Dali Paintings

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  • Started: 5/10/2008 18:00
  • Ended: 5/13/2008 06:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 37
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  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
Dali Paintings
Contest Directions: This Sunday is the 104th birthday of a Spanish surrealist painter Salvador Dali. While his painting skills were influenced by the masters of Renaissance, Dali used a lot of hidden symbolism in his art. For example, in Dali's most famous painting - The Persistence of Memory - the soft watches symbolize Einstein's theory that time is relative and not fixed.

To celebrate the birthday of the world's most famous surrealist painter Salvador Dali, show what his art would be like if he created it these days with a power of Photoshop rather than brushes and paint. Would he be doing advertisements, or maybe even posters for movies? See example 1 , example 2, example 3 , and example 4.

Contest Info

    • Started: 5/10/2008 18:00
    • Ended: 5/13/2008 06:00
    • Level: advanced
    • Entries: 37
    • Jackpot:
    • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
    • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
    • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
37 pictures
  • Salvador Dali Voyager

    Salvador Dali Voyager
        • Rpwing down the river on a Sunday afternoon'
        • I love this. Love at first sight, last night.

          In gathering Dali stuff in past weeks (unrelated to this contest, but usefully serendipitous), I saw that Johnny Depp vs. Al Pachino are / were up to play 'ole Sal' in a movie. Looking at this image, I'd say a better choice would be John Rhys-Davies. Just one of my lame observations.
        • One of my favorites in this contest - very artistic and Dali-like.
        • Congratulations on the magnificent win, Laff!
        • Wow! Am seriously suprised! Thankyou all - this challenge was so much fun to do - and the entries from all are amazing.
          Shall now dance around the room hooting and hollering!

        • I am not surprised - it´s an artistic and lovely work you had done.
          Congratulations on winning this contest, Laff! I´m sure your 1st advanced win will always keep a special place in your heart.
        • Congrats Laff on Dali discovering Columbus
        • Congrats on your first advanced gold Laff.
        • Thankyou again guys.. the caliber of talent here leaves me breathless at times. To attain this is very special. Knowing the most experienced and wonderful artists are competing on each challenge is humbling.
          I salute you all! ... Laff

  • Real Dali Town of Delft

    Real Dali Town of Delft
        • I LOVE how you made the photo composition look like painting and so Dali-like. Full view is impressive. Hats off!
        • Silver Dali for Tom. Glad to see you in top 3 again, mate
        • Congrats Tom - brilliant job -and a lot of work. Well done!
        • Congrats, Tiredtom, bizzare but interesting work.
        • Thank you very much for your comments.

          funkwood: I think "bizarre" was the spirit of the contest - maybe you could describe every entry here like that without going wrong... just Dali
        • I mean bizzare in the good sense of the term, I like it more the longer I look at it. Well deserved win, Cheers!
        • Thx funkwood

          And of course thanks to Newsy - POTD, great pleasure!
  • Modern Crucifixion in London

    Modern Crucifixion in London
        • This work makes me 'Hyper'.
          Good Job.
          (but, I feel compelled to say "I want my Dali TV", sorry)
        • Creative modern facelift to the famous painting
        • Congratulations on the bronze Dali, wood!
        • Congrats Funkwood.. great image - well deserved!
        • Congrats Funkwood Pay per view is getting rather expensive.
        • Thanks all, This one was a lot of fun . Dali is one of my favorite artists.
  • Dali iPod

    Dali iPod
        • Nice work. (only thing I might have added is some shadows on his shoulders for the hadphone cord.)
  • Dali Chicken

    Dali Chicken
        • Two wings up, way up!
          Lotta work.
          Is there a layer overlaid with filtering of some type to even out everything?
          I'd want to say that Los Colonel's nice white jacket is one with the sky and isn't separate - but the original seems to have the same effect on Nero (at least the copy I have has).
        • Creative work. I like how you integrated the modern elements.
  • Digital Dali

    Digital Dali
        • No. It's not a digital clock, it's digital artwork. The contest guidelines asks us to create what Dali's work would be like if he used Photoshop and not paint and canvas. I understood that to mean we were not to just simply add stuff to his current paintings(because that would be using paint and canvas), but to try to create his style using images. This was completely created using photos. I worked a long time on this and you guys are killing me in the voting.

          [Edited by User on 5/12/2008 6:37:07 PM]
        • I am so "Freaking" impressed. This is unbelievable....you did such a wonderful job!!!
          I don't know what else to say...I stupefied.
        • Except that, I didn't get mine done in time.
        • Thanks for your comments May. So is that what it is? You all are looking at this entry and think you are actually seeing Dali's painting...and you voted low cuz you didn't see anything chopped/changed??? laughing my arse off!

