Dancing Animals

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  • Started: 3/6/2012 05:00
  • Ended: 3/9/2012 17:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 17
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
Dancing Animals
Contest Directions: Special kind of dog training craze has been popular in the US last couple of years - it is dog dancing classes. Professional dog trainers will teach your canine friend the art of hip-hop dance, polka, or disco. It's all good but why only dogs are trained to dance? What about cats that greatly outnumber dogs as pets... Can cats be trained to dance?
Photoshop any animals dancing any kind of dance. Some examples are: cats dancing tango, monkeys doing break dance, Saturday Night Fever for bugs dancing disco...

Contest Info

    • Started: 3/6/2012 05:00
    • Ended: 3/9/2012 17:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 17
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
    • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
17 pictures
  • Cat Ballerina

    Cat Ballerina
        • really like the hair on the legs. Bet that was a PITA!
        • Bravo Excellent and fantastic job done 10 out of 10
        • Marvelous!!! the white hat, White Shoes and the White Dress is too awesome to the Cat, its looks great in this attire. Great background selection and nice dancing pose given to the image, its perfectly suites to the Ambiance

          Very Well done I really like this
        • Sorry for late reply, thank you everybody for the lovely comments I am very glad you like it!!
        • really sweet, i love cats. gratzy missy.
        • Beautiful work Sunshine fanciful feline fun kitty better watch out for those big cracks, though
        • Thank you so much Subjhraj1t, Jeremix, Pcr,Pree, Geriatric, Qtr you are right but it was hard to decide on the bg, not to tell about painting the fur but overall I think the result is pretty good lol
        • Sunshine, overall the result is much, much better than "pretty good" ... Especially the work you did with the fur!
        • Congrats on the win, Sun!
          That kitty is charming! Luv how you did the legs!
        • Many thanks Qtr, Newsy glad you like it

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  • Orangutans Dancing

    Orangutans Dancing
        • I love that you put underwear on the one in the top right. Very funny
        • HA HA HA, MADE ME LAUGH Superb Composition and Good shadow work too
        • LOL see the expression of the both the monkey's down under. very funny Nice monkey balance act only they can do it in this world very funny to see this
        • You had fun making this, i bet.Grats on the dubble Pree.
        • thank you everyone,,, I did have fun making this ) ..
        • Freaking beutificent! Congrats on the silver, Pree!
  • Moose Tango

    Moose Tango
        • Nice composition. Maybe the background could be different, or at least clean the tiles at the top where u extended it.

          I like the added hand drawn elements around the eyes and arms, but the clipping path around the arm is too loose. I know it's a pain to do it around hair!
        • Lovely, such a lot of work, I suspect the author ran out of time, hence the outline left on the left arm but it can be fixed.
        • azure do you mean the pink outline? it was part of the source picture should i remove it ? I will admit this was a quick picture i did rush it.
        • Very nice execution, I guess those pink and green lines not required..
        • LOL Double Tango two reindeers' in one body Need to workout more on the outlines, but the concept is very funny
        • Bronze congrats pree-ee this was my favorite of the two I think it was the green and pink outlines that pushed it to the top 3 ... LOL
        • ty Paul,, geriatric thanks everyone!!!!
        • Love how the lady is so feminine!
          Bronze for pree, too, congrats!
  • Woman Dancing with a Lion

    Woman Dancing with a Lion
        • It has a view problems with the chunks of transparent tail, and possibly the top left of the paw, but I really like this one.
        • Some of the clipping paths could be cleaner, but overall very nice!
        • you can still clean it up,, re-submit,,, still really nice!!
        • not sure of what is on her backbut over all looks good
        • So clean and cleaver, very nice composition
        • Its perfect great work to see the lion roaring and the women is still in love to dance with the beast great job to put the shadows which were perfectly placed including the shadow of the tail is very well casted But the right leg is casting two shadows, need to fix it But overall its great chop
        • Woody Congrats Tarkus nice work I hope she gave him a mint
        • One of my favorites in the contest. That lion is a real womanizer!
          Congrats on the wood, Tarkus!
        • Thank you my friends. Lovely comments.
  • Kitten Ballerina

