Christmas Cards
Contest Directions: Christmas cards are getting rude and even vulgar this year.
Design Christmas greeting cards with/from politicians/celebrities with their card messages or holiday wishes. Here's a example 1 by Engineface and example 2 by RealMeert. Please keep your entries safe for work.
11 pictures
  • Mistletoe Kiss

    Mistletoe Kiss
  • Ho Ho Ho

    Ho Ho Ho
  • Merry Christmas to All

    Merry Christmas to All
  • Your Gift this Year

    Your Gift this Year
  • Merry Freaking Christmas!

    Merry Freaking Christmas!
  • Osama's Greetings

  • The Lincoln Bible

    The Lincoln Bible
  • S is for Superman and Santa Claus...

    S is for Superman and Santa Claus...
  • Joe The Santa

    Joe The Santa
  • A 300 Christmas

    A 300 Christmas
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This contest is fueled by the following news: The custom to set a decorated spruce tree in houses has become a typical element of Christmas. This pagan tradition was started by German people, in ceremonies of which the spruce was the symbol of life and fertility. With the spreading of Christianity among the people of central and northern Europe, the spruce decorated with different colored balls is finding a new symbolism: people started setting it in houses on the 24th of December, as a symbol of the tree of life with plentiful fruit. The birth of Christ is one of the important Christian feasts. Catholics in Western Europe, northern and southern America, Australia, countries of Africa and Asia all celebrate it on the 25th of December. This is the state feast in 145 countries of the world. The meaning of the feast is related to the legend about the birth of the son of God, Jesus Christ by the virgin mother Mary. This is the grandest festival in Catholicism with three church divine services performed during midnight, sunrise and daytime (i.e. in the bosom of the Father, in the womb of the Holy Mother and in the hearts of believers). The church says that the birth of Christ was made possible to save souls and create perpetual life for each of the believers. The celebration of the feast starts from the rising of the first perpetual dawn, which announces to the entire world the time of the birth of the son of God. Christmas is celebrated for an 8 day duration (octave). The second day of the feast on the 26th of December is dedicated to the memory of the Saint and first martyr Stephan, the third day 27th December in the memory of Saint disciple and evangelist St. John the divine (the custom of the wine consecration is performed on this day); the fourth day, the 28th of December in memory of St. Pure Infants Bethlehem (on this day, priests give special blessings to children). On the Sunday falling on one of the eight days of Christmas (octave) or the 30th of December, if Sunday does not come in these days, the feast of St. Family is celebrated: the Infant Jesus, Virgin Mary and Joseph husband of Mary. Christmas celebrations end on the 1st of January, when the day of the Blessed (Most Holy) Virgin is celebrated.

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