          Sorry you didn't get it submitted on time May. I hate when that happens. Maybe you will find use for it in another contest sometime.
        • Astounding!
          Thanks for including source file to scope out.
          Kudo's for reading the contest guidelines re: Photoshop vs. Oils and Canvas. Seems like the Picasso gig had the same / similar verbage.
          I vote with that in mind, at least on the backburner.
        • Excellent work. I think voters might have voted too quickly withot realizing the painting was fully recreated with photos
        • Sorry Sassy, your image is so good I couldn't tell the difference from the real Dali. There are so many reproductions on the net and they vary so much.
  • Terminator Crucifixion by Dali

    Terminator Crucifixion by Dali
  • Fantasy Movies in Dali Painting

    Fantasy Movies in Dali Painting
  • Dali Painting with Photoshop

    Dali Painting with Photoshop
  • Dali on the Beach with a Dolphin

    Dali on the Beach with a Dolphin
        • Man in Water (wonderful colorizing by the way). Mammal Fish in Dirt (aka Sand).
          The Dali would dig it.
  • Dali Voyeurs

    Dali Voyeurs
  • Bouguereau Painting by Dali

    Bouguereau Painting by Dali
        • Nice image, but in my opinion, not really in the "Dali" style.
        • Fantastic work on the painting, but I would be better to use Dali's source as the main image, in my humble opinion.
  • Vista User by Dali

    Vista User by Dali
  • Apocalypse by Dali

    Apocalypse by Dali
        • Sunny Day!, Chasing the blues away . . . Can you tell me how to get to ApoDalipsis Street?
  • Three Sphinxes of a Bikini Hologram by Dali

    Three Sphinxes of a Bikini Hologram by Dali
        • A really good idea...I'm assuming a laser is replacing the bomb these days. I like it!!
        • Laser Generated Hologram of Fungoidal Cloud in the Sky.

          I like it. Very good concept.
          I would nix the arrowheads on the light beams, tho.
        • Thanks for the comment Mr 10 !
          Exeunt arrowheads.
  • Dali's Ulitmate Rock Star

    Dali's Ulitmate Rock Star
        • Love this one - great concept.. thought it would be in top 3 actual! Well done.
  • Star Wars Dali

    Star Wars Dali
        • Good call Star Wars would be so Twisted, if Dali was involved in the production.
  • Negative Dali

    Negative Dali
  • Aliens Vs Predators by Dali

    Aliens Vs Predators by Dali
        • I kinda wonder whose feet are coming out. It doesn't look like they belong to whatever is being born. I kinda think maybe you should eliminate them.
  • The Persistance of Memory

    The Persistance of Memory
        • I feel bad that someone else did this after you did. They are both sooo "Freaking" excellent !!!
        • Amazingly well done. love the recreation from the photo sources
  • Dali Earth View

    Dali Earth View
  • Dali Window

    Dali Window
  • The Real Butterfly Effect

    The Real Butterfly Effect
        • Creative concept, but I think symmetry takes away from Dali's twisted style.
  • Dali Dream

    Dali Dream
        • Fair work, but it would be great to smoothen the non-dali source to match his painting style
  • Salvador Dali Taser

    Salvador Dali Taser
        • laughing my arse off! I like this ad - full view recommended to read the endorsement. Good approach, and different from other entries.
  • City of the Drawers Painting

    City of the Drawers Painting
  • Salvador Dali and Friends at a Future Last Supper

    Salvador Dali and Friends at a Future Last Supper
        • good creative work, but full view shows a few areas that need cleaning up, (eg. the woman figure on the bottom right.)
  • Picasso Frozen in Space Time

    Picasso Frozen in Space Time
  • The Persistence of Viagra

    The Persistence of Viagra
  • Blowing Your Stack

    Blowing Your Stack
  • Life Insurance Advert

    Life Insurance Advert
  • Bricked up Window

    Bricked up Window
  • Friends in Venice

    Friends in Venice
  • Banana Woman at the Window

    Banana Woman at the Window
        • Creative, but would be better to pass pbanana through painting filter, so it looks not like a photo.
  • Dali as a Clock Maker

    Dali as a Clock Maker
  • Dali Fusion

    Dali Fusion
  • Obama Town

    Obama Town
        • What would Dali do?
          What would Dali say?
          How would Dali Vote?
          Time to dig up the WeeGee board and get real.
        • This picture just reflects the current political scene in a surreal way. Obama's on fire and can't be touched, Hillary is a train wreck trying to crash the party and McCain is on the sidelines feeling grumpy and left out. Maybe Dali would have the same observations? And I don't do the WeeGee thing
        • Funky image, but hard to recognize Dali here, except for the melting clock
        • I knew I shouldn't have submitted this one. I had a great Dali flying a plane in the works but missed the deadline by a few minutes. It's onward and upward from here. Live & learn.
37 image entries
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Salvador Dali (at birth Salvador Felipe Jacinto Dalí Domènech); born on May 11th 1904 – January 23rd 1989) was a Spanish artist, painter, draftsman, sculptor and director and one of the most popular representatives of surrealism. Films: "Un chien andalou", the "Golden Age" and "Bewitched". Biography: Salvador Dali was born on May, 11th, 1904 in the city of Figerase (Sp. Figueras), province of Jerona in the north of Spain), in a family of prosperous notary. He started training in the fine arts at a municipal art school. Salvador Dali, 1939 In 1916 he had gone on a vacation to the city of Kadakes where for the first time he got acquainted with modernist art. The first personal exhibition of Dali took place in 1919. In 1921 his father decided to send Salvador for studies in Madrid, to the Academy of arts in San-Fernando where he got acquainted with such figures of the Spanish culture as Luis Bunuel, Federico Garcia Lorca and Pedro Garfias. The acquaintance to new streams in painting develops and Dali experiments with methods of cubism and Dadaism. In 1926 he was expelled from the Academy for the haughty and scornful relations to his teachers. The same year for the first time he went to Paris where gets acquainted with Picasso. Trying to find his own style, in the late twenties he creates a number of works under the influence of Picasso and Juan Miro. In 1929 he participates together with Buñuel in the creation of a surrealistic film "Un chien andalou". Then he meets for the first time his future wife Gala (Elena Dmitrievna Dyakonova) who was then the wife of the poet of Paul Éluard.