Contest Directions: November 7 is the 90th anniversary of the Russian revolution, when Russian communist party took over the power and unilaterally ruled Russia and Soviet Union for over 70 years. Before the collapse of Soviet Union in 1991, Russia was the most active and strongest communist power, supporting the socialist and communist movements in the countries of Eastern Europe, and all over the world. When Vladimir Lenin planned the Russian revolution in 1917, he expected that the Russian revolution will spark the revolutions all over the world, gradually leading to communist regimes in most countries.
Photoshop how life would be different if communism and communists ruled the world. Some examples are: communist versions of countries, flags, celebrities, products. Other examples include - propaganda posters, communist makeover of the famous movies, or famous paintings and works of art.
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  • Communist Barack Obama on Time Magazine

    Communist Barack Obama on Time Magazine
  • Red Communist Ronald Reagan

    Red Communist Ronald Reagan
  • Communist Mr. Bean

    Communist Mr. Bean
  • Communist Rosie

    Communist Rosie
  • Communist Uncle Sam

    Communist Uncle Sam
  • Communist Reagan

    Communist Reagan
  • Moscow Red Sox

    Moscow Red Sox
  • Communist Hillary Clinton with Lenin

    Communist Hillary Clinton with Lenin
  • USSR Flag

    USSR Flag
  • Communist Nicolas Sarkozy

    Communist Nicolas Sarkozy
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Communism (From Latin “communis” meaning “Common”) According to the theory of Marxism – Leninism: 1. replacing capitalism by socio-economic structure, which is free from class exploitation and based on public ownership of property of means of production. 2. Second, top priority of this structure: class free society, principle of which is- “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. 3. Teach about the structure of such society. In political science: political regime or political system, based on political monopoly of Marx - Lenin type of party. Primitive communism: According to Engels, most early human societies, which existed before the appearance of classes, can be called “Primitive communism”. Engels, however, considers that the developed communism can be possible only after slave-owning system, feudalism, capitalism and socialism. Utopian communism: Work “Utopia” (1516) of Thomas More can serve as a classical expression of this type of communism. Idyllic picture of primitive communism adverse to feudalism is portrayed in the “Utopia”. By 1700, new and more developed versions of Utopian communism, represented by ideas of Saint-Simon, Fourier and Robert Owen were formed. War communism: Economic practice in Russia during civil war on the territory, controlled by Bolsheviks, which is characterized by forced redistribution of benefits in economic chaos conditions. Measures such as limitations on free trade and other similar measures, taken by Bolsheviks during war communism, were adopted in one way or the other levels by all the countries, participating in World War I, facing destruction of systems for ensuring vital activities and provisions for troops as a result of unrestricted speculation. “Forced redistribution of benefits” with respect to provision of bread to troops per se has reached surplus appropriation system. Euro-communism: Conventional political name adopted by Western Europe’s communist parties, criticizing the lack political freedom and detachment of parties and government in countries, adopting soviet model of socialism. Russian followers of Euro-communism or non-authoritarian communism are often mistakenly called “Trotskyists” inspite of authoritarianism of Trotsky himself and absence of non-authoritarian traces of left-wing preferences particularly in ideology of Trotskyist branch of Marxism.

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