Contest Directions: In this Apprentice Contest you are asked to photoshop this lovely image of doxie CiCi by dressing her up. CiCi belongs to raygregory. Currently this cute little doxie pooch is getting ready to take her bath in the sink, but rather than bathing, doxie is daydreaming of one day being able to dress up and be heroic. Doxie dreams of putting on her fire gear and fighting fires, donning her flack jacket and fighting crime, and sometimes shrugging her secret identity and leaping tall buildings in her superhero costume. Today, we are going to make dachshund CiCi's dreams come true. You are asked to dress up doxie CiCi in any way you like.
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  • Happy Housewives

    Happy Housewives
  • Super Dog CiCi

    Super Dog CiCi
  • Cici on the Juice

    Cici on the Juice
  • S.W.A.T.

  • CiCi and Ray

    CiCi and Ray
  • Indoor Rainwear

    Indoor Rainwear
  • Madam Cici

    Madam Cici
  • X Dog

    X Dog
  • Dyslexic Cici -dinner and ballet date

    Dyslexic Cici -dinner and ballet date
  • The Ring 3- Hell Hound

    The Ring 3- Hell Hound
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Doxie description: A strong dog with a massive skeleton, firmly standing on the ground, with an elongated face and long ears, which are soft and become round at the ends. The back is muscular, strong, big breasted, deep, with a characteristic “keel” in the front. The Doxie tail is thick and strong at the base, lays low and usually lies a little below the backbone and becomes upright like an antenna when the dog is excited. The Doxie limbs are short and thick with muscular contour (especially the front limbs). The forepaws are wider and bigger than the rear paws. The Doxie dog moves freely and boldly. Doxie dogs are found in various sizes (from 4 to 9 kg). The dogs are found with long, short and harsh-furred varieties and in various color shades including multi-color and striped. Drooping doxie ears are slightly extended forward and rounded. With respect to the fur, doxie dogs are divided into three types: smooth-haired, long-haired and harsh-furred doxies. Each type is different in regard to size: the standard doxie dogs, dwarfish and burrow doxies. Overall, 9 types of dachshunds are available. The dogs are measured according to chest capacity rather than according to weight. Chest capacity of burrow Dachshunds is up to 30cm, from 30cm to 35cm in the dwarf Dachshunds and more than 35cm in the standard Dachshund. Doxie nature: The Dachshund is an intelligent, independent dog possessing self-respect and a sense of humor, courageous, aggressive towards animals, suspicious towards strangers. Modern doxie classification: According to the FCI classification, a group of 3 Dachshund breeds is as follows: * Standard size o Smooth-haired; o Long-haired ; o Harsh-furred * Dwarf o Smooth-haired; o Long-haired ; o Harsh-furred * Burrow o Smooth-haired; o Long-haired ; o Harsh-furred Interesting Doxie facts: Symbol of Germany: Despite the Dachshund being available in all Europe, the Dachshund is traditionally considered as the symbol of Germany. During World War I, animals who were favorites of Kaiser Wilhelm II, had fallen into disgrace in Great Britain and the USA, and according to some sources, Dachshunds were stoned on the streets. Americans derisively called the Dachshunds “liberty pups” and artists-caricaturists used the images of Dachshunds in the roles of Germany. During World War II, the number of Dachshunds once again reduced sharply, however quickly the number increased immediately after the end of the war. It is known that the German General field marshal Ervin Rommel was a big fan of Dachshunds. Dachsund “Waldi” was an official symbol of the 1972 Olympic Games. Dachshunds and sports: Some owners of Dachsunds (especially in the USA) specially train the dogs for participating in races, for example the Wiener Nationals. In spite of the fact that these races strongly increase the interest towards the breed, the majority of dog owner associations oppose these races due to the high risk of causing damage to the backbones of the animals. Famous Dachshunds: * Wadl and Hexl - the favorite harsh-furred Dachshund pair of Kaiser Wilhelm II. During a semiofficial visit to the summer residence of Archduke Franz Ferdinand’s, they hunted and took away one of the invaluable gold pheasants of the crown prince thereby raking up an international scandal; * Grenouille - the long-haired Dachshund of Napoleon, often found in the pictures, representing the young emperor. Dachshunds accompanied Napoleon through his entire life and Faussete, the red-haired Dachshund was one of the famous dogs. The Emperor had such a high esteem for the Dachshunds that he never carried them into battles fearing that they would fall into the hands of the enemy. While breathing his last breath on Saint Elena’s island, he left detailed directions on the handling of the Dachshunds after his death and requested to bury them in the same tomb along with him (which was fulfilled after the death of the Dachshunds); * Ryan – a harsh-furred Dachshund belonging to General Patton; * Lump – the Dachshund belonging to Pablo Picasso, inspiring him during the creation of many of his works; * Brom Isaich and Hina Markovna - the Dachshunds belonging to Anton Pavlovich Chekhov; * Dachshunds were kept by writer Pelham Grenville Wodehous, artists Diego Rivera and Andy Warhol and model Heidi Klum.
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