Contest Directions: Unlike adults, babies can cry continuously for hours. An average adult can only cry for 30-40 minutes non-stop, after that the tear secretion will stop and the throat muscles will be too strained to continue.
Mix crybaby heads with adult bodies.
Many thanks to Hitspinner for the contest suggestion.
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  • Teacher's Pet

  • Trump-eter

  • Is this a president ?

    Is this a president ?
  • Even the Pope

    Even the Pope
  • Tears At The Podium

    Tears At The Podium
  • Crybaby Hillary

    Crybaby Hillary
  • Sarah Palin

    Sarah Palin
  • The Crying Stones

    The Crying Stones
  • Pope Francis

    Pope Francis
  • Barack Obama Smoking & Crying baby

    Barack Obama Smoking & Crying baby
  • C'mon little Carter, don't cry !

  • Crying Hulk Hogan

    Crying Hulk Hogan
  • Madonna

  • Kim Jong Un

     Kim Jong Un
  • Vladimir Putin (He didn't love animals before)

    Vladimir Putin (He didn
  • George & Lora Bush

    George & Lora Bush
  • Mr. Bean sadness

    Mr. Bean sadness
  • Your Fired!

    Your Fired!
  • Cry Baby In Chief

    Cry Baby In Chief
  • Paris Hilton hemotions

    Paris Hilton hemotions
  • Crybaby in Chief

    Crybaby in Chief
  • Crying Abraham

    Crying Abraham
  • It's Still His Fault

  • Eric Holder

    Eric Holder
  • Hillary's drama

  • Anger management

    Anger management
  • Halle Crybaby Berry

    Halle Crybaby Berry
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Contest Info

  • Started: 5/22/2013 13:00
  • Ended: 5/26/2013 05:00
  • Level: advanced
  • Entries: 27
  • Jackpot:
  • FN Advanced 1st Place $5
  • FN Advanced 2nd Place $3
  • FN Advanced 3rd Place $2
  • FN Advanced 4th Place $1
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