Deceptive Advertising
Contest Directions: The Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs in Georgia is suing one of the biggest local automotive dealers Bill Heard Enterprises Inc. for the deceptive advertising campaign to Georgian residents. Over 10,000 sent ad fliers were designed to look like General Motors recall notices, asking to bring their vehicles to Bill Heard dealership to check whether they qualify for a free service recall. The advertising scheme was designed to get more customers, but was not authorized by General Motors. If the court rules against the automotive dealer, it will have to pay a total fine of $50 million ($5,000 per each of 10,000 violations). Bill Heard companies have been fined for deceptive advertisements twice in the last four years.
Design advertising that is deceptive in one way or another. Some examples are: "Beer is Healthy", "We care about food quality. Chinese Food Association." Your advertisement can be in any form - fliers, billboards, posters, magazine ads, etc.
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  • Coca Cola Advertising

    Coca Cola Advertising
  • Cigarette Advertising

    Cigarette Advertising
  • Smoking Advertising

    Smoking Advertising
  • Lockheed Martin Advertising

    Lockheed Martin Advertising
  • Budweiser Advertisement

    Budweiser Advertisement
  • Deceptive Shrek Advertising

    Deceptive Shrek Advertising
  • Visa Advert

    Visa Advert
  • Fat Menu Advertisement

    Fat Menu Advertisement
  • Dog Food Marketing

    Dog Food Marketing
  • Better Than Botox Advert

    Better Than Botox Advert
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Advertising is information, widespread by any means, in any form and with use of any means, addressed to specific circle of persons and aimed to attract attention towards an advertising object, formation or maintenance of interest to it and its promotion in the market. Narrow definitions are also used, for example, restricted to only commodities and services. Sometimes, an attribute such as commercial interests, is also included. Advertising - Process of bringing the information from the advertiser to a target audience by means of media-channels or other ways. Purpose of advertising is taking the information from advertiser to target audience. Task of advertising - Prompt the representatives of target audience to act (Selection of commodity or services, realization of purchase etc., and also to form of the conclusions about the object of advertising, planned by the advertiser). With respect to topic, legal system divides advertising into following types: - Commercial; - Social (both advertisement of charitable acts as well as noncommercial organizations - the Red Cross, etc.). Selection of articles according to theory and practice of social advertisement; - Political (including pre-election); - Personal advertisements (i.e, not connected with business activities); According to space and allocation methods, the following types of advertising media exist: - Television (spot in advertisement block, running letters, advertisement on television, sponsorship); - Radio (commercials, rare than «Jeans» - «on rights of advertising»); - Printed (Distinguish advertising in press and other media: Prints, leaflets, labels); - External; - Trolls – Double-sided advertising structure, which is horizontally positioned above the traffic way on vertical supports, equipped with illumination from within due to which the trolls are effective even during dark time of day. Illumination is usually done using luminescent lighting fixtures (12 −16 pcs); - Billboards - Separate boards with advertising bills of sizes 3x6 m, 4x8 m or 5х12 m; - City light – Footpath panel. Structure, which is erected on footways and along the traffic way. It is equipped with illumination and has two advertising fields with sizes 1.2 х 1.8 m or 1.2 х 2.4 m; - Brand mower - Huge poster or bill on building’s wall; - Street line, hut, sidewalk signs – Carrying foldable design with information on one or both sides of advertising surfaces. It is made of metal or plastic. Typical size: 1.35 x 0.6 m, shape of advertising field - arch or rectangular. It is placed on footpath; - Information index etc; - Help service; - Transport (advertising on transport, advertising at cinemas; - Direct post delivery; - Product placement – Incorporation of advertisement, pertaining to commodities or services, in story line of a movie or other product of entertainment industry; - Internet - advertising (text blocks, banners, contextual advertising, advertising in deliveries, spam); - Advertising in sales places (BTL, promotional activities, events etc); - Viral advertising – Advertisement, based on rumors, gossips, transmitted from one person to another person. Such types of advertisements were also especially singled-out: • Counter advertising - refutation of incorrect advertising. Punishment is envisaged in Russian Federation for the incorrect or improper advertising; • Anti-advertising - Information, calling for reduction in the interest instead of raking it up or discrediting the commodities, enterprises and trade marks. In Russian Federation, anti-advertising is considered outlaw. Regulation: Several financial and political interests are inevitably encountered in the advertising. Consumer is interested in reducing the number of advertisements and decreasing its obtrusiveness. Manufacturer, on the contrary, is interested in increasing the number of advertisements and penetration of audience. On the whole, interest of the society is to protect the consumers from false and unfair advertisements. Same interests dictate the necessity of market stimulation and advertising is the basic means for market stimulation. Contradiction of these interests demands detailed regulation. In all countries, advertising legislation is a compromise between above-stated interests. Legislative restrictions: Usually, advertising is restricted with respect to volume (percentage), means, space and time allocation and introduces prohibition on deliberately false, unfair, unethical and other improper advertisements. Sometimes, activities of advertising firms and distributors are licensed. Administrative responsibility is envisaged for the violation in this sphere. To substantiate the necessity of advertisement, informative role of the advertisement is mainly put forward. Basic arguments “Against” occurred only after presence of advertisement information in mass media has become too appreciable and has started influencing the subconsciousness of person, defining his behaviour (Refer to brand, shopping, glamour). They are based on facts, proving negative effect of advertisement on consciousness of person in society.

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