Classic Mercedes Benz
Contest Directions: Photoshop this classic Mercedes Benz image any way you wish. Examples may include merging this classic Mercedes Benz with some objects or animals; placing classic Mercedes Benz into some environment, movies, paintings. These are just some ideas.
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  • Mercedes Car Wolf

    Mercedes Car Wolf
  • Mercedes Robots

    Mercedes Robots
  • Classic Mercedes Photoshop

    Classic Mercedes Photoshop
  • Pnk 1954 Mercedes Benz

    Pnk 1954 Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz Cabriolet

    Mercedes Benz Cabriolet
  • 1950`s Automobiles Outside a Diner

    1950`s Automobiles Outside a Diner
  • Dolphin Jumping Out of a Mercedes Benz Pool

    Dolphin Jumping Out of a Mercedes Benz Pool
  • Mercedes Benz Cars Movie

    Mercedes Benz Cars Movie
  • Dukes of Hazard Mercedes Benz

    Dukes of Hazard Mercedes Benz
  • Barbie Mercedes Benz

    Barbie Mercedes Benz
  • Love Mercedes Benz

    Love Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz & Howard Stern

    Mercedes Benz & Howard Stern
  • Mercedes Benz Crazy Horse Memorial

    Mercedes Benz Crazy Horse Memorial
  • Mercedes Benz Wind Turbine

    Mercedes Benz Wind Turbine
  • Mercedes Benz Baby Pool

    Mercedes Benz Baby Pool
  • Stone Mercedes Benz

    Stone Mercedes Benz
  • Mercedes Benz Burger

    Mercedes Benz Burger
  • Baby Donald Trump

    Baby Donald Trump
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This contest is fueled by the following news: Mercedes-Benz is a German automobile brand and also the name of the company, which specializes in the manufacture of automobiles, trucks and buses. At present, it is a sister concern of the company “Daimler-Benz”. The headquarters is located in Stuttgart. The company was formed in 1871. In 2008, the brand is estimated at 25.6 billion USD, which rose from third spot (position in 2007) to second spot (the first spot is occupied by Toyota). The history of Mercedes-Benz: Since 1901, Mercedes has become a brand name of automobiles, which were manufactured by the German company “Daimler Motoren Gesellschaft”. It was formed by Gottlieb Daimler in 1890 in Bad Cannstatt, near Stuttgart, on the basis of his workshop, where he designed 4 wheeled automobiles with petrol motors in 1885-1886, which was considered to be the first-ever of such kind. The merging of the two major automobile companies took place in 1926 and from this point onwards the new-fledged firm “Mercedes-Benz” started its counting. The firm is obliged for the romantic name “Mercedes” to Emilie Jellinek, daughter of the Austria-Hungaria consul, who specially ordered the car from Daimler, naming it after his daughter. Benz derives from Charles Benz, who started the manufacture of automobiles in 1885. After the merger of the two companies, a strong team of engineers was formed with Ferdinand Porsche as the team head. Nevertheless, the first automobiles of Mercedes-Benz did not have anything special. Only after the exit of Porsche from his post in 1928, the automobiles such as sports models S, S3, SSK, SSKL and the first diesel car 260D, which was manufactured on large-scale appeared, forced people to pay attention. Mercedes-Benz Models: Mercedes-Benz has wide-range of models and varied like a menu in a good restaurant. Mercedes Benz cars strikingly illustrate the luxury class of cars. Mercedes-Benz SLK – Class: The combination of letters Mercedes-Benz SLK - class uncovers the basic features of this roadster: sports, light and compact. Sports: The widest range of engines with power ranging from 135 кWt/184 h.p. up to 265 кWt/360 h.p. The special design of the chassis ensures a high level of dynamics and driving safety. Light: Thanks to the well-thought concept of the body by using new materials, the base version of the Mercedes-Benz SLK-class weighs only 1390 kg, despite the presence of a safety system, high reliability and unique roof design. Compact: It has a length of 4087m. The technical characteristics of the Mercedes-Benz SLK-class, including lateral air bags, six-speed mechanical transmission and speedtronic, and the comfort and reliability of the technological decisions of Mercedes-Benz, by making this charming twin-seater car the unconditional leader in the segment of higher class roadsters. The new series of SL-class continues the glorious history of sports cars from Mercedes-Benz, which started from the appearance of the legendary 300SL “GullWing” model in 1954. The first roadster of the SL-class became its successor in 1957. New roadster of the SL-class also, as its predecessors, deserves the epithet “incomparable”. No other sports car in the given segment offers such a balanced combination of sporting, safety and comfort. The combination of these three qualities is a pledge that the drivers enjoy dynamic, exciting driving and at the same time feel ideal comfort – exactly the way a real sports car should be, according to the experts at Mercedes-Benz.

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