tape
  • Angelina Jolie Duct Tape

    Angelina Jolie Duct Tape
  • Osama Duct Tape

    Osama Duct Tape
  • Spiderman Duct Taped

    Spiderman Duct Taped
  • Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Duct Tape

    Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Duct Tape
  • George Bush Duct Tape

    George Bush Duct Tape
  • Alicia Silverstone Duct Tape Dress

    Alicia Silverstone Duct Tape Dress
  • Jessica Biel Duct Tape Bikini

    Jessica Biel Duct Tape Bikini
  • Donald Trump Duct Tape

    Donald Trump Duct Tape
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Unlike duct tape, Scotch tape is a variety of adhesive tape on cellophane base and has glue applied one side of the tape. “Scotch” and “Scotch Tape” brands are registered trade marks of 3M Corporation. In 1923, Richard Drew joined as Laboratory technician in Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing (Now it is called 3M), which engaged in the production of sandpaper. This company carried out research work in the field of waterproof surfaces and experimented with cellophane. Company put Richard Drew on the job of testing new model of sandpaper “Wetordry” in shops and automobile dealer outlets. One day, in one of the dealer outlets, Richard Drew noticed that the mechanics could not get separating lines accurately while painting the automobiles in two or more colors. Richard requested the painter to come up with an idea. In 1925, Richard Drew reached outlet with an adhesive tape having width 5cm. Painter decided to use the trial sample but when he started painting the second color, he noticed “blisters” formation in glued tape. On observing the tape closely, painter understood that glue is applied only along the tape edges so as to cut the production costs. Painter informed this to inventor. In 1929, Richard Drew ordered 90 meters of cellophane. During development stage, he had to encounter and solve many problems for example: uniform application of glue on tape. On 8th September 1930, trial tape sample was sent for testing to a client in Chicago. Initially, scotch tape was used for packaging wrappers for food and though during Great Depression years, people soon invented many other practical uses of the tape. When it came to repairing things, duct tape was considered superior to other types of tape. In 1932, John Borden improved the scotch by adding “built-in” blade for cutting. In spite of its name, scotch was not invented in Scotland or by any Scottish. Initially, the glue was applied only along the tape edges. For this, the Americans nicknamed adhesive tape as scotch (Scotch – Scottish) since, legends about Scottish stinginess was prevalent at that time. Gradually, scotch assortment increased. Various modified varieties of scotch tape appeared. Besides transparent scotch tape, color variants of this brand exist. Apart from this, besides standard roll with width 5cm, scotch tape with width 1cm is also used. Even twin-sided scotch tape was also developed. Prominent companies and large-scale manufacturers and shop assistants package their goods using scotch, on which the logotype of firm is printed. When it comes to fixing things, however, duct tape is still the king among people.

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  • Started: 8/15/2007 06:00
  • Ended: 8/17/2007 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 11
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