Contest Directions: Now we know why drinking causes us to act goofy. Photoshop the worst wakeup surprise the morning after the party, or any other most embarrassing story connected with drinking.
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  • Brain Shrinkage

    Brain Shrinkage
  • Brains in Jar

    Brains in Jar
  • Passed Out Bill Clinton

    Passed Out Bill Clinton
  • Drunken Suprise

    Drunken Suprise
  • Toga Party

    Toga Party
  • Hangover Crusher

    Hangover Crusher
  • Whiskey Drinking

    Whiskey Drinking
  • King of Sweden Tattoo

    King of Sweden Tattoo
  • Ape Escapes from Zoo

    Ape Escapes from Zoo
  • Drunk Driving

    Drunk Driving
  • Glass Eye

    Glass Eye
  • Clintons in Bed

    Clintons in Bed
  • Drunken Mug Shot

    Drunken Mug Shot
  • Air Guitar Ted Kennedy

    Air Guitar Ted Kennedy
  • Torso Party

    Torso Party
  • Drunk Janet Reno

    Drunk Janet Reno
  • Drunk Teddy Kennedy

    Drunk Teddy Kennedy
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Researchers conclude that adults that drink moderate amounts of alcohol may actually be shrinking their brains, causing brain atrophy. Using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the researchers were able to see the effect alcohol had on the human brain in a study focused on middle-aged adults.

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  • Started: 12/6/2003 00:00
  • Ended: 12/8/2003 13:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 17
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
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