    Kitten Ballerina
        • Looks clean! Reminds me of the posters I used to see in the Library in elementary school! Looks cute!
        • Thank you so much TheDunceCap!! Welcome to FN!
        • So sweet kitty, love this entry. so beautifully done wonderful work.
        • The dress selection and the cat's fur is truly matching (except the color) Nice stunt very well done it like it
  • Cat Doing the Jailhouse Rock

    Cat Doing the Jailhouse Rock
        • Reminds me of a Louis Wain picture (well known cat artist)
        • Great job its happy and dancing even inside the cell very funny to see the rat inside enjoying the catty dance and laughing
  • The Hippo Dancer

    The Hippo Dancer
        • I see we had similar ideas! nice work.

          Crit: the bottom of the rock looks foggy. And the shoulder looks like there is a wound.
        • LOL very funny image nice try over here
  • Edgar Degas Little Dancer Hippo

    Edgar Degas Little Dancer Hippo
        • Clever!
          and totally love what you did with a painting in the background
        • Thanks NM, Boulpix! I planned on adding other hippos in the gallery, but scrapped it. Thanks for the comments.
        • The dress is perfectly fit to hippo good work of making the background little blurry to make the image more clearer great to the photos behind all are from hippo family haha
  • Australian Ballet Dancing Kangaroo

    Australian Ballet Dancing Kangaroo
        • Very nice light effects and so sweet dressing, lovely.
        • Great Ballon gown is too good and the makeup over the Kangaroo face using he lipstick or eye liners were too good, looks so beautiful. The Ambivalence is cool
  • Dancing Leopard

    Dancing Leopard
        • Nicely done. Very clean. There may be a little too much going on here though. Lots of color can be distracting to some. But I still like it!
        • Fantastic pose Love it. And freaky expression on the face is so brilliant
        • Awesome!!!!!!!!! the Kitty?? the Leopard is making the bunny dancing over her cap great job to put this Dress over the Beast, its too good and perfectly fit. Great job Hidden
        • Thanks DunceCap, and thank everyone else for your kind words.

          I agree about too much color, I was going to take cat out of background and do something else, but ran out of time.

          Your words encourage me to do more?
  • Dancing Animlas in Spring

    Dancing Animlas in Spring
        • EASTER!! Screams Easter to me! Did you make the background?

          Would have brought the flowers over the feet of the squirrels. And brighten them as well.

          Nice and clean though.
        • Nice coloring and good placement of all love couples
        • Very Beautiful Nicely done Nice Sceanary
        • Great colorful entry!!! I love spring its the season of Love and prosperity!!! This can been seen in the animals here very lovely couples making dance and enjoying their life good job
  • The Lemur Lounge

    The Lemur Lounge
        • When the predators are way the Lemurs will dance and play nicely done.
        • When the predators are away the Lemurs will dance and play nicely done
        • Very funny to see all the animals trying to play like a Monkey good job to create the animals in a dancing look
  • Flamenco Hound

    Flamenco Hound
        • Very cohesive. Very believable. I like it a lot. Looks like a cheesy Owen Mills photo shoots. Maybe the stock picture that comes in the frame. Very funny.

          You could touch up the dust specks that show on the pants and dark areas. And crisp up the edge of the hat. Other than that, looks clean!
        • Who lets the dog out Boo boo boo, The songs correctly suits for this image
        • Nice background, shadows were perfectly placed to the dancing positions overall good job done like this dog dancing
  • Polar Bears Dancing

    Polar Bears Dancing
        • Good work, like the snow all around and white bears, good to see this.
        • Great looks cool, remembers me the old Christmas Greeting cards
  • Dancing Dog

    Dancing Dog
  • Fred and Ginger of the Animal World

    Fred and Ginger of the Animal World
        • Ha! Very funny! Clever too. The tail on the right needs to be feathered a little more, maybe a motion blur would solve that issue.

        • Its Classical Toast!!! Nice Love seen between them.

          Good Job
  • Horses Dancing

    Horses Dancing
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