Contest Directions: Interesting news from India - thousands of monocle cobras live in the villages outside Calcutta. The snakes became like pets there - village people feed them and children play with them. Local cobras also help villagers fight rodents which destroy the crops. According to a legend, monocle cobras - the black snakes with a typical circle on their hood - settled in the areas outside Calcutta on the orders of the snake goddess Manasa.
Photoshop cobras any way you wish. Some examples are: showing how life would be different if cobras ruled the world; merging cobras with other animals or objects, including cobras in movies and paintings, etc.
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  • Man Holding a Cobra Painting

    Man Holding a Cobra Painting
  • Cobra on a Bridge at Night

    Cobra on a Bridge at Night
  • Mona Lisa with Cobra Hair

    Mona Lisa with Cobra Hair
  • Cobra Attacking a Building

    Cobra Attacking a Building
  • Cobra Turtle

    Cobra Turtle
  • Girl with a Basket of Cobras Painting

    Girl with a Basket of Cobras Painting
  • Paris Hilton Being Strangled by a Cobra

    Paris Hilton Being Strangled by a Cobra
  • Cobra Giraffe

    Cobra Giraffe
  • Cobra Lizard

    Cobra Lizard
  • Shelby Cobra Car

    Shelby Cobra Car
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Spectacled cobra or Indian cobra (L.Naja naja). In South Asia lives beautifully imbued, quite big and very poisonous snake called spectacled cobra (Naja naja). Portuguese who met first cobra in Ceylon called, because of its ability to spread its neck by extending first 4 pairs of ribs, cobra de capello meaning “hat cobra”. In this position snake keeps front part of body vertically and head – horizontally, it seems as if snake wore a hat. In India cobra is worshiped a lot. A legend says: Once Buddha slept on earth and mid-day sun troubled him: then came a cobra opened its hood and protected face of god from heat. In gratitude to snake’s service Buddha gifted cobra with spectacles which are feared by vultures, the main enemies of cobras. If Hindu finds a cobra in his house, he first begs her to go away or tries to chose by offering food; if nothing helps he approaches priests, who for a decent reward, by peaceful means. get rid of this dangerous guest. Killing snake is considered to be a great sin: but on contrary, cobra-guest is fed and protected in superstition: whatsoever harm is done to cobra brings misfortune to entire house. Length of a cobra is about 1 to 2 meters and the body is variegated. Main colour is igneous yellow partly with partly blue glow; head has a clearly identifiable picture which has some similarity with spectacles. Movements of cobra are very slow and quite clumsy, but if needed cobra can be quick and climb on trees. Indian cobra lives in large areas expanding from Central Asia, India and south China to the islands of Malay Archipelago and Philippines. It can be seen in dense forests, paddy fields, city parks and even in backyards. Usually feeds on rats and mice. Indian cobra unlike king cobra, doesn’t hatch eggs but keeps nearby and protects them from natural enemies. Younger ones as soon as free of eggshell are already poisonous and can protect themselves. Indian cobra’s poison contains substances that harm nervous system. One gram of dried poison of cobra can kill 40 middle-sized dogs. In Africa, for instance, these cobras are used.

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